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13:03 kados   paul: around?
13:03 paul    hi kados.
13:03 kados   hiya
13:03 kados   paul: chris is here in athens
13:03 paul    no, i'm with my 2 caledonian students
13:03 kados   paul: we finished migrating koha to git
13:03 kados   paul: git.koha.org
13:04 kados   and wrote some docs:
13:04 kados   http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=en:development:git_usage
13:04 paul    (hdl is around, & will probably be more available)
13:04 kados   (cool)
13:04 kados   hdl: hi :-)
13:04 hdl     hi hdl
13:10 chris   morning
13:15 owen    Hi guys
13:15 kados   morning owen
13:16 chris   hiya owen
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18:38 slef    /names
18:38 [K]     *** #koha@FreeNode names: darcilicious rangi [K]
18:59 chris   hey slef
19:56 slef    chris?
19:56 dewey   rumour has it chris is now too
19:57 chris   just saying hi :)
19:58 slef    hi
19:58 dewey   hola, slef
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02:46 CGI268  hello?
02:46 dewey   hello is anyone here
02:46 masonj  me!
02:46 masonj  i am!
02:46 CGI268  three of us?
02:47 masonj  whats up cgi?
02:47 CGI268  I'm thinking about installing Koha.
02:47 CGI268  What's up with you, masonj?
02:47 masonj  im fiddling with a reserves report
02:48 masonj  learning tricky sql joins
02:48 masonj  left and right joins...
02:48 CGI268  I have a lot of newbie questions.  I should probably look through the email list archive.
02:49 masonj  yeah, no probs, there are a few newbie guides/pages about
02:49 CGI268  Like I think our version of Debian is older than what's mentioned in the Koha documentation.
02:50 CGI268  I suppose I should research my questions before bothering you, unless it's an easy answer.
02:50 masonj  hmm,  how old? :)
02:51 masonj  yeah, just have a go, then when u get stuck, jump back on
02:51 CGI268  uname -a:  Linux harley 2.6.8-2-386 #1 Tue Aug 16 12:46:35 UTC 2005 i686 GNU/Linux
02:51 CGI268  are people always on here?
02:52 masonj  yep, the developers have their irc clients always in the #koha channel
02:54 CGI268  I think the Koha installation documents are only for Debian 3.0 and 3.1, but ours seems to be 2.6?
02:55 masonj  the 2.6 from yr uname is the kernel version , i think
02:55 masonj  try a 'cat /etc/debian_version'
02:55 CGI268  okay, thanks
02:56 CGI268  Thanks you very much!  It's 3.1.
02:56 CGI268  whew
02:56 masonj  cool, thats not so old :)
02:57 CGI268  I guess it's like the Fedora Core number and the kernel version are different?
02:57 CGI268  Thank you for pointing that out, and for the helpful info!
02:57 masonj  yeah, exactly
02:57 CGI268  Okay, well I'll be back again with more dumb newbie questions.
02:58 CGI268  Much luck with your SQL queries.
02:58 masonj  lol, ill need 'em
03:05 CGI268  bye
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05:30 CGI971  hello?
05:30 dewey   hello is anyone here
05:31 masonj_ heya cgi :)
05:31 CGI971  Hey Mason, are you up for another question?
05:31 masonj_ a quickie, im about to shoot off
05:32 masonj_ hit me
05:32 CGI971  Okay, I am following Joshua Ferraro's install manual for Fedora Core 1, 2, 3
05:32 masonj_ uhuh...
05:32 CGI971  So I just installed Yaz
05:32 CGI971  Which was for FC3, yaz-2.1.8-1 etc
05:32 masonj_ u are running debian?
05:33 CGI971  Then I try to install the remaining Perl modules
05:33 CGI971  I'm on Redhat Fedora Core 3 now.
05:33 masonj_ aah
05:33 masonj_ im a bit rusty on redhat
05:33 CGI971  so the perl -MCPAN -e 'install Event' goes fine
05:33 masonj_ right
05:33 CGI971  but then I'm trying the next Perl module, Net::Z3950
05:33 CGI971  this gives an error
05:34 masonj_ right , ive been thru this a few times too :)
05:34 CGI971  ZOOM-Perl requires at least version 2.1.50 of Yaz but you only have version 2.1.8
05:34 CGI971  So I see in the YAZ repository that 2.1.50 is in the FC5 directory
05:35 CGI971  Well, I think this won't work well with FC3, but I try it any way
05:35 CGI971  Okay, so back to installing YAZ, this time 2.1.50-1
05:35 CGI971  (of FC5)
05:35 CGI971  but now it says "Failed dependencies"
05:35 masonj_ right, a workaround is to grab yaz from indexdata's ftp site
05:35 CGI971  libc.so.6, libcrypto.so.6, libssl.so.6
05:36 CGI971  What should I do?
05:36 masonj_ gimme a tic...
05:36 CGI971  Does this mean I need to upgrade to Fedora Core 5?
05:36 masonj_ probably not
05:37 CGI971  Hmmm?
05:37 masonj_ http://ftp.indexdata.dk/pub/yaz/redhat/
05:37 CGI971  Yes, that's where I found it.
05:38 CGI971  In fact, I have that open in another browser window.
05:38 masonj_ right , but fc3 , only has yaz.2.1.8 tho...
05:39 CGI971  Where are you located, masonj?
05:39 CGI971  I hope it is not getting into the wee hours for you.
05:39 masonj_ new zealand
05:39 masonj_ nah, 6pm here
05:40 CGI971  It is about 10:45 pm here, Monday night.
