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21:51 gmcharlt    you're welcome - good luck
21:49 Presently42 Fair enough. I shall do so. Thank you kindly.
21:45 gmcharlt    I work more on 3.0, but I think copying /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/default/en/includes to /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes should do it
21:42 Presently42 2.2.9
21:41 gmcharlt    Presently42: what version?
21:39 Presently42 Rather, I found this: /usr/local/koha/intranet/htdocs/intranet-tmpl/default/en/includes
21:38 Presently42 I believe it should be in /usr/local/koha, but it isn't. Though I did find the /en/includes part in the cgi-bin folder of opac....
21:36 Presently42 Hello. I seem to not be able to find the path to koha/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes.
20:47 gmcharlt    thanks
20:47 owen        I'm not sure what can be done, but I'll take a look
20:46 owen        Okay, I see
20:34 gmcharlt    it's that if a field like the 041 has some short subfield labels and some long ones, I'd like the input boxes to be evenly spaced, to accommodate the height caused by the longest label wrapping
20:33 owen        What was it you were unhappy with regarding your patch for bug 2019?
20:32 gmcharlt    owen: yes
20:32 owen        gmcharlt: are you still around?
19:09 ryan        just personal preference really
19:09 ryan        I like to keep my repos clean, and git status shows me any junk I've left behind, unless it's gitignoring a whole bunch of stuff.
19:05 ryan        i think that would make sense
19:04 gmcharlt    ryan: an idea: .gitignore should follow whatever 'make clean' would remove
19:02 ryan        I'm fine with a project-wide .gitignore, but I would like a policy for it
19:01 ryan        mostly images and small other files local to a client installation I've been keeping in .gitignore
19:00 gmcharlt    per same link "*.*~" probably shouldn't be in the project .gitignore then
19:00 ryan        and I should be keeping local stuff in $GIT_DIR/info/exclude
19:00 ryan        well, reading the link gmcharlt posted, I think I have perhaps been using .gitignore incorrectly
18:59 acmoore     I'm all for removing .gitignore if it causes more problems than it's worth.
18:58 acmoore     I really am not trying to argue either side here, because I don't really get what happened to you. I just don't want to happen to others (like me). Were you keeping your own .gitignore that this overwrote or something?
18:58 ryan        and sometime down the line, I imagine some conflicts with the chosen files (potentially)
18:57 ryan        acmoore: not a big deal, really, just being grumpy that I had to resolve merge conflicts in multiple repos
18:55 atz         acmoore: was curious about that also
18:52 gmcharlt    per http://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/gitignore.html, .gitignore is fine for project-level stuff (things added by build system, e.g.), user-specific stuff (i.e., removing editor cruft) should go in ~/.gitconfig's core.excludefiles
18:50 gmcharlt    but excluding t/run and t/test-config.txt (per latest patches) seems like a different case
18:50 gmcharlt    hmm - one issue is excluding *.iso2709, which you might want to have in test case data
18:46 acmoore     I just haven't seen any problems and I don't want to get bitten by one.
18:46 acmoore     ryan, not that I disagree, but what's the problem with the .gitignore?
15:50 fbcit       more so than Firefox 2
15:50 fbcit       Firefox 3 also renders the koha interface nicely
15:45 frederic    owen: It's possible you don't see the issue if your installation yuipath points to Yahoo servers. In this case, you have to modify yupath to see the issue: substitute '2.3.1' with '2.5.1' and you will see...
15:40 frederic    fbcit: labels_conf is ok! with the 069 modification
15:36 gmcharlt    not sure if I'm remembering corrrectly , though
15:36 gmcharlt    frederic: yeah, the mechanism is a bit delicate - plus, I think there may have been a patch in the last couple weeks that corrrected a bug in updatedatabase.pl, but if you had already run the affected DB rev, may have resulted in the issue you're seeing
15:36 frederic    fbcit: ok I take a look. thanks
15:36 frederic    owen: I'm the one who submited a patch which modify syspref yuipath for new installation (syspref default values). But the update is not done.
15:35 fbcit       frederic: in which case you can ignore the error
15:35 owen        frederic: I've had similar trouble from time to time.
15:35 fbcit       frederic: check the column names in labels_conf, most likely that column has already been renamed in your db
15:34 frederic    gmcharlt: What can explain this kind of behaviors? Am I alone to enconter those issues with upgrading DB?
15:34 owen        I haven't seen that some buttons are not working. I think someone submitted a patch that should update databases with the new preference
15:33 frederic    owen: yes! thanks. Have you seen that it doesn't work for some button? And that it necessary to modify by hand syspref yuipath if Yahoo servers are used?
