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10:29 paul     seet dreams
10:29 chris    now im really going to sleep
10:26 chris    hehe
10:25 paul     that would make 16 vs 15, but it may be a good idea ;-)
10:25 chris    coach even :)
10:25 chris    yes, i saw that, if i was couch, christophe dominic would not be in the reserves, he would be on the field
10:24 paul     some surprises, as usual with Bernard laporte !
10:24 paul     do you see the compo of the french team (announced 2 hours ago)
10:24 paul     chris ???
10:23 chris    my body still thinks its 10.22 tho, its hard to wake up 1 hour earlier
10:22 chris    (daylight savings started here last saturday, so its 1 hour later than last week)
10:22 paul     sweet dreams
10:22 chris    ok, bedtime for me
10:09 chris    hmm dominic on the bench .. i would have started him
10:08 paul     chris : new patch in your mailbox ;-)
10:02 chris    ahh, ive already accepted it, never mind :)
10:02 chris    or so bugzilla says :)
10:01 chris    just saw you sent a patch
10:01 chris    yep
09:52 paul     chris still around ?
09:10 slef     paul: if KohaLa is to be inclusive, then that is good IMO, but it should be done inclusively
09:08 slef     paul: we are not all in the same boat!  KohaLa is putting on the right the French, on the left the others.
09:06 paul     we all are in the same boat !
09:06 paul     slef : i have then answer to the 2nd question : because Koha is a free software ! and I (we) don't want to have on the right the users, and on the left the developpers.
09:05 slef     load average: 3.95, 16.88, 21.67
09:03 slef     paul: I also don't understand why KohaLa moved from being a user group to being for development, documentation and so on
09:02 slef     paul: I understand how corporation votes work. I just don't think they're fair.
09:01 chris    ah yeah, thatd do it
09:00 slef     that'll be resource starvation, then
09:00 slef     Swap:   131064k total,   131040k used
08:59 slef     I think one of the daemons is memory-leaking, but I'm not sure.
08:59 chris    :)
08:58 slef     I have a shell... all is not lost
08:58 slef     erm, we were saying?
08:58 chris    or maybe not :)
08:58 slef     load average: 31.03, 30.25, 25.91
08:57 slaf     yeah... should get control back soon
08:57 chris    least it appears to be dropping
08:56 chris    yikes
08:56 slaf     Tasks:  95 total,   7 running,  87 sleeping,   0 stopped,   1 zombie
08:56 slaf     load average: 23.10, 30.54, 25.42
08:52 slaf     sorry about that... I've lost control of slef's server temporarily
08:41 paul     - 1 vote for bruno that is member as "jerome"
08:41 slef     brb- have problems
08:41 paul     - 1 vote for Jerome that is member as "jerome"
08:40 paul     so, SAN-OP could have :
08:40 paul     except that it is represented by someone.
08:40 paul     the company is a "moral person". It has a juridic existence. So it can vote "itself"
08:40 paul     slef : nope.
08:39 slef     chris: thanks (I think)
08:39 slef     all the corporation owners and employees can have a vote each, then there's two more votes givable to anyone who doesn't already have a vote, right?
08:32 paul     (represented by a physical person, of course)
08:32 paul     it's not "corpo empl", it's "corpo"
08:31 slef     paul: you probably won't convince me that giving corporations employees+2 votes  is fair, but other than that, I'm pretty convincable.
08:31 chris    done
08:30 slef     although things might have moved on past it a little while it's been on hold
08:29 slef     thanks 1000... I don't want to rewrite that long mail
08:29 chris    yep ill go do that now
08:29 slef     chris: can you release the post of mine to koha.lists.katipo.co.nz that's on moderation-hold, please?
08:29 chris    http://git.koha.org/gitstat/
08:28 chris    yep im around
08:28 paul     hi slef : nope, I want to end the discussion because coding is more important atm, and I'm not sure i'll convince you at all
08:24 slef     paul: it's not a matter of confidence and it's not a matter of culture.  Are you ending the discussion because you don't want to understand the concerns?
