Time  Nick     Message
12:41 kados    mornin owen
12:41 owen     Hi
12:41 owen     Sorry I disappeared yesterday afternoon in the middle of our conversation
12:42 kados    no worries, I'm not sure I even remember the topic
12:42 kados    something to do with layout maybe?
12:42 kados    header or some such
12:55 slef     chris: http://blog.bigballofwax.co.nz/typo/public/xml/rss20/feed.xml?q=blog/xml/rss20/feed.xml code 500
12:55 slef     someone tell him when he wakes, if I've gone, please ;-)
13:10 kados    hey toins
13:10 kados    toins: long time no see
13:10 toins    hello kados
13:10 toins    how are you ?
13:11 kados    not bad
13:27 cm       morning, kados
13:28 cm       i'm still trying to figure out the title search problem if you've got a mo.
13:28 kados    sure
13:29 cm       wanna see some log messages?  I enabled the warns for query & federated query in search.pm.
13:32 cm       loading results at /usr/local/koha/opac/cgi-bin/search line 168., referer: http://catalog.ccfls.org/search?idx=ti&q=maskerade
13:32 cm       QUERY:rk=( Title-cover,ext,r1=maskerade or Title-series,ext,r2=maskerade or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,startswithnt,st-word,r3=maskerade #) or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,phr,r6=maskerade)) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Search.pm line 3407., referer: http://catalog.ccfls.org/search?idx=ti&q=maskerade
13:32 cm        FEDERATED QUERY:ti= maskerade at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Search.pm line 3409., referer: http://catalog.ccfls.org/search?idx=ti&q=maskerade
13:32 kados    hmmm
13:32 kados    and you said author is working?
13:32 kados    what's an author query look like?
13:33 slef     bbl
13:33 cm       yeah, and series, etc. too.
13:34 cm       QUERY:rk=( au,ext,r1=pratchett or au,phr,r3=pratchett or au,rt,wrd,r3=pratchett) at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Search.pm line 3407.,
13:34 cm       FEDERATED QUERY:au= pratchett at /usr/local/koha/intranet/modules/C4/Search.pm line 3409
13:35 cm       so what kind of queries are these?
13:35 kados    QUERY:rk=( Title-cover,ext,r1=maskerade or Title-series,ext,r2=maskerade or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,phr,r6=maskerade)) not Suppress=1 at /koha/intranet/modules/C4/Search.pm line 3407.
13:35 kados    that's what NPL's query looks like
13:35 kados    so ignore the Suppres=1 bit
13:36 cm       only the last 'or' part looks different from mine.
13:37 cm       i found the part in the code (i think in search.pm) where the query ranking is configured;
13:37 cm       i tried some of the other ones that were there, no luck.
13:37 cm       what version of zebra is npl using?
13:38 kados    2.0.12
13:38 cm       this just started after I updated to the latest versions of zebra & yaz.
13:38 kados    QUERY:rk=( Title-cover,ext,r1=maskerade or Title-series,ext,r2=maskerade or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,phr,r6=maskerade)) not S
13:38 kados    uppress=1
13:38 kados    QUERY:rk=( Title-cover,ext,r1=maskerade or Title-series,ext,r2=maskerade or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,startswithnt,st-word,r3=
13:38 kados    maskerade #) or (title-sort-az=0 or Title-cover,phr,r6=maskerade))
13:38 kados    that's a pretty big difference actually
13:38 kados    in those two queries
13:39 kados    I think as of zebra 2.0.something, the r3=
13:39 kados    maskerade #)
13:39 kados    part is obsolete
13:39 cm       the second query is npl's, right?
13:39 kados    don't think so
13:39 kados    nope
13:39 cm       oh, you're right.
13:40 cm       i can try commenting out the r3 one.
13:40 kados    yea
13:41 cm       bingo!
13:41 cm       thanks!
13:42 kados    cool
13:42 cm       :D
13:42 kados    easy peasy :-)
13:42 cm       easy for you!
13:44 cm       glad i've got your brain to pick.  :)
13:45 kados    :)
14:06 kados    morning foxnorth
14:07 foxnorth hey kados- just responding to your email :)
14:07 foxnorth i like your context highlighting idea
14:07 kados    cool
14:07 kados    yea, it just came to me while I was looking at the way it's done now
14:08 hdl      kados: how does your federated search work ?
14:08 kados    ain't that always the way?
14:08 kados    hdl: you mean masterkey?
14:08 hdl      what do you mean masterkey ?
14:09 kados    hdl: which federated search are you asking about?
14:09 kados    liblime.com/products/masterkey
14:10 hdl      I thought cm asked about federated search on devweek. I tried to make it work on rel_3 but had to little time.
14:10 hdl      This is why I asked.
14:10 kados    ahh, I missed that question
14:11 kados    the fed search works using the zoom api just fine
14:11 kados    needs a bit of cleanup for display and configuration
14:11 kados    probably a couple days programming
14:11 kados    but I don't have any clients who've needed it yet :-)
14:11 kados    or at least, none who are willing to sponsor it :-)
14:12 hdl      I have One... which would like to contribute... early 2008
16:30 thd      ryan: ping
17:43 ryan     hi thd
17:43 ryan     you're on my list for today :)
18:24 thd      thanks ryan
11:25 slef     chris: about?
11:25 slef     paul: enjoy the rugby?