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12:22 kados        morning #koha
12:22 jaron        morning, kados
12:23 kados        hiya
12:23 kados        bout time for some coffee ... I'll bbiab
13:16 hdl          morning kados
13:16 hdl          morning owen
13:46 martinmorris hello, whoever's there got a question about fuzzy searching in the intranet and catalogue
13:58 martinmorris well, if anybody sees this, i have, for example, an author 'Petőfi, Sándor' and i'd like users to be able to search under just 'Petofi' without knowing about the accent on the 'o' - any ideas?
14:00 jaron        martinmorris: this is an issue I've encountered as well, but never had a chance to investigate.
14:00 martinmorris fair enough jaron (hello btw)
14:01 jaron        let me know if you discover anything.
14:01 martinmorris will do :)
14:01 jaron        it'd be nice to have those characters indexed by their latin1 counterparts without the diacritics
14:01 martinmorris definitely
14:02 jaron        I'm sure it's possible but unsure if something like that would be worked into 2.2. I wonder if zebra can handle this better?
14:02 owen         I know the developers have discussed this issue before, but I'm not sure what the current status is
14:03 jaron        owen: yeah, it's not trivial to implement for sure.
14:04 martinmorris i'm tempted to automatically put something in 700$a without the accents for each case, but it's not idea by any means
14:05 jaron        it looks like for zebra you can create a huge mapping file string.chr which would do this.
14:05 martinmorris that's good
14:05 martinmorris brb
14:11 jaron        martinmorris: see: http://www.indexdata.com/zebra/doc/character-map-files.tkl
14:12 jaron        what you want may be possible with the zebra index without changing your records.
14:14 jaron        If you were to change your records now to include latin1 characters for indexing you may see if there's something in the MARC standard for that. I doubt it though. Otherwise you might choose a local field in the 9XX range and then change your MARC framework to also search that field.
14:15 jaron        1XX and 7XX should either be the authorized form or if there is no authority file the form as it appears on the piece.
14:35 hdl          jaron : you are not far from the solution.
14:35 hdl          But you would have to reindex after changing the character map file.
14:36 jaron        hdl: you're talking zebra?
14:36 hdl          btw, zebra and rel30 is supposed to use utf8 and not latin1.
14:36 hdl          jaron : quite
14:37 jaron        hdl: of course utf8 but there's overlap with the ascii (or whatever) set.
14:37 hdl          not for accented characters
14:37 hdl          afaik
14:38 jaron        hdl: yes, but what martinmorris wants would map characters from accented characters to non-accented ones
14:38 jaron        the one problem I see is that there's more than one way to normalize diacritics in utf8
14:38 jaron        composed and decomposed
14:39 jaron        the MARC21 standard seems to want decomposed characters to make the round trip back to MARC-8 more possible.
14:41 jaron        and I haven't looked at character mapping in zebra enough to know how it would handle that.
14:41 jaron        hdl: but it's good to know I was on the right track :)
14:43 hdl          owen : how do you manage your opac home page for athens ?
14:44 owen         What in particular?
14:44 owen         Much of it is done by customizing the OpacMainUserBlock system preference
14:45 owen         I have to edit the template directly to get the right-hand sidebar extras in there.
14:48 toins        perhaps a npl specific one ?
14:48 owen         It's dev-week specific
14:49 owen         If there's no updatedatabase for dev-week then it may not be in there by default
14:50 hdl          and we didnot install devweek in france.
14:51 owen         Yeah, dev-week is pretty much a dead-end I think
14:53 owen         I think it's great to be able to manage that area of the OPAC with whatever content I want
14:53 owen         It's much more flexible and library-friendly than trying to fill that space with hard-coded OPAC stuff
14:59 hdl          I am OK with this feature.
14:59 hdl          But I would like to port it to opac rel_3_0
15:00 hdl          Is it easiliy understandable and is the use easy for a librarian ?
15:00 owen         No :)
15:00 owen         It's just a textarea for pasting HTML markup
15:01 owen         I suppose you could use something like TinyMCE or FCKEditor to make it a more usable
15:03 owen         There are a few instances now of system preferences which expect HTML markup as input, it might not be a bad idea
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18:10 owen         kados around?
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23:04 jamesa       greetings martin
23:06 martinmorris hi jamesa
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05:01 darcilicious ooooh.
05:11 chris        yeah k relays from/to freenode