08:23 slef     idle 11 hours... hmm
08:23 slef     morning all - chris: alive?
20:30 paul     bye bye everybody
20:30 paul     11 patches in patches@koha.org mailbox
20:26 paul     wow... champion's league in soccer : Lyon 0-3 Glasgow Rangers... you must know that tomorrow we will have Liverpool vs Marseille & Marseille / Lyon are ennemies in soccer ;-)
20:25 kados    paul++
20:25 paul     10:30PM
20:25 paul     time to go to bed for frenchies
20:24 paul     patch for #1441 done
20:20 kados    and I hope it will be patched so we can include it!
20:20 kados    that said, it's a very nice feature!
20:19 kados    and doesn't follow our coding guidelines
20:19 kados    since it's buggy
20:19 kados    well, we could do a release, but I would omit it as a feature
20:19 paul     i have the same pov on #1441, that i'm working on atm
20:18 paul     which is definetly not the case here.
20:18 paul     this feature don't work. for me a blo means "you can't use the software in it's main features"
20:18 paul     but I know we disagree here... I don't try to  convince you.
20:17 paul     otherwise, all bugs are blo !
20:17 paul     I would just remove the feature of warn in release note that it don't work.
20:17 paul     nope (really)
20:17 kados    paul: I hope you'll understand why I would consider this a blocker :-)
20:16 kados    to follow our convention
20:16 kados    and it should be named ModBiblios IMO
20:14 paul     dunno either !
20:13 kados    and why is EditBiblios in Search.pm instead of Biblio.pm?
20:10 kados    http://staff-jmf.dev.kohalibrary.com/cgi-bin/koha/catalogue/search.pl?q=felsefe&op=Submit
20:10 paul     kados : I don't know, you'll ask to hdl ;-)
20:09 kados    not the main search
20:09 kados    I think it must be moved to a separate function
20:09 kados    for us it's a ton of extra html for every search result
20:09 kados    paul: where does it pull the list of valid codes? from the default template?
20:08 kados    and a bit buggy if you don't mind :-)
20:08 kados    but a dangerous one also
20:08 kados    yep, it's a nice feature
20:07 paul     the goal is to update all the biblios from a query
20:07 paul     it's something added by hdl
20:07 kados    paul: have you seen the 'bulk edit' feature in the catalog search?
20:06 kados    it loads late or something
20:06 kados    something strange with js going on
20:06 kados    in the staff client
20:05 kados    paul++ #awaiting patch from chris
20:00 paul     #1430 fixed....
19:46 kados    man, we really need to clean up these syspref names
19:43 slef     wouldn't be hard to do that actually
19:43 kados    yep
19:43 slef     symlinked to the git tree?
19:42 kados    but it doesn't use a symlinked install
19:42 kados    yep
19:42 slef     the new package can do several installs on one box and it would help development more if more than the two active koha devels at ttllp were using it
19:42 kados    (and it's much easier to test on a symlinked install)
19:41 kados    for development)
19:41 kados    (we have several installs on one box
19:41 kados    we used my old symlinked one
19:41 kados    well, we didn't use the new package to install
19:40 slef     ok, so mainly the var/usr/etc problems and edits that I know about ;-)
19:40 kados    slef: no, I mean the package I sent you
19:39 kados    slef: yea, you already have it :-)
19:39 slef     (of the installed systems)
19:38 slef     kados: do you have a script log or similar of it?  ;-)
19:38 paul     ok, my fault. I was on BibLibre, not on Official branch. it's invalid
19:34 kados    did you fetch and rebase?
19:29 kados    don't think so
19:29 paul     mmm... git fetch a few hours ago. something in the queue ?