05:40 CGI971  I'm glad it's not late there.
05:40 masonj_ hmm, so have you tried grabbing a yaz*rpm from fc5, and installing that?
05:40 CGI971  Are you stuck, too?
05:40 CGI971  Do you think I should post this on the email list?
05:41 masonj_ nah, the wireless here has started playing up, and my vi/ssh sessions are lagging like crazy
05:41 CGI971  I downloaded yaz...2.1.50-1 from fc5, because the error message said I needed at least 2.1.50.
05:42 CGI971  But this causes other incompatibilities.
05:42 CGI971  Yesterday I did a complete yum update (yum is the package/rpm manager for Fedora)
05:42 CGI971  So everything is the latest for FC3
05:42 masonj_ yeah, it can be a little bit of a dependancy dance
05:43 CGI971  So the files that yaz needs are probably beyond FC3
05:43 CGI971  and might mess things up if I install them
05:43 masonj_ well, i guess the simple answer is upgrade to fc4
05:43 CGI971  I mean other dependencies might break or something.
05:44 CGI971  Well FC4 is an idea.
05:44 CGI971  Do you know what Fedora Core most people are using with Koha?
05:44 masonj_ hmm, no  idea actually, most of the developers use debian
05:45 CGI971  That's what we have at work, but I wanted to try it at home, and my boss loaned me a Linux machine with FC3 on it.
05:45 CGI971  I read that Koha was developed using Debian.
05:46 masonj_ well, looks like they are up to fc6, so fc3 is kinda old
05:47 masonj_ june 2005
05:47 masonj_ set up a debian box, or a newer fedora
05:48 masonj_ and save yourself some pain
05:48 CGI971  I've seen stuff about FC7, but it says something about 64-bit.  So I didn't know if it would work with this old computer.
05:49 CGI971  Do you know if "64-bit" depends on the CPU or the memory bus or some other hardware?
05:50 CGI971  Or can any machine run a 64-bit operating system?
05:51 CGI971  If I upgrade to FC4, do you think it will leave the data partitions in place (like with all of my boss's personal data in his home directory?)
05:51 CGI971  Now I'm hitting you with all these questions.  I'm sorry.  You probably need to be elsewhere.
05:51 masonj_ lets put it this way......
05:52 CGI971  ...yes?
05:52 masonj_ u currently know waaaaaay more about fedora than i do :)
05:52 CGI971  I never used it except yesterday and one other day.
05:53 CGI971  But running "yum update"'s for 9 hours yesterday was a bit of an education.
05:53 masonj_ ah, i take that back
05:53 masonj_ ow
05:53 CGI971  not how you usually want to spend your Sunday
05:54 CGI971  especially if I upgrade and have to do it again or several more times
05:55 masonj_ yeah, but if your boss doesnt mind,  try putting debian on the box
05:55 masonj_ looks like the net is back on over here...
05:55 CGI971  Do you think that would leave the data partition, like home directories, in tact?
05:56 masonj_ yeah, if you set it up that way during  the deb install
05:57 CGI971  Well, I think that would work if they were previous Debian home directories, but I wonder if it will work when crossing over from Fedora to Debian.
05:58 masonj_ just tell the deb partition manager to leave alone the current fc3 /home partition
05:58 CGI971  okay, I will try that if I do it.
05:58 masonj_ which might not leave u much space :), but hey...
06:00 CGI971  well, if you subscribe to the koha mailing lists, you'll see my dumb newbie questions unleashed on the whole world soon
06:00 CGI971  Thank you for all your help, MasonJ, and have a good evening!
06:00 masonj_ http://ftp.indexdata.dk/pub/yaz/yaz-2.1.50.tar.gz
06:00 masonj_ u can always just grab that, and try compilling it manually too
06:01 masonj_ lots of people have done yaz setups that way, with good success
06:01 CGI971  one odd thing is that if I do a "locate libc.so" I find /lib/i686/libc.so.6
06:01 CGI971  and some others, but the message is
06:01 CGI971  libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.4) is needed by yaz-2.1.50-1.i386
06:02 CGI971  So I don't know what the (GLIBC_2.4) means, or why it doesn't like the libc.so.6's I already have
06:02 CGI971  Do you know?
06:03 masonj_ hmmm, nah i dont
06:03 CGI971  I will see if I can copy and paste this transcript into my email list post.
06:03 CGI971  parts of it - not the whole thing
06:04 masonj_ i guess the newer versions of yaz , need a newer libc
06:04 CGI971  I don't know how to compile it manually.  Does it have a make file?  Or do you run "configure"?
06:04 masonj_ but im not sure why it doesnt like your libc
06:05 masonj_ there will be a nice README in the yaz tar , that will tell u all that
06:07 CGI971  Okay, well I'll try it.  Will it matter that it came from the yaz directory instead of the fc3 directory?
06:07 masonj_ not really
06:07 masonj_ cd into the yaz dir
06:08 masonj_ ./configure
06:08 masonj_ make
06:08 CGI971  Yep, I see it!
06:08 masonj_ make install (as root)
06:08 masonj_ thats about it,
06:08 CGI971  I have to get up tomorrow at 6 o'clock - that leaves me 7 hours of sleep, so I better go.
06:09 CGI971  Thank you, masonj, for all your patience and help!  I really appreciate it.  I will work on it some more tomorrow.
06:09 CGI971  Have a good night!
06:09 masonj_ yep, you too
11:33 Brooke  howdy
11:33 Brooke  bonjour paul, henri