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12:15 martinmorris_ hello, I half asked this a little while ago and people weren't sure - how can I set up "see also" references in my koha catalogue?  (if I can at all?)
12:34 paul          hi martinmorris_ : the answer or your question is in framework parameters
12:34 martinmorris_ the biblio framework?
12:37 kados         morning martinmorris, jaron ... afternoon paul
12:37 martinmorris  hello kados
12:38 kados         martinmorris: you need to set up authorities and in your biblio framework, link a given field to an authority type
12:38 martinmorris  right, i've been doing that
12:38 martinmorris  and the authority has other names for that author, so any search under those other names should work?
12:38 kados         yep
12:38 martinmorris  fair enough
12:39 kados         I'm not sure if by default every author search will do an authority search, that might be something you'll have to customize in the template
12:39 jaron         hello, martinmorris, kados
12:39 martinmorris  hello jaron :)
12:40 martinmorris  ah, well if it doesn't do that search I'd have no idea how to customise it so that may have to wait :)
12:42 kados         so paul_ ... chris will arrive tomorrow morning US time
12:43 kados         paul_: do you want to coordinate a meeting with chris, hdl, you, ryan and I (and any other dev that wants)?
12:43 kados         chris will be here for two weeks and I want to focus our energy on 3.0
12:47 paul          kados : i'm OK, but not before 5PM (paris, GMT+2) : for 2 weeks i have 2 "students" from new caledonia
12:47 paul          (the llargest caledonian libraries moves to Koha)
12:48 paul          (the llargest caledonian library moves to Koha)
12:48 kados         cool
12:56 martinmorris  just to say that author searches don't appear to do authority searches, in answer to what you were wondering earlier kados
12:56 martinmorris  would that be a modification to search.pl?
13:19 kados         martinmorris: see if your author links on a detail page do an authorities search
13:19 martinmorris  sorry what do you mean?
13:19 martinmorris  being a bit dense here!
13:19 kados         go to a detail page
13:19 kados         for one of your records
13:19 kados         and click on the author link
13:20 kados         see if it does an authority search or a bib search
13:20 martinmorris  ah OK hold on
13:21 martinmorris  by the detail page you mean the MARC view?
13:21 martinmorris  there's an Auth button next to the author's name
13:21 martinmorris  100$a
13:22 martinmorris  when i click on that button it goes to the detailed view of the authority
13:22 kados         not the MARC view
13:22 martinmorris  ah OK...
13:22 martinmorris  the brief display which has the author's name as a hyperlink?
13:22 kados         yep
13:23 martinmorris  clicking on that seems to do a search of biblios
13:23 kados         there may be a syspref for changing that
13:24 kados         ahh
13:24 martinmorris  ...?
13:24 kados         Disable_Dictionary
13:24 kados         in the OPAC tab
13:24 martinmorris  ah, OK
13:24 kados         try flipping that switch to off
13:24 kados         you should get a new 'authoritiy headings search' in opac-main when you do that
13:25 martinmorris  it's already set to 'no'
13:25 kados         which can give you some hints on how to do a name authority search
13:25 kados         http://opac.liblime.com/cgi-bin/koha/opac-main.pl
13:25 kados         so see the 'Authorities Headings Search'?
13:25 martinmorris  yes, I get that
13:25 kados         cool
13:25 kados         so that's how you do an authorities search :-)
13:25 martinmorris  but i was wondering if i could just type in the pseudonym in the intranet catalog search button
13:25 kados         take a look at that form
13:26 martinmorris  ok
13:26 kados         if you look at the 'Anywhere' 'contains' line, that'll be the one you want
13:26 kados         and restrict to Personal Name
13:26 kados         man, this stuff is so much easier in 3.0 it's not funny
13:27 martinmorris  fair enough - i take it that's not due for a while though?
13:27 kados         september I hope
13:27 kados         we'll see how the next two weeks go
13:27 martinmorris  ooh, that soon
13:27 kados         we've been overwhelmed with new development work
13:28 kados         so working on the release has been really hard to prioritize
13:28 martinmorris  well i'm no developer but i used to do lots of documentation - let me know if I can help
13:28 kados         sweet, much appreciated
13:28 martinmorris  np
13:28 kados         I'll be sending a mail out tomorrow
13:28 kados         about our schedule for the next two weeks
13:28 martinmorris  ok
13:29 kados         chris is coming to the US, and ryan and I have cleared our plates so we can focus on the release and other 3.0ish stuff
13:29 martinmorris  well good luck to you
13:30 martinmorris  i've been very impressed with it so far
13:30 martinmorris  and so is our honorary librarian
13:30 kados         excellent
15:35 jkimilu       hi! I'm trying to migrat
15:35 jkimilu       e my library to koha
15:36 jkimilu       I was wondering how does one generate patron barcodes
20:20 martinmorris  Hello
20:20 martinmorris  is there a way of undeleting a marc record i've nuked by mistake?
20:21 martinmorris  i know there's a deleted MARC table in the database
20:28 owen          martinmorris: I don't think there's an automated way to do it
20:28 martinmorris  fair enough, it was easy to reenter, i just wondered
20:32 jaron         martinmorris: I've gotten in the habit of saving lots of backups and each time I work exporting all the MARC records to file.
20:33 martinmorris  that's what i normally do, but this was only one record so it wasn't an urgent thing :)
21:18 martinmorris  is there somewhere that keeps archive of conversations on here?
21:18 martinmorris  i'm trying to find the answer to a problem i was helped with before :)
21:28 jaron         http://koha.org/cgi-bin/logs.pl
21:53 martinmorris  marvellous TA
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