19:29 kados    or bib frameworks
19:29 kados    so you must not have the latest kohastructure.sql
19:29 kados    I just installed 3 marc21 systems this mornign with no probs
19:28 kados    re: bug 1466
19:20 paul     which framework settings should I choose ?
19:15 kados    i think more to come unfortunately
19:15 paul     do you think you have more to come, or is that all ?
19:14 kados    I'm very concerned about doing anything resembling a public release with the current state of things
19:14 paul     yep...
19:14 kados    :-)
19:14 kados    paul: so I guess you've seen all the bug reports
19:13 kados    to figure out how ewe could get marc21 and unimarc playing nicely together
19:13 kados    I need to do more research on zebra
19:11 kados    framework-level would potentially mean at the level of the MARC framework
19:11 kados    I'm not sure we can easily configure zebra to index both unimarc and marc21, but we might be able to
19:11 slef     ok, framework-level means in-database?
19:10 kados    like the installer
19:10 kados    so there are a few places I'm not sure how we should represent the differences for those
19:10 kados    but in koha 3.x we may see that become a framework-level option
19:09 kados    MARC21 and UNIMARC being the two main options
19:09 kados    right now, we have a global option for marc 'flavour'
19:09 slef     Not a surprise.  I'm still a bit confused (see mails to koha-devel)
19:09 kados    one question
19:09 kados    but we're getting there :-)
19:09 kados    slef: no :-)
19:09 slef     kados: do they work yet? ;-)
19:08 kados    slef: btw: nice job on the zebra commits
19:08 kados    heh
19:08 slef     the uni systems simply didn't do multiple roles, so they just made a new account for each job you had
19:07 slef     at university, I had M.Ray, M.J.Ray, mjr and h089, among others
19:07 kados    hehe
19:07 slef     moral of the tale: don't try guessing email addresses.  That can get embarrasing ;-)
19:06 slef     ttllp includes initials, isurname and firstnames forms
19:06 kados    joshua mark ferraro
19:06 kados    jmf is my initials
19:06 slef     freedom... each to their own!
19:05 kados    conventions I mean
19:05 [K]      *** join #koha@FreeNode: atzberger n=chatzill@pool-71-171-145-83.chi01.dsl-w.verizon.net
19:05 kados    we changed contentions
19:05 paul     why joshua has jmf as mailbox name while joe atzberger has joe.atzberger ?
19:03 kados    which you will see when chris wakes up and pushes them :-)
19:03 kados    bug and patches too!
19:03 paul     i'll send a mail to the welcome the 2 new "liblimers" (that have submitted a bug if I don't mind)
19:02 paul     pub date sorting still not working for me :-(
19:02 paul     hi back
19:02 kados    hi paul
18:51 slef     owen: no, because you would have broken it tomorrow.
18:51 kados    hehe
18:51 owen     If git had gone back in time I would remember a git from the future visiting me.
18:50 kados    if it needs to
18:50 kados    remember, git will go back in time when merging stuff :-)
18:50 kados    yea, don't worry about sequencing
18:49 owen     Okay, that's what I was thinking. Bascially, I want to send an "out of sequence" patch. Or maybe that's just how I think of it.
18:49 kados    and continue working
18:48 kados    then switch back to the original one
18:48 kados    and send-email on that patch
18:48 kados    you can switch branches and make another change
18:48 kados    as long as you've commited them to your local repo
18:47 owen     kados, if you're referring to my original question, what I should have said was, a bunch of changes I'm not ready so submit a patch for
18:46 slef     kados: when it doesn't pass perl -c?
18:46 kados    when wouldn't you be ready to commit something?
18:45 slef     I meant merge the unready commit and the one that finishes it.
18:44 owen     Hmm... Would you have to merge the patches? what if you just kept working on the unfinished work and waited for your other patch to make it into the official repo?
