Time  Nick   Message
07:42 Brooke howdy
21:15 chris  sweet :)
21:15 thd    chris: She is now commenting favourably about free software library automation, http://mail.archive.org/pipermail/ol-lib/2007-October/000162.html
21:13 thd    chris: http://mail.archive.org/pipermail/ol-lib/2007-October/000161.html
21:13 chris  hmm nope
21:12 thd    chris did you see what nice things Karen Coyle is saying about LibLime?
21:11 chris  sounds reasonable, yeah that will be it
21:11 thd    I have a 2MB limit, the default PHP limit on my mail system
21:10 chris  i suspect thats what happened
21:10 chris  yeah
21:09 thd    :)
21:09 thd    so that would overload my mail server if the patch is uncompressed
21:09 chris  so might have been to big for your mail client
21:09 chris  i think it might attach the patch to the mail
21:09 chris  and its been sent on to kados for final check
21:09 thd    chris: why is it unreadable?
21:08 chris  just telling you i signed off on it
21:08 chris  ahh that was an automated mail from git
21:08 chris  heya thomas
21:08 thd    chris: I could not read your email message about the corrected patch I sent
16:11 qowQC  hello everybody