Time  Nick     Message
12:43 owen     Don't be shy, people, let it all out.
12:45 hdl      hi owen
12:49 gaano    hi hdk
12:49 gaano    hi hdl
12:49 gaano    I'am anne from Mali
12:49 hdl      hi gaano
12:49 hdl      nice to see you here.
12:50 hdl      thx for your mail
12:50 gaano    U welcome
12:53 hdl      owen is there a chance to get linked with joshua today ?
13:31 mc       hmm ... is it a wawy to extract a patch for a single patch (or apply a patch for a single file) from patches@koha.org ?
13:32 mc       i would like to :diffpatch in vim
13:32 mc       (perhaps git mergetool?)
13:32 mc       hoops
13:32 mc       hello all :)
13:32 gmcharlt hi mc
13:33 gmcharlt try git am --interactive
13:33 gmcharlt given a patch file, lets you go through it and pick which hunks to apply
13:35 mc       i'll try it
13:35 mc       thx gmcharlt
13:35 mc       masonj, the link was from vincent danjean, in fact
13:36 mc       he is DD
13:37 masonj   DD?
13:37 masonj   is DD vincent's nickname?
13:39 mc       oops
13:39 mc       no :
13:39 mc       DD is debian developper
13:40 masonj   ah, was my 2nd guess ;)
13:40 mc       lot of acronyms in the debian project
13:56 su-erin  hello all. as we get closer to moving towards koha from a commercial ILS, does anyone have any general recommendations about switching and migrating  to koha?
13:58 atz      su-erin: try to do as much data cleanup as you can before importing to Koha
13:59 su-erin  atz, thanks. i think they are slowly working on that
13:59 atz      (or rather before the "official" import)
13:59 owen     hdl, you still around?
14:00 hdl      yes
14:00 owen     I have a question you might be able to help with. I'm looking at opac-detail.tmpl, and I'm curious about the volume information that is getting output around line 73
14:01 owen     This information seem badly placed in the MARC21 examples I've seen. Do you have any examples where that is working well with your data?
14:02 hdl      on phone
14:42 owen     Okay, opaclanguagesdisplay is set to ON, more than one language is checked in opaclanguages...where's my language chooser in the OPAC?
14:44 owen     Hmm...there it is. I must not have done the secret handshake correctly the first time
15:21 hdl      :D
15:21 hdl      back
15:23 mc       re
15:58 owen     This error is new to me: After git send-email, "patch contains a line longer than 998 characters"
16:06 kados    owen: yea, we just discovered that ... I think acmoore has a patch to fix all files in Koha with more than 998 characters
16:07 kados    owen: you might have to point me to that patch directly and I'll apply manually instead of sending via email
16:07 owen     So point out where it is on our test server?
16:08 kados    yea
16:20 kados    owen: patch applied
16:20 kados    pushed rather
17:00 owen     Looks like if I have more than one language checked under opaclanguages the news disappears from opac-main
17:20 kados    yea
17:20 kados    that's not surprising
17:21 kados    it probably expects the syspref to be a single value instead of multiple values separated by commos
17:21 kados    commas I mean
17:50 mlasater join #koha-lobby
17:53 amoore   owen , I'm working on fixing all of those files with long lines.
17:53 amoore   owen, I'm hoping to send something to kados today.
17:54 amoore   owen, since the problem is just with git send-email, you can wokr around it by sending your patch directly to kados or patches@ through a mail client or having kados copy the file from you somehow.
17:55 amoore   I know you got that part figured out but this was mainly for others that may have the same problem.
20:44 chris    morning
00:06 acmoore  I have subscribed the mail-archive.com address to the koha-patches mailing list so that it will be archived there now.
05:50 mc       hello all
06:46 chris    hi mc