Time  Nick        Message
12:07 hdl         owen awaken ?
12:08 hdl         even not logged in
12:08 hdl         kados ?
13:29 hdl         owen : hi.
13:29 owen        Hi hdl
13:29 hdl         opac-shelves committed is broken.
13:29 hdl         Do you have a working version ?
13:29 hdl         or are you on it ?
13:30 owen        No, I've been working on the intranet shelves.
13:32 owen        http://bugs.koha.org/cgi-bin/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=1404
13:34 hdl         opac-shelves.tmpl seems quite old fashioned (many forms)
13:35 owen        Yes, I've been making many changes to the intranet version that I think should be ported to the opac
13:35 owen        I've simplified the interface
13:35 hdl         + an else which donot have TMPL_IF
13:35 hdl         is it pushed ?
13:40 owen        the else without a TMPL_IF is where?
13:40 owen        My changes to intranet virtual shelves haven't been approved yet
13:46 hdl         It is very difficult to answer.
13:46 hdl         Since if I could have known, I would have solve it.
13:49 owen        You're referring still to opac-shelves.tmpl?
13:51 hdl         yes.
13:52 hdl         OK. shelves wil wait a little
13:56 owen        Hi atz
13:57 atz         greets owen
14:07 paul        hello atz & owen
14:08 atz         hi paul
14:14 hdl         hello atz
14:19 atz         greets henri
14:20 AkLibrarian Good morning all.
14:20 gmcharlt    good morning
14:20 AkLibrarian I have a question on adding the PERL module Net Z3950
14:23 AkLibrarian When I try to add it on Ubuntu, I get the message that it needs 2.1.50 of Yaz.  I have 2.1.8
14:23 AkLibrarian Anyone have an idea of how to fix this?
14:24 hdl         hi gmcharlt.
14:25 gmcharlt    hi henri
14:25 paul        AkLibrarian: yes, just install a recent version of yaz : www.indexdata.dk/yaz !
14:25 hdl         AkLibrarian: download yaz and zebra from indexdata. and install via configure/make:
14:25 paul        hello gmcharlt
14:25 hdl         make install
14:26 owen        AkLibrarian already has 2.1.8. Isn't that newer than 2.1.50?
14:28 AKlibrary   Good morning again.
14:28 gmcharlt    own: not the way YAZ versions are numbered, according to the change log
14:28 gmcharlt    s/own/owen/
14:29 AKlibrary   I got logged out and missed what you had said about the YAZ  before that.
14:29 paul        AkLibrarian: yes, just install a recent version of yaz : www.indexdata.dk/yaz !
14:29 paul        AKlibrary: : yes, just install a recent version of yaz : www.indexdata.dk/yaz !
14:29 owen        gmcharlt says your version is older, so you do need an update.
14:30 AKlibrary   I can't tell if I am coming or going this morning.
14:30 AKlibrary   Before I logged out this last time you sent a site to get the YAZ update. Can you please resend that?
14:32 gmcharlt    paul said: yes, just install a recent version of yaz : www.indexdata.dk/yaz
14:33 AKlibrary   Thanks.
14:33 paul        AK in AKlibrary nickname means Alternative Konnection :-D
14:33 paul        works only half time ;-)
14:34 AKlibrary   This morning it seems to.  I had a person who programs linux for another program at work tell me that this install may be beyond my learning curve.  I am trying to get it done to prove him wrong.
14:42 hdl         read documentation on indexdata
14:42 hdl         as sudo su root
14:43 hdl         tar xvfz yaz.tar.gz
14:43 hdl         ./configure --with-xml
14:43 paul        isn't Ubuntu Debian based ? then maybe just creating the indexdata repo and apt-get ?
14:43 hdl         (you must have libxml2-devel)
14:43 hdl         No paul
14:43 hdl         ah.
14:43 hdl         maybe then
14:45 hdl         yes. would be easier with debian repository of indexdata
14:45 hdl         To add
14:45 hdl         as sudo su root
14:46 hdl         Edit /etc/apt/sources.list
14:46 AKlibrary   What should I add to the sources list.  I tried to add indexdata and it didn't work.  I used the same format that I have for the other archives that do work.
14:47 hdl         deb http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian etch main
14:47 hdl         deb-src http://ftp.indexdata.dk/debian etch main
14:51 AKlibrary   I have edited the sources list
14:52 AKlibrary   Public key not available on the index data site
14:57 paul        atz around ?
14:57 atz         yep
14:59 paul        nevermind, i've found the answer to my question. I've reaffected a bug to  you (1434)
14:59 hdl         http://wiki.debian.org/SecureApt#head-065b7345a52d81a70103c85dd9cf576ea4321900
14:59 hdl         AKlibrary: This link is for you
15:00 AKlibrary   Thanks I will check it out.  I had my book open to find the info.  I had gotten as far as turning to the right page.