18:43 slef     but I seem to botch patch merging, so ;-)
18:42 slef     well, I think the gittish way would be to commit the unready patches up a branch, switch branches, do the one-file correction and send it off, switch back, then uncommit the unready patch or finish it and merge the patches
18:41 owen     that sounds like a non-gittish way to do it
18:41 slef     An alternative is to make a local symlink clone of your tree (git clone -l -s /path/to/tree) and do the one-file correction in that.
18:39 slef     I think so.
18:39 owen     I'm still not completely clear on the branches concept in git. Say I've got a bunch of changes that I'm not ready to commit, but I have one file I want to correct and submit a patch for. I can git checkout -b quickfix origin to create a new branch, make my change, commit, submit patch and then switch to my other branch to keep working, right?
16:59 paul     time to leave for me
16:58 slef     thanks
16:58 slef     aha
16:58 paul     vendor for an editor
16:57 slef     bibliothécaire (BU et BM).
16:57 slef     successivement comme libraire, commercial dans l'édition,
16:57 slef     J'ai principalement travaillé dans le livre et sa diffusion
16:57 paul     mmm... I need a more complex sentence to help
16:57 slef     paul: how to translate "commercial dans l'édition"?
16:54 slef     (sorry, I just checked my mailboxes)
16:54 slef     erm, yes, she is, but no personal statement in the news
16:54 paul     nope, she will leave in november (6x years old)
16:54 slef     paul: is Francine standing for CA?
16:53 kados    hehe
16:53 slef     stop moving around ;-)
16:53 kados    just back at my regular terminal :-)
16:53 kados    I'm here
16:53 kados    nope
16:53 slef     erm, bye then ;-)
16:52 slef     jmf: one problem I have is that 1901-law associations which I like seem not to publish their statuts, so I can't suggest them quickly.
16:51 slef     jmf: I think I've misunderstood one problem, about unnominated powers, so there has been some point to the bilingual multi-email discussion ;-)
16:50 slef     paul: but then we often call statuts things like memorandum and articles and other archaic names, so I don't laugh at them every time ;-)
16:49 jmf      hehe
16:49 jmf      promotion and the distribution of the free software library system Koha.
16:49 slef     like dogs messing the paths and keeping your hedges cut.
16:49 slef     because bylaws here are passed by towns and villages, about things
16:49 slef     paul: US seems to call statuts bylaws, which is funny to the English,
16:49 jmf      Article 2: This association has for an object the development, the documentation, the protection, the
16:49 paul     but Koha is not a common experience. We don't want to have "devs on the left, users on the right"...
16:49 jmf      but it doesn't exactly sound ominous either :-)
16:48 jmf      agree, doesn't sound like auser's group
16:48 jmf      which I
16:48 jmf      Koha have decided to form an association.
16:48 jmf      software.  That's why some users and developers who work with and on the library software
16:48 jmf      developers and users to keep working, and true to principles of sharing and distributing free
16:48 jmf      The craft software under free licences are fairly few, and ask for a close participation between
16:48 jmf      MJ's translation of the Preamble is:
16:48 paul     slef : it comes from Francine Masson, director of ENSMP library, a woman that has founded a lot of associations during it's life
16:48 slef     (which is a question in the mail held for moderation...)
16:48 slef     not yet... French (code) law is rather different... I'm trying to get help.  It would be very helpful to know where the current draft came from.
16:47 jmf      the list of articles
16:47 jmf      Rules of the Kohala Association
16:47 jmf      Statuts de l’Association Kohala
16:47 jmf      paul: 'bylaws' in american:
16:47 jmf      have you suggested a change in language?
16:47 paul     bylaws ???
16:47 slef     Essentially, I think so.
16:46 slef     I think US would call them bylaws.
16:46 jmf      are you requesting that they change them?
16:46 jmf      slef: is your main objection the 'bylaws' of KohaLa?
