Time  Nick     Message
06:53 Amit     #koha
06:53 Amit     Hi
03:39 Amit     koha
03:39 Amit     hi
22:27 chris    ahh :)
22:27 gmcharlt subject to vagaries of net connection :)
22:27 gmcharlt in  class actually
22:26 gmcharlt ok
22:26 chris    hows things?
22:26 chris    heya gmcharlt
22:24 gmcharlt hi chris
22:24 chris    hmm
22:02 atz      what's up?
22:01 atz      pretty good
22:01 hdl      how are you ?
22:01 hdl      sorry to bother you.
22:01 atz      hello
22:01 hdl      hi
22:01 atz      ?
22:01 hdl      atz: around ?
20:03 gmcharlt git-diff is a full service tool; diffs of uncomitted changes is just its default mode
20:03 gmcharlt owen: you can do git diff <branch-name>
19:07 owen     diff only tells you about what isn't committed
19:07 owen     git question: what's the best way to tell how your current branch differs from the main repo?
17:36 atz      Should probably be "Circulation History (item level)" and "Circulation History (biblio level)"
17:03 owen     Differentiating the two I think is necessary, since right now the link to bookcount says "circulation history" and the link to issuehistory says "checkout history"
17:02 gmcharlt still presents possibilities for better naming and presenting the two types of reports
17:01 gmcharlt agreed
17:00 owen     Now I'm thinking we may need to keep them both. bookcount.pl is really an item-level report, while issuehistory.pl is a bib-level one.
17:00 owen     I'm still thinking about bookcount.pl vs. issuehistory.pl.
16:59 owen     Hi.
16:59 gmcharlt hi owen
16:56 owen     gmcharlt around?
14:30 brendan  morning danny
14:21 danny    hello #koha
13:55 Amit     list
13:55 Amit     :)
13:55 Amit     good night
13:44 mc       ok
13:43 Amit     mc
13:43 Amit     for testing purpose only
13:43 Amit     only one time
13:43 Amit     i have also done koha on debian
13:43 Amit     this is discussion
13:42 Amit     oh! sir no problem
13:42 mc       paul, :-P
13:42 Amit     ok
13:42 paul     Amit: mc & johnny are true geeks, with a long beard. don't follow them in their trolls ;-)
13:41 mc       never used debian ? :))
13:41 Amit     with zebra searching
13:41 Amit     i have already done for delhi public library
13:41 Amit     to configure koha on RPM based linux
13:40 Amit     so easy for me
13:40 Amit     but i m comfortable with RPM based linux
13:40 Amit     this is your way
13:40 mc       s
13:40 mc       too many failed major upgrade
13:40 johnny   ++
13:39 mc       mason++
13:39 mc       you're welcome
13:39 mason    rpm/redhat gave me years of dependency headaches
13:39 Amit     :)
13:39 Amit     but i like RPM based linux
13:39 mc       but i don't troll about it
13:39 mc       i don't like them
13:39 Amit     k
13:38 mc       Amit, just kidding
13:38 Amit     why??
13:38 Amit     india
13:38 mc       (as rpm based aren't professionnal ;) )
13:38 Amit     for delhi public library delhi
13:38 Amit     our company provide support on koha on centos
13:38 mc       but for non-professionnal users only
13:38 mc       there are stable releases
13:38 Amit     yes
13:38 mc       paul, i think Amit means there is no commercial support on fedora
13:37 Amit     which is indian linux
13:37 Amit     i have tried also on openlx linux
13:37 Amit     RPM based linux
13:37 Amit     centos is also
13:37 paul     Amit: no, sorry (debian, ubuntu, mandriva, some mac OSX, a few RH, but no centOS)
13:36 Amit     r u using fedora
13:34 Amit     testing purposes
13:34 Amit     and release for only
13:34 Amit     because fedora is redhat product
13:34 paul     there are stable fedora as well
13:33 paul     Amit : why do you say "fedora is for testing only" ?
13:31 Amit     on indian languages
13:31 Amit     i am adding new search with zebra
13:31 Amit     ok
13:29 acmoore  oh. If you have installation tips or help for that, I'm sure they would be welcome. We can make an INSTALL.centos document in the distribution.
13:29 Amit     i m using centos5.2
13:28 Amit     not on production
13:28 Amit     fedora is only for testing
13:28 Amit     yes
13:28 acmoore  Amit: it seems that it's common to install Koha on Fedora. Is that RPM based?
13:20 Amit     i have done this for delhi public library delhi, india
13:19 Amit     or production of koha on RPM based linux
13:19 Amit     base linux
13:19 Amit     any one tried koha on RPM