Time  Nick   Message
12:26 kados  morning owen
12:26 paul   hello kados
12:26 kados  hi paul
12:26 paul   & owen
12:28 kados  paul: re: 1446 ... very strange you don't have this prob with unimarc, esp since we found the prob and it's in the code!
12:28 paul   you're completly right
12:28 kados  since there was another bulkmarcimport error
12:28 kados  also
12:29 kados  it's a clear indication to us that 3.0 w/kohastructure.sql is != to what you use with updatedatabase
12:30 kados  paul: also, I don't think it's a good idea to omit the nozebra table
12:31 kados  paul: and create/populate it 'on the fly'
12:31 paul   (on phone)
12:31 owen   Hi guys
12:31 kados  hiya owen
12:31 owen   Busy weekend, hunh? 8:30 AM Monday and I"m already behind!
12:31 kados  :-)
12:31 kados  yea, we did some testing this weekend
12:32 kados  this week should be a busy one on #koha, koha-devel and git
12:41 paul   (back)
12:42 paul   kados : OK to add nozebra table to kohastructure.sql if you think it's useful.
12:43 kados  also other missing tables
12:43 kados  and please note the kohastructure.sql changes I made over the weekend
12:43 kados  some column defs were listed as NOT NULL
12:43 kados  and I changed them to default NULL
12:43 kados  because they broke bulkmarcimport
12:44 kados  also, could you explain the additional columns in biblioitems?
12:44 kados  what are they used for?
12:44 paul   to store serial collections informations
12:45 paul   to be able to show them easily. Those fields are often requested by libraries, for example in the result list.
12:45 paul   hdl wrote that in july, and, iirc, spoke of this with you.
12:45 kados  so there are new mappings to create?
12:45 paul   (I was in holidays, he told me that on phone, I may be wrong)
12:46 paul   yes!
12:46 kados  k
12:46 paul   a question from me now :
12:46 paul   about khastructure.sql, you say in 1448 that browser table is not here.
12:46 paul   but I see it in git
12:46 kados  I'm just reporting what I find
12:46 kados  when I run the script
12:46 paul   s/tag/browser/ sorry.
12:47 paul   browser is missing, you're right.
12:47 paul   but tags (comment #1 of 1448)
12:48 kados  the hierarchy feature fails for another reason?
12:48 kados  from my brief look at the code, the hierarchy feature relies on the browser table too
12:48 kados  all I know is it don't work :-)
12:49 kados  I was just guessing why
12:49 paul   ah, ok, I misunderstood.
12:49 paul   the hierarchy feature works with the "browser" table, it's right
12:50 kados  paul: also, you use a mysqldump to generate your sysprefs
12:50 kados  in the data/fr dir
12:50 kados  this means that there's no way to easily track changes to sysprefs
12:50 kados  and it's also not easy to see what is different between english and french sysprefs
12:50 kados  I'd highly suggest you create and maintain a human-readable sysprefs.sql file
12:52 paul   I've seen the problem. And I think I should at least use some flags to have a more easily human readable dump, you're right.
12:52 paul   (+ maybe it could solve the commit problem i have with those accented chars)
12:53 paul   are you OK to add a new step in the installer (to let the user choose between zebra & nozebra ?)
12:53 kados  sure
12:53 kados  as long as it doesn't break the installer :-)
12:54 paul   nobody's perfect, but i'll try !
12:54 paul   ah, kados, a BIG NEWS !
12:54 paul   it's finally here !
12:55 paul   you won't believe it, but it's live since this morning.
12:55 paul   .
12:55 paul   .
12:55 paul   .
12:55 paul   http://www.mediathequeouestprovence.fr/
12:55 kados  wow, funny
12:55 paul   click on "catalogue & ressources" to reach Koha (or search in "Rechercher sur", radio "le catalogue"
12:56 paul   it's done with typo3
12:56 kados  hehe, it's broken for me
12:56 kados  firefox rejects the popul
12:56 kados  popup
12:56 kados  Error: uncaught exception: [Exception... "Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIDOMHTMLFormElement.submit]"  nsresult: "0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE)"  location: "JS frame :: http://www.mediathequeouestprovence.fr/fileadmin/template/rechercher.php :: onload :: line 1"  data: no]
12:56 paul   ! right, same for me !
13:03 hdl    kados : About change in authorities frameworks, I did it last year.
13:03 hdl    It was to prepare a merge between biblios and authorities management.
13:04 hdl    Merge which is not good now.
13:04 hdl    But still, some features are really useful.
13:04 hdl    a) it enables ppl to link an authority with an other one, just like biblios.
13:05 kados  I'd like to see 'a)' in action
13:05 kados  do you have an example?
