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16:51 paul     hello USA.
16:52 paul     seem that "democrat" states uses more Mac where "republicans" ones uses more windows.
16:52 paul     ;-)
16:52 atz      hi paul
16:52 atz      have you had a chance to look at the version of Auth_with_ldap that I've been working on ?
16:52 paul     I bet it's the change in the API. because it used to work.
16:53 paul     atz: nope, I couldn't find time for that
16:53 atz      no problem...
16:53 atz      i'm just writing up docs now
16:54 atz      i *believe* that this version will support all the functionality you currently use in the original version
16:56 atz      if you desire to test it, or potentially migrate to 3.0 using it, I'd be glad to have a "real world" test case
16:56 atz      otherwise, we have clients lined up who intend to use it here
16:56 paul     atz: we have 1 customer that should migrate to 3.0 soon. so we will test it soon ;-)
16:56 atz      cool.  let me know if I can be of any help.
16:56 paul     sure
18:01 owen     paul still around?
20:01 fbcit    owen: u around?
20:01 owen     Yes
20:02 fbcit    if I cp -r intranet/prog into intranet/custom and then set syspref 'template' under staff client to 'custom'...
20:03 fbcit    it looks like the staff client uses the tmpl files from custom, but the yui css stuff from prog...
20:03 fbcit    is that correct?
20:03 fbcit    what do I need to change to get it to use lib/yui under custom?
20:04 owen     Change the system pref that governs the location of the YUI files
20:04 owen     yuipath, it's called
20:04 fbcit    currently yuipath is set to 'http://yui.yahooapis.com/2.3.1/build'
20:04 fbcit    ?
20:06 fbcit    so it should be koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/custom/en/lib/yui ...?
20:06 owen     No, if your system pref is pointing to Yahoo's site, there shouldn't be a problem. It shouldn't matter where your templates are
20:07 owen     yui path is pointing to yahoo's site, but the template is pulling from the local server?
20:08 fbcit    the changes I mentioned the other day were made to my local reset-fonts-grids.css
20:08 fbcit    they seem to be applied so I assume so
20:10 fbcit    what is the preferred setting for yuipath?
20:11 owen     Ah, unfortunately the yuipath pref doesn't apply to the reset-fonts-grids.css file
20:11 fbcit    I just verified that that css comes from the local server
20:11 owen     That is @imported into staff-global.css using an absolute path...should be changed to a relative path, I guess
20:11 fbcit    is that path "/prog" hard coded somewhere?
20:11 fbcit    ah
20:12 owen     I'll commit that fix to staff-global.css. Change yours to read @import url("../lib/yui/reset-fonts-grids.css");
20:12 fbcit    right... I see.
20:15 fbcit    owen: fixed... tnx!
20:15 owen     I think you'll find other instances where the prog templates are hardcoded
20:15 owen     ...because we've been lazy :)
20:17 fbcit    grep says:
20:17 fbcit    en/includes/file-upload.inc:<script type="text/javascript" src="/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/lib/jquery/plugins/ajaxfileupload.js"></script>
20:17 fbcit    en/includes/installer-doc-head-close.inc:    @import url(/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/css/login.css);
20:17 fbcit    en/includes/installer-doc-head-close.inc:    @import url(/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/css/wizard.css);
20:17 masonj_  morning #koha
20:17 fbcit    hi masonj_
20:18 fbcit    owen: I assume all of these should get the same treatment?
20:19 owen     Yes
20:20 fbcit    owen: u'll take care of the commit?
20:20 owen     Yes
20:20 fbcit    tnx again :-)
20:21 fbcit    I'm making those changes for the long email addr as internal css to preserve yui. Seems to work fine for now.
20:24 owen     I made some changes to attempt to alleviate the issue. I don't think those patches have been approved yet
20:24 owen     But they weren't changes to the grid
20:40 fbcit    did you force a wrap in the email addr?
20:43 owen     No, I don't know of any way to do that with markup
20:44 fbcit    I'll look for your changes when the come down. :)
20:45 fbcit    one more question owen:
20:45 fbcit    I notice that in the 'Check Out' page, both patron emails show
20:46 fbcit    yet in the 'Fines' only one shows
20:46 owen     Okay, sounds like the variable isn't getting passed from the script
21:09 masonj_  thd: you about?
01:38 hdl      gmcharlt: around ?
03:19 gmcharlt hdl: you rang?
03:20 hdl      yes : it was to know where installer repository is.
03:21 hdl      gmcharlt: do you have a clue ? Or are you not the person which cope with installer with fbcit ?
03:22 gmcharlt hdl: version with my changes is at gitweb:  http://manage-gmc.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha-installer.git;a=summary
03:22 gmcharlt git repo: http://manage-gmc.dev.kohalibrary.com/koha-installer.git
03:23 gmcharlt feel free to experiment with -- not quite ready for prime time yet, but should be in the next day or two
03:25 hdl      I shall send you a little patch for web installer.
03:26 gmcharlt ok
09:21 paul     chris around ?
09:54 JYL57    hello koha world !
09:54 JYL57    paul or hdl available for a short question ?!
09:54 paul     zyva, lance ta question
09:55 paul     (sur koha-fr probablement d'ailleurs)