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10:37 gelinp   I try to install koha 3.0b2 under Linux Ubuntu Hardy...
10:37 gelinp   Is there anyone to help me?
10:37 gelinp   Hi...
07:38 gelinp   Hi, I'm installing koha 3.0 untu Ubuntu Hardy. I've got a problem with the install of the Perl modul "YAML::Syck". The error message is: [ Can't locate object method "install" via package "YAML::Syck" ]
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04:25 atz      gmcharlt: ]66666
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04:21 atz      QQ
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22:27 danny    ryan around?
21:54 danny    ah ok, I understand, thanks
21:53 atz      danny: you can redirect STDERR, but we don't do that for most of koha since we want the errors to hit the log
21:49 danny    i just wasn't sure if there was some like global perl like that was like hide all warn output in this package
21:48 danny    which would explain the problem too most likely
21:46 danny    ok nevermind, sorry guys, i just tested by placing one after the first line of the sub and it does show up, so it just isn't making it that far into the if statements
21:46 atz      ah... probably need to trace the code a bit more to make sure you are in the right section.  auth has a lot of copy/paste sections that look similar, unfortunately
21:46 chris    if you are using mpm-worker it sometimes outputs warns to the main error log rather than the one defined by the virtual host
21:46 danny    yes we are
21:45 danny    was just finding it odd that they weren't appearing, but i'll keep investigating
21:45 chris    check the main error log also
21:45 chris    using apache2 danny?
21:45 danny    our Auth.pm is customized a bit and I was just trying to debug it with warns
21:45 atz      10 actually
21:43 atz      i only see 11 warns in C4::Auth
21:41 atz      .... unless ( $in->{'type'} eq 'opac' );
21:41 danny    what would cause that not to be triggered?
21:41 danny    doesn't really say text here but you know what i mean just a normal warn statement
21:40 danny    and in the perl script for example in the checkpw function I see a statement like warn "text here";
21:40 danny    right, i checked both the staff and opac logs
21:38 atz      (since auth is more critical to staff interface, used on every page -- well almost every page)
21:37 atz      '
21:37 atz      perhaps you are on the staff side?
21:37 danny    hmm
21:37 danny    normally i find them in koha-opac-error..
21:36 atz      assuming you are using the web interface for a request, Apache log...   on the command line it would be STDERR
21:36 gmcharlt but most of the warns in C4/Auth.pm, as atz says, would not be triggered during normal use
21:36 gmcharlt Apache error log
21:36 danny    i just dont know where to find it
21:36 danny    I want to see the warning though, i would use it to debug something
21:35 gmcharlt most of them are
21:35 atz      danny: *perhaps* they are for situations where warning is warranted?
21:34 danny    they aren't commented out
21:34 danny    I see a bunch of warn statements in my Auth.pm, however, I can't find where these are actually in the log file, is this file treated differently does anyone know?
21:08 gmcharlt hi chris
21:07 chris    hi hdl (and everyone else)
21:07 acmoore  OK. please send over anything you like.
21:07 hdl      hi chris.
21:07 hdl      I could have a good Benchmark with what i have to do.
21:06 hdl      If I can have creation and modification on my own I will try and commit it on a website.
21:05 hdl      well, a little bet too late for me, but will try to start with what you did.
21:05 acmoore  chris: that's the plan!
21:05 chris    be able to do some nice benchmarking at that point
21:05 acmoore  we pretty much just take one day a week to work on these side projects, so progress is sometimes in bursts.
21:04 chris    sweet
21:04 acmoore  Maybe we'll get some example patches out next Friday.
21:04 acmoore  I think that areinmeyer is doing that today, and I'm converting C4::ImportBatch to do that today, too. I've replaced some SQL with DBIx::Class calls to insert and update.
21:03 hdl      (Members) ?
21:03 hdl      How soon are you hoping to have creation and modifiction of data ?
21:03 acmoore  yeah, the DBIx::Class documentation is pretty good. the #dbix-class channel on irc.perl.org is also quite helpful.
21:02 acmoore  areinmeyer is working on some more patches for C4::Members. We're hoping to have all of the functions in it using DBIx::Class from the beginning. That will serve a bit as a reference example for you, too.
21:02 hdl      I also read DBIx::Class documentation.
21:01 acmoore  OK. I'll do what I can to write up some useful documentation. But, you should feel free to ask me lots of questions.
21:01 hdl      i read your patches on C4::Members.
21:01 hdl      But documentation would be helpfull.
21:01 hdl      problems is that we are atm overwhelmed by job for 3 Universities.
20:59 acmoore  I can write some documentation, but sometimes showing someone some basic steps makes it easier to get going.
20:58 atz      yeah, many things will get easier, including creating OO layers, if we can incorporate DBIx
20:58 acmoore  I'm not sure how I envision it, but I would like to do what I can to make it easy for you guys to start using it at some point.
20:58 hdl      But parts by parts, the game would take on well.
20:57 acmoore  hdl: do you think it would be helpful if I gave one or more of the BibLibre guys (or anyone else) some interactive help on getting started with DBIx::Class?
20:57 acmoore  I think we should see how well the DBIx::Class conversion goes before we start on that stuff.