13:05 hdl    (frameworkcode is used as authtypecode for authorities. I could not find a good name : relatedauthorities.)
13:05 hdl    (could be)
13:06 hdl    Not live.
13:07 paul   kados : http://koha.mediathequeouestprovence.fr/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl
13:11 hdl    Could be soon live when authorities framework input will be based on biblios framework.
14:32 kados  hdl: could you explain that?
14:32 kados  hdl: authorities framework input based on biblios framework?
14:33 hdl    I have to add [...] after a subfield if subfield is linked to an authtypecode and open an auth_finder.pl window
14:34 kados  in the marc editor?
14:46 thd    kados: if the [...] link is doing something useful for your users now, it should be more noticeable than 3 dots are.
14:47 kados  hdl: I'm still unclear whether you're adding that to the biblio or authorities editor
14:48 hdl    kados:  marceditor for authorities
14:52 hdl    kados ?
14:53 kados  hdl: so the ... would allow you to link two authorities?
14:53 hdl    yes.
14:54 kados  as peers or in a hierarchy?
14:54 hdl    a 550 field would contain  Broader term, Specific term or see also depending on $5 value
14:54 hdl    (to be an authorised_value list)
14:55 hdl    thd... Do you confirm that $5 USMARC-A contains relation code ?
14:56 hdl    For UNIMARC $5 contains g for generic, h for specific, nothing for peer
15:03 kados  I'd like to see an easy way to link peer authority records for doing, e.g., multi-language authorities
15:03 kados  one in turkish, one in english
15:03 kados  afaik, that's a manual process right now
15:04 thd    hdl: In MARC 21 that would be the first position of 450 or 550 $w
15:05 hdl    thd is there many positions in $w ?
15:06 hdl    tumer did some work about that.
15:07 hdl    But you have then 2 thesaurii (1 for each language) and you link different authorities.
15:07 kados  paul: did you revive stopwords?
15:07 kados  pau	or just for NoZebra?
15:08 paul   kados : yes. and not just for nozebra.
15:08 kados  hmmm
15:08 kados  will it die if you have no stopwords defined?
15:08 paul   Search now removes stopwords before sending the query to zebra
15:08 thd    hdl: 4XX - 5XX $w is perhaps variable length but if position 0, the first position, is filled then it may include the relationship of the tracing or reference to the main heading of the authority
15:08 paul   kados : I hope no, but haven't tested, that's true ;-)
15:09 thd    hdl: there are up to 4 optional positions for 4XX-5XX $w
15:11 thd    hdl: For linking fields 7XX, $w functions like UNIMARC $3 and contains the control number of the linked record
15:14 thd    hdl: In MARC 21 $5 contains the institution code in case the particular field is only meant to apply to a particular institution.  I have never noticed a real MARC 21 record using $5.
15:17 thd    paul: what happens to a title query when the title contains only stopwords?
15:19 thd    paul: Andy Warhol has a novel entitled "A".  Stephen King wrote a novel entitled "It".
15:26 kados  Opera has a publication called "O"
15:26 kados  :-)
15:31 owen   Opera -> Oprah
15:32 kados  hehe
15:33 paul   maybe we should remove stopwords only for word search, not for exact search. Could that be correct ?
15:34 paul   or, if there is no answer, re-query with empty words included
15:47 kados  IMO, stopwords should be configured at the index level
18:18 owen   Will/Should a z39.50 search from addbiblio work if the ISBN is hyphenated?
18:24 owen   kados: did you test addbiblio over the weekend?
18:24 kados  it _should_ work with hyphens
18:24 kados  if it doesn't, let me know
18:25 owen   I just tried adding a biblio and it didn't work. It looked like it was working...it forwarded on to additem
18:37 owen   No Amazon features in 3.0?
18:38 owen   Oh, I see the sysprefs now
19:18 hdl    owen : did you have an error ?
19:18 hdl    I had the same problem with my installation. But it was a problem of field missing in biblioitems
19:19 owen   An entry was created in the biblio table, but not in biblioitems. Should a line be created in biblioitems even if there are no items yet?
19:20 owen   The way I discovered the problem was that after saving the biblio I tried to enter an item and that failed. When I went back to check for the biblio details on catalogue/detail.pl, nothing showed up
19:22 hdl    owen : yes, a line in biblioitems should be created even if no item is created.
19:22 hdl    It is biblioitems which contains marcrecord.
19:22 owen   That's what I thought. No entry in biblioitems was created.
19:23 hdl    In fact, you have biblio = Title author and primary information
19:23 hdl    biblioitems = editor, editionstatement asoasf
19:23 hdl    (itemtype is in biblioitems)
19:24 owen   I wonder if it's a frameworks problem? When I try to change the framework in addbiblio.pl, several come up blank
19:25 hdl    We could say that Koha COULD be ready for a kind of FRBRization... (If we managed multiple biblioitems for one biblio, which we donot do anymore.)