15:31 gmcharlt    yeah - related to some work fbcit's been doing - compare your current label_conf to what's in kohastructure.sql
15:31 frederic    Correction: Upgrade to 069 line 1279 of updatedatabase.pl
15:30 frederic    I've done it in the meantime. And it solved the problem with permission table creation. But something get wrong with upgrade to 068: Unknown 'class' in 'label_conf'
15:29 owen        frederic: you've got your YUI upgrade
15:28 frederic    ryan: thanks!
15:27 ryan        frederic: yes, that shouldn't cause any problems
15:22 frederic    gmcharlt: Will it be ok if I downgrade manually Version syspref to 067 and run by hand updatedatabase.pl?
15:20 gmcharlt    ok - let me know if the updatedatabase.pl had failed to create it for some reason
15:19 frederic    Thanks, I take a look
15:19 gmcharlt    was added in DB rev
15:19 frederic    gmcharlt: I've followed the usual procedure
15:19 gmcharlt    yes
15:19 gmcharlt    ues
15:18 frederic    gmcharlt: You introduced this new table to improve permission management?
15:18 gmcharlt    if you've been following v3 using git, that table should have been added via updatedatabase.pl
15:18 frederic    Version 3
15:18 gmcharlt    frederic: yes, that's a new table
15:18 acmoore     frederic, what version of koha are you running?
15:17 frederic    In log file, there is an error in C4/Auth.pm line 1296 indicating a table permission doens't exist
15:16 acmoore     In my version the "online resources" sectino header is always shown. I think it should be shown if there are either MARCURLS or google books links (or both).
15:16 frederic    /tools/tools-home.pl doesn't work anymore for me. Do you have this error also?
15:14 owen        acmoore: What if there are no MARCURLS but there are google links?
15:12 frederic    acmoore: hello!
15:12 acmoore     hi frederic!
15:12 acmoore     owen++
15:12 acmoore     OK. Thanks, owen.
15:12 acmoore     Oh, crud. If there are no MARCURLS, and no google books links, I still show the "Online Resources" section. I'll have to deal with that.
15:11 frederic    hi
15:09 owen        Looks good to me
15:09 acmoore     let me know if you think it's not right and I can keep monkeying with it. Otherwise, I'll clean up the code, hide that link, and submit a patch.
15:08 acmoore     If google has no preview, that link disappears: http://acm.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=9
15:07 acmoore     I left the link on the right visible when you have javascript on just so that it's easier to see it for now. I'll hide it later.
15:07 acmoore     it looks much less busy now.
15:07 acmoore     owen, I move the links around a bit. http://acm.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=8
13:54 acmoore     OK. Thanks, guys. I'll change what I have to this and show it to you again. probably later today.
13:44 owen        acmoore, that sounds good to me
13:44 acmoore     3) add the 1 or 2 links to the online resources section. They're built with js based on the content at google and will not be there with no js.
13:44 paul        (hello everybody)
13:44 paul_       gmcharlt: you can be sure that yes ;-)
13:44 acmoore     2) add a static link to the details page on the right and hide it with js.
13:43 gmcharlt    I wonder if slef reguarly runs Koha with JS turned off?
13:43 acmoore     OK. So it sounds like this plan is: 1) Ditch the image. The images are found elsewhere.
13:42 acmoore     heh. It's OK to make rampant speculations when lacking any data or evidence.
13:42 owen        Probably not...since people with JS turned off are going to be rare, and those people are probably /usually/ going to have it turned off
13:38 acmoore     yep. Do you think it's odd that if there's JS that the link to the details page moves from the right to the online resources section?
13:37 owen        So the online resources link supersedes the hard-coded link
13:37 owen        My thought was that if they have javascript they're getting an accurate view of what Google has. The link is just "maybe Google has something on this"
13:36 acmoore     Or, I can just provide the link to the scanned copy in the "online resources". and then put the link to the details page on the right. If they have no JS, the first won't show and the second will be the static link.
13:35 acmoore     that seems reasonable.
13:35 acmoore     so, then is the theory that if they have the javascript needed to put the links in "online resources" that they woudn't want the one on the right?
13:34 acmoore     If there is JS, and google knows about the book, one of the links that they provide is a link to that same page. It's what I've labeled with "More information from Google Books"
13:34 owen        Hard-code the link on the right, and hide it automatically, by default, with JS.
