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03:46 vimal       Hi Koha friends
17:00 JustSomeGuy Alrighty.  Thanks for the help.
16:59 atz         that's probably the best bet
16:59 JustSomeGuy If it's coming soon, I'll wait a little longer.
16:59 JustSomeGuy Ok.  I was holding off on trying the alpha, assuming that the beta would be a better way for me to get started with Koha.
16:58 atz         I don't think he gave a solid date, but I expect it to be this week.
16:58 JustSomeGuy Hmmm, I must have missed that message.  Ok.  Is there a new ETA?
16:57 atz         Yes, Josh sent out an email to the list.  It's pushed back a few days to deal w/ translation issues.
16:56 JustSomeGuy I was thinking it was coming Feb. 1.
16:56 JustSomeGuy Could be a silly question, but has the Koha 3 beta release been pushed back?
16:56 atz         sure, several ppl are in
16:52 JustSomeGuy Hi.  Anyone around?
16:42 atz         np
16:42 hdl         Thx atz
16:30 atz         the 2nd line is a warning from Dates.pm
16:30 atz         datebegin :00/02/0 dateend :02/04/2008 at hdl_test.pl line 8.
16:30 atz         Illegal date specified (year = 0, month = 0, day = 00) at hdl_test.pl line 7
16:30 atz          dateend :02/04/2008 at hdl_test.pl line 4.
16:29 atz         I get:
16:27 hdl         On mine, there is no problems.
16:27 hdl         Code on the machine I have this problem is quite old.
16:27 hdl         it is the reason.
16:26 atz         (i'll test your code on my system to see if results differ)
16:26 atz         i erroneously used class namespace to store object data in earlier version
16:26 atz         perhaps you have older version of the code?
16:25 hdl         Is there a reason why it is so ?
16:25 hdl         I wonder why dateend and datebegin are the same when I display them.
16:24 hdl         Here is my code.
16:24 hdl         hi atz.
16:24 hdl         http://pastebin.com/m5c0b50d5
16:23 atz         *mostly me
16:23 atz         hdl: most me
16:23 hdl         I have some questions.
16:23 hdl         gmcharlt, atz :who is in charge of C4::Dates ?
12:49 fbcit       g'morning koha
11:16 lloyd_      do login failures log to anywhere?