15:00 gmcharlt    AKlibrary: also see http://ftp.indexdata.dk/pub/yaz/debian/README for instructions about adding IndexData's public key
15:05 AKlibrary   Thank you I now have a keyring
15:05 rh          morning/afternoon/evening :D
15:09 AKlibrary   Good morning
15:10 paul        good evening for frenchies
15:10 rh          I was trying to get everyone
15:11 paul        that's how I understood that. good <something> to you rh !
15:11 rh          it is morning here ^^
15:12 rh          friday morning.. which is even better
15:12 paul        nope, the best is friday evening. which is where we are now in france :-D
15:12 gmcharlt    lucky
15:12 gmcharlt    :)
15:12 rh          anywho.. I am getting an error of "Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -4" in search.pl when i try to search on an ISBN
15:13 paul        (on sunday, baptem of our last boy. a lot of things to do. won't be a quiet we : 40ppl at home for lunch !)
15:13 rh          paul: wow that is a lot of people.. good luck with that!
15:14 AKlibrary   Sounds like fun, congratulations to your son.
15:14 paul        thx
15:14 AKlibrary   When I need a key for indexdata, I assume that I have to ask for it from that website?
15:15 gmcharlt    right, see the README link I sent you
15:16 hdl         kados around ?
15:16 hdl         someone in charge of zebra sorting ?
15:17 hdl         gmcharlt atz  rh ?
15:17 atz         what's up?
15:18 AKlibrary   I followed what the readme said as far as where to get the key, I just wanted to make sure there was only one repository.
15:18 atz         kados is meeting w/ libraries in Maryland
15:18 gmcharlt    for YAZ, should be just the one
15:18 hdl         Does anyone know about zebra sorting facility ? and why Joshua chose to use things like 1=9523 &gt;i ?
15:19 hdl         rather than @attr 7=X @attr 1=9523 0
15:20 atz         is "@" invalid in the filepath portion of a URI ?
15:20 atz         I haven't been involved w/ zebra yet, though.
15:22 gmcharlt    me neither, sorry
15:32 paul        owen around ?
15:32 owen        yes
15:32 paul        a quick question about templates
15:33 paul        subscription-add shows 2 columns (left/right) where the member-add shows everything from top to bottom (with a lot of empty space on the right)
15:33 paul        is it just a css thing or there's something in subscription that could/should be ported in member add ?
15:34 owen        2 issues there:
15:34 paul        (as I found very nice to have everything for sub-add without the right scroll bar)
15:34 owen        First, the subscription add page was suitable for the two-column layout because it could be divided into subscription info in one column and planning info in the other
15:35 owen        I tried to break up the member entry form like that and found it got a little confused
15:35 owen        The thing I don't want is for the user to have to scroll down all the way to the bottom of column one and then jump to the top of column 2
15:36 owen        Member entry has so many fields that this is likely to be the case
15:36 paul        hey ! where is the submit button on subs-add ???
15:36 owen        Heh.. good question!
15:36 paul        can't find it !
15:38 owen        Yep, I see I caused that bug in my last update. I'll send the fix through today
15:38 paul        ok, fine.
15:38 owen        ( take the <!-- TMPL_IF name="mod" --> out around the submit button )
15:39 paul        ok, i'll do it, as i have another fix for this template
15:39 paul        (for seasonal only calculations)
15:39 owen        Paul, if you have any ideas on how to better manage the member entry screen, I'd be interested in hearing about them.
15:40 paul        i'll investigate, as I really find hard to have a so large scrollbar.
15:40 paul        + I've noticed theat the pgdn or end keyboard buttons were not working not.
15:40 paul        is it a YUI "feature" ?
15:40 owen        No
15:41 paul        do you have the same thing ?
15:41 paul        the <enter> key don't work either
15:41 owen        Yes--I'd never noticed it before. Probably something to do with javascript focus
15:41 paul        (that's really a painful problem)
15:41 owen        What do you expect the enter key to do? Submit the form?
15:42 paul        yep
15:42 paul        as usual for <form> in html.
15:42 owen        The form doesn't submit when I hit enter in a form field, but it submits when I tab to the "add" button and enter
15:43 paul        yes, but when you edit (modify) just a line in member address, the add button is far !
15:43 paul        (or the phone)
15:44 owen        I assume that's because of the way the javascript validation works
15:44 owen        I'm sure it's fixable.
15:44 paul        I fill a bug for that ?
15:45 owen        Yes, please
15:55 owen        Does the new logging system write to a mysql table?
