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02:32 kados    paul: it's late in france, no?
02:32 kados    hey paul
02:27 chris    so it set the alarm bells ringing :)
02:27 chris    no worries, he did a nice commit message
02:26 kados    thanks for the heads up
02:26 kados    yea, I'll revert it and let him know
02:26 chris    http://git.koha.org/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=Koha;a=commit;h=36b2897430b27a6b8a12f6684d32bc64e026073f
02:26 chris    jesse weavers patch
02:26 kados    I missed that
02:25 chris    its been in and out a few times
02:25 kados    shit
02:25 chris    yeah
02:25 chris    6 hours ago
02:25 kados    I took it out a year ago or so
02:25 kados    when did we add that back?
02:23 chris    Date::Manip is written entirely in Perl. It's the most powerful of the date modules. It's also the biggest and slowest.
02:23 chris    f you look in CPAN, you'll find that there are a number of Date and Time packages. Is Date::Manip the one you should be using? In my opinion, the answer is no most of the time. This sounds odd coming from the author of the software, but read on.
02:22 chris    like nastily big
02:22 chris    that was taken out cos its a big performance hit
02:22 chris    did we add date::manip to circulation
02:22 chris    ack
01:51 chris    :-)
01:49 kados    + I've got some client visits later this month and a bald eyebrowless CEO doesn't tend to go over well ;-)
01:48 kados    i did consider shaving it off for my beach trip, but wasn't super sunny here, so I didn't bother
01:48 kados    at the moment, yea
01:48 kados    hehe
01:46 chris    its long enough to get a handhold again? :)
01:44 kados    that'd be helpful, thanks
01:44 chris    and look at HLT, cos they still use it
01:44 chris    ill go look in the code sometime after work
01:43 kados    because basically, the biblionumber is the key
01:43 chris    yeah, that didnt happen
01:43 kados    no way to distinguish between multiple holds on a given biblio ... one patron's choice would have applied to all patrons with a hold on that biblio
01:42 kados    I still don't see how reserveconstraints could ever have worked logically without a key on reserves table
01:15 chris    hmm weird
01:06 atz      what's up w/ that?
01:06 atz      my koha-devel mail is getting moderated now?
00:48 atz      *me
00:48 atz      to sacrifice a primary key for a yet-still-miles-away possible DB independence doesn't make any sense to em
00:47 atz      chris: any respectable DB has autoincrement or a suitable stand-in (like a trigger on insert)
23:37 chris    it may have been in a fit of, this is mysql dependent, let me take it out madness at some point
23:36 chris    i was pretty keen on autoincrement columns, i had them on pretty much everything
23:36 kados    that's just mental!
23:36 kados    seriously? who would remove a primarykey?
23:34 chris    im pretty sure it used to
23:29 kados    in fact, I can't think of a way to use reserveconstraints without a primary key on reserves
23:28 kados    huh, seems like it'd be a ton easier if we had primary keys on these tables
23:25 chris    it should be a for any item attached to this biblio, o for only these ones
23:25 chris    with the change to itemlevel reserves
23:23 chris    to find the biblioitems you wanted
23:23 chris    if you had an o, then you needed to look in the reserveconstraints table
23:23 chris    its how in old koha you could reserve just this itemtype (biblioitem in those days) or these 2 ... or any biblioitem
23:22 chris    o = only this type
23:22 chris    a = any
23:22 chris    yep
22:53 kados    chris: can you explain constrainttype in reserves?
22:02 chris    bug added
21:49 kados    *nod*
21:49 chris    its a nice area
21:48 chris    laurels grandparents live right by there
21:48 kados    so much for my vacation, at least the weather at laguna beach is nicer than Athens OH :-)
21:47 chris    will do
21:47 kados    I should be able to fix that tonight
21:47 kados    chris: can you add a blocker bug to rel_3_0 for the itemtype thing?