16:38 slef     I'll translate the candidate news in a mo, to see who else is there
16:38 slef     and I think paul is running for its council (developer, not user)
16:37 slef     it's pretty broadly-scoped
16:37 slef     take a look at the object in http://serene.ttllp.co.uk/~mjr/StatutsKohala.pdf
16:35 jmf      if it's attempting to be more than that, I think weneed to discuss its role
16:35 jmf      my understanding was that it was a user group
16:34 slef     jmf: any thoughts on KohaLa, by the way?  It doesn't look like a user group to me :-/
16:34 slef     jmf: aye... shame the clock is ticking... thanks
16:34 jmf      slef: but I'll make sure he takes care of it
16:34 jmf      slef: we'll have to wait for chris cormack to wake up, he manages that one
16:05 slef     paul: do you know about KohaLa? ;-)  You and Pascale seem to contradict each other and the statutes... very confusing for a poor anglo.
16:03 paul     slef : ask someone else, i don't nothing about this ml admin ;-) )
16:03 slef     paul: it would be helpful if the list config was described on http://lists.katipo.co.nz/mailman/listinfo/koha
16:03 slef     paul: I think you have a copy directly anyway
16:02 slef     paul: I don't save all outbound list mail... it gets archived on inbound.
16:02 paul     slef: I had problems once with the list, it's just an antispam measure, when you have more than 2 recipients. If a mail is bounced, then just throw it again with just the list as To: !
15:59 slef     koha.lists.katipo.co.nz
15:59 jmf      slef: where's it held up, which list?
15:52 slef     can koha-admin release the KohaLa mail, please?
15:11 paul     (probably coming from some tests I did, don't remember)
15:11 paul     jmf : hehe... seems it's is a useless option
15:09 jmf      paul: what's the purpose of the -d directory option?
15:05 jmf      yep
15:05 paul     jmf : at least, I have to write some doc to explain !
15:05 jmf      *nod*
15:04 paul     it's exactly as for zebra in fact : if you query zoom for each record, it's slow. if you rebuild all at the end, it's fast
15:04 jmf      paul: I think bulkmarcimport should be smart enough to do that :-)
15:04 jmf      ok
15:04 paul     - rebuild_nozebra to set NoZebra=1 again & reindex everything in 1 mySQL query.
15:03 paul     - bulkmarcimport
15:03 paul     - set NoZebra=0
15:03 jmf      and can you confirm that -d doesn't work with bulkmarcimport?
15:03 paul     the fast way to do it is :
15:03 paul     yes ;-)
15:03 jmf      paul: is it normal for bulkmarcimpor to be very slow with NoZebra?
14:52 jmf      ok, we'll work on marc21 next
14:52 paul     you'll see how it works. basically, it's just a hash where you specify your indexes and the fields/subfields that are related to the index
14:51 paul     the value for unimarc is here. (although not complete probably)
14:51 paul     jmf : look at misc/migration_tools/rebuild_nozebra.pl
14:50 paul     foxnorth: whatever you want if set to 0, it's useless.
14:50 jmf      foxnorth: your NoZebra is set to 1 :-)
14:50 jmf      paul: and what should NoZebraIndexes be set to if NoZebra is set to 1 ?
14:49 paul     one of them being chris catalfo ? (seen the 1st bugreport from him)
14:49 foxnorth paul: what should NoZebraIndexes be set to if we have NoZebra set to 0 in system preferences?
14:48 paul     yep
14:48 jmf      paul: you here?
14:48 jmf      just logging in from another box
14:47 jmf      hey slef
14:47 slef     hi all
14:47 slef     I prefer emf to jmf.
14:31 paul     (+ to let you know : 6 new patches in our queue)
14:30 paul     kados : about your question "some patches today" you sent at 0:00 (GMT+2), the answer is : nope, I forgot to send what I had in my queue. What about the idea of having a copy of all what is sent to patches@koha.org to koha-cvs ML ? thus, you would know what is waiting mdoeration.
13:44 hdl      hiya kados
13:05 kados    hey foxnorth
12:48 kados    morning all