19:25 hdl    owen : did you have acces to logs ?
19:25 hdl    Don't you have any mysql error ?
19:25 owen   I'll try adding again and see if I can see an error
19:28 owen   I can't see anything in the logs, but I'm not sure I'm looking in the right place. I'd have to double-check with kados, since it's his testing server
19:34 kados  owen: the log in your home dir is the right one
19:36 owen   [Mon Oct 01 14:27:25 2007] [error] [client] [Mon Oct  1 14:27:25 2007] addbiblio.pl: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'editionresponsibility' in 'field list' at /home/oleonard/koha/production/intranet/modules/C4/Biblio.pm line 3495., referer: http://staff.oleonard/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/addbiblio.pl?biblionumber=0&z3950=1&breedingid=34
19:36 owen   [Mon Oct 01 14:27:26 2007] [error] [client] [Mon Oct  1 14:27:26 2007] additem.pl: COUNT8 at value_builder/barcode.pl line 83., referer: http://staff.oleonard/cgi-bin/koha/cataloguing/addbiblio.pl?biblionumber=0&z3950=1&breedingid=34
19:51 kados  owen: you need to reinstall
19:51 owen   Whee.
19:51 kados  owen: that's the error the ryan fixed a couple days ago
19:52 kados  it's a db-level prob
19:52 kados  owen: how much data have you put into your system?
19:52 owen   I'd happily wipe the system if we could get Zebra working in the process
19:52 kados  ok, lets do it
04:47 Irma   Hi all...I am looking for Russel. Is he around?
09:02 chris  lol
09:03 masonj :)
09:03 chris  did you read pauls latest email mason?
09:04 chris  google translates it as
09:04 chris  thats classic
09:05 masonj ohh man , thats cute
09:06 chris  i had escargot though
09:06 masonj still reading!....
09:08 paul   hello folks !
09:08 paul   frog legs are something very sweet.
09:08 paul   (less keen of escargots)
09:09 masonj i havent tried either
09:12 chris  ill have to visit again paul, and we can go out for frog legs :)
09:14 chris  and creme brulee
09:14 chris  i think i had creme brulee every second day :)
09:32 paul   chris : not that good for your health to eat creme brulee every 2nd day ;-)
09:32 chris  lucky i was only there for 2 weeks :)
09:33 paul   chris : 3 patches in your mailbox.
09:33 chris  pain au chocolat in the morning, creme brulee at night
09:34 chris  cool ill go look
09:36 chris  cool nice patches, ive pushed them up to the RM repo
09:36 chris  so when kados wakes up ;)
09:40 paul   the france => NZ => US workflow is not timezone optimized...
09:42 chris  :)
09:42 chris  means there is always someone working :)
09:42 chris  http://www.wellingtonnz.com/RestaurantsAndShopping/Restaurants/Bordeaux+Bakery/Bordeaux+Bakery.htm
09:42 chris  best pain au chocolat in wellington
09:43 chris  ahh new caledonia is close
09:43 paul   the main NC library (bernheim) moves to Koha
09:43 chris  very cool
09:43 paul   with most the small ones. Could be the 1st "Koha country" ;-)
09:43 chris  soon the whole pacific, so far its the cook islands
09:43 chris  samoa
09:43 chris  fiji
09:44 chris  and new caledonia
09:44 paul   chris, did you see : http://www.mediathequeouestprovence.fr/
09:44 paul   ?
09:44 paul   (click on "catalogue & ressources")
09:45 paul   same in french as in english...
09:45 chris  ohhh cool
09:46 chris  nice and fast
09:46 chris  6 books about maori :)
09:46 chris  thats very cool paul
09:47 paul   (not from me at all)
09:47 chris  tell bruno and arnaud congratulations on a great site when you see them
09:49 chris  its very fast, all the way to new zealand
09:50 chris  so must be super fast there
09:54 chris  ok, i think bedtime for me, have a good day paul
09:54 paul   bye & good day
09:54 paul   bye & good night
09:56 masonj yes, the new koha looks stunning
09:56 rach   v nce paul
09:56 paul   hello rach & masonj
09:56 masonj heya rach :)
09:57 rach   hi ya
09:58 rach   ah finally ben is asleep
09:58 paul   rach : our daylight change in in 3 weeks...
09:59 rach   somehow we have managed to get going to bed at old time combined with getting up at new time :-(
09:59 rach   which makes the night seem v short
10:00 rach   it just changed last weekend
10:00 rach   ah but finally si has managed to get ben to sleep so now I can head off
10:00 paul   sweet night
10:01 rach   have a good day :-)