21:46 kados    dunno what happened
21:46 kados    I think that's how stow works anyway
21:46 chris    yep
21:46 chris    worked all the way up thru the 2.2. series
21:46 kados    well, but I think we had it in dev_week even
21:46 kados    yea
21:46 chris    (placing holds on ordered titles)
21:45 chris    it was one of the must have features for 1.0
21:45 kados    I haven't checked that yet
21:45 kados    chris: some routing stuff that paul wrote I think
21:45 chris    it sure did
21:45 kados    and I swear that previous versions of koha let you plae holds on titles you ordered
21:45 chris    oh no, whats it doing instead?
21:44 kados    I feel like crying
21:44 kados    ryan just informed me that the serials module routing isn't using the 'corprate routing'
21:44 kados    cool
21:44 chris    from my brief test anyway
21:44 chris    on the plus side, it does seem to be using the actual cost
21:43 kados    yep
21:43 chris    yeah thats fairly blocker :(
21:43 kados    what a mess
21:42 chris    ah right
21:42 kados    mc-*
21:42 kados    I think it used to detect when to do an OR based on the beginning part of the string
21:42 kados    ahh ... I bet I know what the prob is
21:41 kados    yea
21:41 chris    its like its doing an and, not an or?
21:41 chris    its interesting that it works with 1, but not 2
21:41 chris    mason, spotted this last night
21:41 kados    I might have broken it when I added the AdvancedSearchTypes syspref
21:41 chris    nope, no joy staff side either
21:40 chris    http://koha.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?idx=kw&op=and&idx=kw&op=and&idx=kw&limit=itype%3ASR&limit=itype%3AVR&sort_by=relevance
21:40 chris    im *fairly* sure it used to work
21:40 chris    in mine, (which i just rebased) it does the same for both
21:39 chris    ill try the liblime demo
21:39 chris    not in my install
21:39 kados    chris: does it work in the staff client?
21:32 chris    http://opac.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&limit=itype%3ASR&limit=itype%3AVR&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
21:32 chris    http://opac.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&limit=itype%3AVR&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
21:31 chris    http://opac.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&limit=itype%3ASR&sort_by=relevance&do=OK
21:31 chris    eg
21:30 chris    just was checking if anyone else had seen it
21:30 chris    (using zebra) seems to be happening for paul and mason too
21:30 chris    ie, fiction i get 2, non- fiction i get 4, both i get 0
21:29 chris    it works fine if i search on one
21:29 chris    itemtypes
21:28 chris    lemme check
21:28 chris    either
21:25 kados    chris: and what's your AdvancedSearchTypes syspref set to?
21:25 kados    chris: staff or opac?
21:20 saorge   kados: thanks (i'm looking in the 'Tools' menu in the intranet)
21:13 chris    can you try doing a search with more than one itemtype selected, do you get results?
21:12 chris    kados: got a sec?
21:10 kados    saorge: misc/exportauth.pl
20:46 saorge   can you tell me how I can export authorities from Koha?
20:01 kados    heh
20:00 owen     Okay
20:00 kados    yea, it's more than just a template change I'm afraid
19:59 owen     So it sounds like this isn't just a template change because there needs to be a check for whether any items are checked out
19:58 kados    but I think in France, publics operate this way too
19:58 kados    in the US, it's mainly academic libraries that have this practice
19:58 kados    but if it's on loan, you can place a hold on it, and the librarinas will nab it instead of re-shelving
19:57 owen     Okay
19:57 kados    that's what the AllowOnShelfHolds syspref is for
19:57 kados    ie, if it's on the shelf, they want the patron to go get it
19:57 kados    to understand this bug you have to know that some libraries don't want patrons to be able to place a hold on items that are on the shelf
19:57 kados    no
19:56 owen     You say holds button shouldn't be shown for "for records that have no items on loan" Do you mean no holdings?
19:55 owen     Looking at Bug 2339...
19:55 kados    owen: what's up?
19:55 kados    owen: ryan and I are banging away on holds bugs the rest of today
19:55 kados    owen: and yes, I'm here
19:55 kados    owen: for your patch for 1438
19:55 kados    owen++
19:52 owen     kados?
19:22 nengard  or whatever it's called
19:22 nengard  so it's changing the owningbranch
19:22 nengard  owen as for transferring if i go to koha/circ/branchtransfers.pl it permanently moves the library from one branch to another
19:21 nengard  owen - yep
19:21 owen     Sounds like "all" really means "none"
19:21 owen     It's weird, when I go to Claims it says "all suppliers" and shows nothing. When I select one of my suppliers, it shows some missing issues.
19:18 owen     Transferring should change the holdingbranch to the destination library until the book gets checked in or out at another branch
19:17 nengard  hey - i have a question - on the circ page there is a link to transfers - I thought this was to transfer the book temporarily - the help file implies that it's transfering it permanently
19:17 nengard  owen - no! nothing should be there if there is nothing to be claimed
19:16 nengard  owen - sorry - I was writing - let me go read the bug
19:05 owen     Okay, I guess I do understand, but...Should anything at all be shown if there are no missing issues?
19:01 owen     I'm not sure I understand the issue
19:01 owen     Nope. :) But I've got a question about Bug 2290.
19:00 nengard  am i driving you nuts?
19:00 nengard  :)
19:00 nengard  owen
19:00 owen     nengard?
17:52 mc       so i ask comments
17:52 mc       i don't know how reliable is it
17:52 mc       some equiv of o is उऊ
17:51 mc       even geek codes are translated
17:50 mc       for u, it gives uµùúûüŨŪŬŮŰŲƯǓǕǗǙǛ....
17:48 mc       that what's my script does
17:48 mc       e => éêè...
17:48 mc       so i thought that we just want the counterpart
17:47 mc       unidecode("éèê") gives "eee"
17:46 mc       this script uses the Text::Unidecode table to generate those lines
17:45 mc       too poor for french people, for example
17:45 mc       zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr:equivalent å(aa)
17:45 mc       zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr:equivalent øö(oe)
17:45 mc       zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr:equivalent æä(ae)
17:45 mc       for example:
17:45 mc       those files contains some equivalence
17:44 mc       zebradb/lang_defs/en/sort-string-utf.chr
17:44 mc       zebradb/lang_defs/fr/sort-string-utf.chr
17:44 mc       zebradb/etc/explain.tag
17:44 mc       zebradb/etc/explain.abs
17:44 mc       zebradb/etc/word-phrase-utf.chr
17:43 mc       slef, don't worry :)
17:36 slef     mc: sorry I don't understand it.
17:02 acmoore  back later today
16:26 fbcit    gotta run, get lunch, and change hats
16:25 kados    yea, shelf_browsing++
16:25 kados    glad to hear it
16:25 fbcit    shelf browsing is a cool feature
16:25 fbcit    btw, that fixed the shelf browsing issue I had the other day
16:24 kados    heh
16:24 kados    fbcit: thought it could be any authorised value linked in your frameworks to the items.location
16:24 kados    fbcit: shelf locations are typically an authorised value 'LOC'
16:14 mc       someone can comment http://mc.koha-fr.org/ "UTF-8 equivalence for zebra search" ?
16:11 slef     "We have discovered more than one manufacturer of ISO15693 tags that will not work with the TI chipset."
16:10 slef     classic!  From the device maker "The device is ISO15693 compliant.  However, not all manufacturers interpret the standard exactly the same way."
15:36 fbcit    where are shelf locations setup?
15:22 slef     atz: if device maker is wrong, I'm going to try for a refund on the devices.
15:22 fbcit    sounds like another III problem
15:22 slef     TI usually are better than that, aren't they?
15:21 atz      device maker probably wrong.
15:21 slef     atz: AFAICT, "no" according to the tag maker, but "yes" according to the device maker. :-/
15:20 atz      slef: perhaps the spec allows incompatible implementations :)
15:20 slef     I've a tag and a device, both supposedly compliant to ISO 15693 but they won't work together.
15:19 slef     fbcit: funny.  I was just pondering breaking out the screwdriver and stripping the case from the RFID hardware to see if it works then.
15:19 fbcit    slef: turn off the microwave ;-)
15:18 slef     I'm in a world of RFID pain.
15:18 kados    fbcit: there's no automatic way to do that, but that'd be a good script to have in our misc dir
15:11 fbcit    kados: how do I rebuild the cn_sort fields?
14:55 kados    that's a requirement IIRC
14:55 kados    ie, they are contributing members
14:55 fbcit    ahh
14:55 kados    but it does mean that they use OCLC for cataloging
14:55 fbcit    tnx
14:55 kados    nope
14:54 fbcit    so the fact that a library is listed in worldcat does not necessarily mean they support z3950 searches?
14:54 kados    fbcit: in fact, I know it does
14:54 kados    fbcit: i think it has a master index of stuff
14:54 kados    fbcit: no, don't think so
14:53 fbcit    does worldcat simply perform z3950 searches on multiple libraries when one performs a worldcat search?
13:48 slef     google loves debian developers
13:48 atz      nice
13:46 slef     rival webmaster company annoyed because my comment linking them with phone-spammers is now result 3 on google for their name
13:45 slef     fortunately I had a copy of the email I sent them in private
13:45 slef     phew... web comment along the lines of "why didn't you contact me in private before going public with this?"
13:23 slef     biab
13:23 slef     ok, now I need to deal with some bad PR
13:22 kados    *nod*
13:22 slef     sadly not, a proprietary SaaS one, but there is a GPL SaaS one available I think
13:21 kados    slef: you embedding an OSS one?
13:21 kados    slef: sounds about right
13:20 slef     add syspref for openurl_resolver_url, check it in opac-detail.pl and .tmpl and build suitable html - anything else?
13:19 kados    can't think of one
13:17 slef     Is there a particular reason not to link out to a(n) OpenURL resolver(s)?
13:15 slef     ah, it's modules/opac-detail.tmpl - found it
13:14 slef     I can't find a COinS tag in the OPAC detail page
13:14 nengard  http://sites.google.com/a/liblime.com/koha-manual/Home/Table-of-Contents/opac/opac-zotero
13:13 nengard  slef Zotero is for Firefox
13:12 kados    yes
13:12 slef     kados: is Zotero a browser-based application?
13:11 kados    slef: and that automatically picks up the COinS for you
13:10 kados    slef: the only way I've used it is with Zotero
13:10 kados    slef: to be honest I don't know how you'd use a resolver within Koha to test
13:10 slef     hi fbcit
13:10 fbcit    g'morning #koha
13:09 slef     kados: I've got a resolver to test against.
13:08 slef     kados: how is the resolver to point at set up?  Hack the template?
13:08 kados    there's no OpenURL Resolver if that's what you're hoping for
13:08 kados    in the template
13:08 kados    look for the COinS tag
13:08 kados    slef: re: openurl, it's built on the OPAC detail page for a record, and I think on the results page too
13:06 gmcharlt slef: not sure, but presumably in a couple hours or so
13:06 slef     gmcharlt: any idea when kados will be here next?
13:05 slef     gmcharlt: I think chris may know a little too... others might
13:05 slef     (and so it's been repeated by numerous reviews already...)
13:05 gmcharlt slef: kados is the one to ask for details
13:05 slef     nengard: it's in the release notes but I've not found much more about it AFAICR
13:04 nengard  slef it's not in the manual cause I didn't know we have OpenURL support - if we do - keep me posted so I can add that to the documentation
12:33 slef     wb purple and lloyd
12:33 slef     Hi all.  Can anyone explain to me how openurl support works?  It doesn't seem to be in the 3.0 manual or have appeared here or the lists, as far as I found.