20:57 hdl      yes.
20:57 acmoore  sure. And, it will be a long process.
20:57 hdl      this change should be invisible for users.
20:56 hdl      But we have to be cautious and quite.... sane.
20:55 hdl      count me too.
20:55 hdl      And we shall build a POC on importing borrowers data  (and maybe subscription) next week.
20:55 acmoore  oh, good. An ally! ;)
20:54 hdl      Nope, but mc thinks much good of it.
20:52 acmoore  hdl have you used Moose before? I only used it in one small module to get a feel for it.
20:51 acmoore  I'd love to turn some of our packages into classes. I could see using something like Moose, or even starting out by using no framework at all. I kind of thought I'd start lobbying for that after I got much of the code using an ORM.
20:47 atz      almost certainly
20:47 hdl      In fact, i think that Koha would much benefit from Some object abstractions.
20:46 hdl      MOOSE or Class::Std are for OOP and object representation of our programming paradigm.
20:45 gmcharlt Moose/Class::Std are for a different problem space than DBIx::Class/Rose::DB
20:45 hdl      In fact, for me DBIx::Class is rather DB/storage and query oriented
20:45 atz      not sure about Class::Std.
20:44 atz      MOOSE is new to me, but seems worth looking at.  acmoore reviewed it and seemed to prefer DBIx::Class at this time.  He also looked at Rose and Class::DBI amongst others.
20:43 hdl      I was thinking of MOOSE or Class::Std
20:43 hdl      But not only
20:43 hdl      yes we are.
20:43 atz      i think all of us are fans of using it.
20:42 atz      hdl: do you mean something like DBIx::Class ?
20:38 hdl      ok atz.
20:37 atz      the problem is that the behavior is different for date against date queries
20:37 hdl      gmcharlt: atz Is LL considering using an object framework in developments or not at all ?
20:37 atz      but the strange thing is that basically, i think users are getting what they want with the date against datetime queries
20:36 atz      (actually we would need to use 23:59:59 or something, because I think you can "overload" the time and get a different day
20:35 hdl      But would need testing.
20:35 hdl      could be faster yes.
20:35 atz      which would save the recomputation against every line queried
20:34 atz      or we could add 00:00:00 (or 99:99:99) to the query
20:34 hdl      And not the whole DateTime field.
20:34 hdl      but we could take the date part of it in order to compare
20:33 atz      or any other DATETIME value
20:33 atz      because "2008-12-05" will NEVER match "2008-12-05 00:00:01"
20:32 atz      sorry
20:32 atz      because 2008
20:32 atz      hdl: it won't matter for comparison of just_date against date_and_time
20:31 hdl      users are confused.
20:31 atz      hdl: in this case, i would not change.  probably changes will go the other direction with many DATE fields becoming DATETIME
20:31 hdl      btw I think that bounds should be >= and <= and not > and < for stats wizard.
20:30 gmcharlt query can be munged to get expected results
20:30 gmcharlt for reports that only worry about the date
20:30 hdl      gmcharlt++
20:29 hdl      hi gmcharlt
20:29 gmcharlt with hourly loans, will need to track circ events down to the minute
20:28 gmcharlt hdl: not that you asked me, but I would say not :)
20:26 hdl      in your opinion ?
20:26 hdl      atz: should the DATETIME data be changed to DATE for 3.2 ?
20:24 hdl      hi atz
19:36 atz      so you can say   6/1 - 7/1 for June instead of having to remember how many days June has...
19:29 atz      this does what users want in most cases, i think
19:26 atz      this would not be true if the field were just DATE
19:25 atz      so it range will include on lower bound, exclude on upper bound
19:25 atz      1 row in set (0.02 sec)
19:25 atz      +--------------------------------------+
19:25 atz      |                                    1 |
19:25 atz      +--------------------------------------+
19:25 atz      | "2007-12-06 17:25:39" > "2007-12-06" |
19:25 atz      +--------------------------------------+
19:25 atz      mysql> select "2007-12-06 17:25:39" > "2007-12-06";
19:25 atz      1 row in set (0.00 sec)
19:25 atz      +--------------------------------------+
19:25 atz      |                                    0 |
19:25 atz      +--------------------------------------+
19:25 atz      | "2007-12-06 17:25:39" < "2007-12-06" |
19:25 atz      +--------------------------------------+
19:25 atz      mysql> select "2007-12-06 17:25:39" < "2007-12-06";
19:25 atz      hdl: I find special behavior with statistics report date range because the field being queried is DATETIME and not just DATE
15:49 hdl      yes
15:49 hdl      sorry
15:44 nengard  ?
15:40 nengard  hdl so that means that I should put in  Oct 31 to Dec 1
15:36 hdl      But user usually think it is/should be inclusive.
15:36 hdl      nengard: was designed as exclusive.
15:34 nengard  Oct 31 to Dec 1 ?
15:34 nengard  Oct 31 to Nov 30 or
15:34 nengard  Nov 1 to Dec 1 or
15:34 nengard  Nov 1 to Nov 30 or
15:34 nengard  In the calendar for the statistical reports are the dates inclusive or exclusive?  In other words if I need the circ stats for all of November do I pick:
15:34 nengard  Stats question: