Time  Nick     Message
11:59 paul     oups... right
11:59 hdl      kados sent some emails for you about those patches.
11:58 paul     I have no news from you for 2 patches : "bugfixing scan index" and "display english news by default"
11:58 paul     kados around ?
21:08 atz      maybe in your /etc/bashrc
21:06 kados    *shrug*
21:06 kados    yea, I don't have that file on my mac
21:05 atz      ~/.bash_profile
21:05 kados    heck, I can't remember how I set it permenantly
21:04 kados    atz: i think I put that into my bash profile
21:04 acmoore  you can export TERM=vt100 first if you like
21:04 kados    hehe
21:04 kados    atz: http://atomized.org/2006/05/fixing-backspace-in-screen-in-terminal-on-os-x/
21:03 atz      yeah, i should say I checked /home/*/.screenrc first  :)
21:03 kados    atz: actually, I think it's a fix in the terminal application, I'm not seeing anything in my .screenrc
21:02 kados    atz: yea, there is a fix for that, lemme dig it up from my .screenrc
21:01 acmoore  yeah, I hate that. I end up using ctrl-h for a long time before I bother to fix it.
21:00 atz      for whatever reason it works fine in regular session, but not in screen
21:00 atz      kados: do you have a config for "screen" to get the behavior of backspace for the MacBooks "delete" key?
20:57 kados    *nod*
20:56 atz      darrell throwing in some nice patches today
20:41 acmoore  interesting talk from a recent perl conference on writing readable perl code http://use.perl.org/~schwern/journal/36704 the slides are good, but don't really pick up until slide 30 or so.
20:31 hdl      )
20:31 hdl      (he required us to upgrade.
20:31 hdl      gmcharlt: I wanted to send bug fixing for subscription but I am much behind and working on a migration to version 3.0 for one of our customer.
20:21 chris    hiya hdl
20:19 hdl      hi chris.
20:19 hdl      without making a simple test.
20:19 hdl      And I assumed that the customer was right.
20:19 chris    morning
20:19 hdl      you're utterly right.
20:18 gmcharlt hdl: you're welcome
20:18 hdl      gmcharlt: thanks for paying attention to my patches and preventing me from getting crazy.
14:04 owen     Since that's one of the primary things I use it for, that makes it broken for me.
14:03 owen     It wasn't working as expected, hdl. It wasn't properly highlighting DOM elements in the inspector
14:03 hdl      Is this a memory leak  problem ?
14:02 hdl      owen : problem with Firebug on v3.0 ?
14:00 hdl      can you detail ?
13:57 kados    hdl: I've responded to all paul's patches ... 'Applying bugfixing ' didn't apply for me
13:28 kados    hdl: I'll check into it
13:23 hdl      (he has some which dates from 2 weeks now.)
13:23 hdl      paul is wondering why some patches of his have not been pushed.
13:21 kados    patch pushed
13:17 kados    hdl: you'll have to reindex your unimarc clients
13:17 kados    k, will do
13:16 hdl      If you have time, pls fix it.
13:16 hdl      hi gmcharlt & kados.
13:15 gmcharlt greetings kados & #koha
13:15 kados    g'morning gmcharlt
13:15 kados    hdl: want me to fix that real quick? or do you or frederik have a patch for it?
13:15 kados    hdl: did you see bug 2260?
13:06 masonj   ho hdl
13:06 hdl      hi folks