15:55 paul        depends on wether you have mysql of tmp as systempref. by default yes
15:56 paul        the CGI::Session write in sessions table (as previously, except the table is not the same)
15:56 owen        When I click the modification log link for a patron, it says no log found, even though I've got logging turned on and I've just modified the patron record
16:06 hdl         owen : maybe modmember is not ready for logs. I can see if this is the case.
16:06 hdl         I have an error 207 on Date-of-Publication sorting.
16:07 hdl         Does anyone has the same ?
16:12 owen        Is that a re-sort, or a sort chosen on the advanced search page?
16:13 hdl         yes
16:13 owen        Which one?
16:13 hdl         this is a sort on advsearch.
16:13 paul        hdl: if the question is "is that A or B" the answer can't be yes ;-)
16:13 paul        it must be A or B :-D
16:13 hdl         But it is the same.
16:14 hdl         (Friday Evening here.)
16:14 owen        I can do a sort from the advanced search page without errors, but if I try to resort a set of results I get "no results found"
16:15 hdl         This is because of kw,wrdl index automatically added by last Joshua's commit.
16:15 hdl         paul has already sent a patch to revert it back if I don't mind
16:16 hdl         :P
16:16 paul        mmm... I think kados reverted a patch that "reverted" a previous patch that was buggy.
16:16 hdl         kw : keyword.
16:16 hdl         wrdl : wordlist
16:16 paul        i'm sure the 1st patch was bugguy, the sort problem is probably due to that.
16:17 paul        (i mean my 1st patch)
16:17 paul        (maybe the 2nd didn't solve the problem I was facing, but reverting only the 2nd result only in a broken thing)
16:18 paul        in the 1st patch I added kw,wrdl through by adding it if no idx specified
16:18 paul        but that's a wrong way to do it.
16:18 paul        so you should also revert my 1st patch to revert correctly
16:19 paul        (but the forms won't have wildcards working)
16:19 paul        (i mean the common catalogue search tab on top of the screen)
16:22 hdl         The problem is when q contains ccl everything fails.
16:23 hdl         And it often contains ccl since it is passed through with all the links
16:24 hdl         (idxs are not included, is you look at page 2 refine searches, ....)
16:24 paul        right, that's why kados was right to revert my patch.
16:24 paul        but he should have reverted 2
16:24 paul        (both)
16:28 hdl         OK.
16:28 hdl         This is one line patch.
16:29 hdl         What I wanted to know was why sorting by publication date would bring error 207. And what does this error stand for ?
16:44 rh          anyone familiar with the z39.50 search?
17:46 hdl         rh quite
17:48 rh          Well, it seems like i should just be able to enter my ISBN then do the search
17:48 rh          it is throwing an error in the logs though.. I am not sure if its a connection problem since this server is behind a firewall.. or what
17:50 rh          the error being thrown is in search.pl coming from oConnection.. so thats what is pointing me towards that path ^^
18:14 hdl         rh  can you have access to zebra logs ?
18:14 rh          yeah
18:15 rh          i have root to the box
18:15 hdl         can you throw zebra's logs when searching on ISBN ?
18:17 rh          I thought zebra is only the searching tool?
18:29 hdl         yes it is.
18:30 hdl         Errr. It is the Indexing engine.
18:31 hdl         rh : so all the queries you do are done to the zebraserver (provided you chose Zebra as engine)
18:31 hdl         (pls ping me when you answer me)
18:32 rh          Ahh.. do i have to set it up to write to Zebra logs?  I couldnt find any
18:32 hdl         Normally, when launching zebra,
18:32 hdl         you launch it :
18:33 hdl         zebrasrv -f file.xml &>logs &
18:33 hdl         Don't you ?
18:33 hdl         Then all logs are in logs file
18:33 rh          I was doing my search through the GUI
18:35 rh          i havent used a command line zebrasrv
18:46 rh          maybe i didnt even use Zebra as an engine?
18:55 hdl         rh : which koha version do you use ?
18:57 hdl         rh : can you tell me more on the errors you get ?
20:26 rh          using koha 2.2.9
20:27 rh          the error is
20:27 rh          [Fri Oct 26 02:57:54 2007] [error] [client] Modification of non-creatable array value attempted, subscript -4 at /usr/local/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/z3950/search.pl line 154., referer: http://localhost/cgi-bin/koha/z3950/search.pl?oldbiblionumber=&isbn=978-0-672-32641-7
20:27 rh          [Fri Oct 26 02:57:54 2007] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: search.pl, referer: http://localhost/cgi-bin/koha/z3950/search.pl?oldbiblionumber=&isbn=978-0-672-32641-7
20:27 rh          ping hdl
21:33 hdl         rh :  send email on koha-devel or file a bug in bugs.koha.org with your koha version and your logs (please send send more lines.)
21:33 hdl         we wil enquire about that.