13:33 acmoore     I can do that. Do you mean put it in the "online resources" list and hide it with JS (and replace it with the dynamic links if they exist)? Or, do you mean put it on the right and hide it?
13:32 owen        We could put that link in by default and hide it with js
13:31 owen        I don't know... that sounds more like an option for the "Search for this title in..." box on the right
13:29 acmoore     when there is no javascript, I can include a static link to the book details at google (like http://books.google.com/books?vid=ISBN0451522907 ). It may or may not exist (though I don't know what the odds are). Does that sound like a good option?
13:28 acmoore     I can go along with that.
13:26 owen        Seems to me to be a good place to include links if we've got 'em. We can say the Amazon reviews get their own tab because we're actually pulling in the content
13:25 acmoore     yep. That just happens to be the only place (so far) that we're searching for "online resources". is that the line of reasoning?
13:24 owen        The patron doesn't care what is or isn't in the MARC record
13:24 acmoore     though that might be deceptive or something to stuff them in there since they're not in the marc record?
13:24 owen        Yes, I think that's right. Good idea.
13:23 acmoore     maybe these links then go in the "Online Resources" list. (MARCURLS)
13:23 acmoore     that's a good point.
13:22 owen        What do you think?
13:22 owen        So really you've just got a couple of links
13:22 owen        I not sure I'd even show the cover... We can assume that the library is showing covers or not through other means (maybe even through Google)
13:19 acmoore     you can just tell if they have a cover image, and a full or partial preview, and whether there's a details page or not.
13:18 acmoore     I'm not sure that they expose that information through their API, though http://code.google.com/apis/books/getting-started.html
13:18 acmoore     yeah, I think I'm following you.
13:17 owen        But it would be nice to somehow express the quantity of information available from Google if people choose to click through
13:16 owen        It's tempting to try to pull those elements into our page in the corresponding areas, but that's probably too complicated
13:16 owen        acmoore: It's interesting, because Google offers a lot of the same features we try to offer through other means on our detail page: reviews, descriptions, related
13:12 acmoore     Any opinions on how to rearrange the image and one or two links to look reasonable?
13:12 acmoore     I think we're on to something here. I'll have to look at a page with amazon reviews on it to refresh my memory.
13:10 owen        Yeah, that's just what I was thinking
13:10 acmoore     that's where the amazon reviews show up, isn't it? This feels similar to that.
13:09 ryan        the latter was my thought
13:08 acmoore     in my eyes.
13:08 acmoore     it does make more sense.
13:08 owen        I'm more inclined to go with that option...
13:08 acmoore     Or, do you mean:   Holdings | Descriptions | Comments | Google Books  ?
13:07 acmoore     I can see that working.
13:06 acmoore     like that?
13:06 acmoore     Normal View | MARC View | ISBD View | Google Books
13:04 ryan        a google books tab ?
13:03 acmoore     oh, perhaps GB is for Google Books.
13:01 acmoore     Um. I have no idea what that is.
13:01 acmoore     yeah, you'd have to be able to turn it on/off.
13:01 owen        It uses the greybox library?
13:00 owen        But it seems like it's a good option to offer, another syspref-controlled feature
13:00 owen        Yeah, it's a tough one. We're already putting a lot of stuff on that page
12:58 acmoore     Oh, yeah. I totally hacked the implementation, so try to ignore that for a minute. But, I'm just not sure of the best way to put these things on the page (if at all).
12:57 acmoore     notice the "information from Google" section.
12:56 acmoore     Here's a quick example: http://acm.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-detail.pl?biblionumber=8
12:56 acmoore     so, that looks like a possible image and one or two URLs that may be useful to add.
12:55 acmoore     well, if you pass them an ISBN or something, they'll return some JSON telling you if they have a full or partial book scanned in already. And, a thumbnail of the book cover.
12:55 owen        Sure, tell me about it
12:54 acmoore     I'm not sure if you've considered this before or not, but I'm suspecting that you have some ideas.
12:53 acmoore     Do you have a second for that?
12:53 acmoore     Hi. I'm interested in including some links to Google Books in the opac biblio details page, and I was hoping to run it past you to see if you could help me make it look and act reasonable.
12:52 owen        Yes
12:52 acmoore     owen, you around?
12:39 ryan        I get this error when using scan indexes in opac adv search.
12:39 ryan        Did I miss an update ?
12:39 ryan        Can't call method "fields" on an undefined value at /opt/koha/beta/koha/C4/XSLT.pm line 59.
12:03 paul        hi fbcit
12:01 fbcit       g'morning #koha