Time  Nick         Message
12:00 kados        paul: about 2.2.10, do you know which features need to be committed to default templates?
12:00 kados        for rel_2_2?
12:01 paul         if I don't miss things : barcode printing, serials (corporate) improvements are the main features added to rel_2_2
12:01 kados        ok
12:02 kados        I will ask Mason to fix those next Koha Project Day
12:02 kados        also, we have had quite a few people add translations to translate.koha.org
12:02 paul         mmm... add holidays /calendar management
12:02 kados        ok
12:03 paul         I think that's all for the major features. But there are a lot of other small bugfixes all around the code
12:03 kados        I will update all the translation files on translate.koha.org when mason is done and ask for people to finish their translations
12:03 mason        hi guys
12:03 kados        then we can release 2.2.10 with support for many languages and a few bugfixes/features
12:04 kados        hey mason
12:04 kados        you're up late! :-)
12:04 paul         hi mason
12:04 mason        hey paul, long time no chat
12:04 mason        hows ala going josh?
12:05 kados        went well, it's over now :-)
12:05 mason        ah, yesterday was the last day?
12:06 kados        yup
12:07 mason        ive got a new irc client, and it started flashing!
12:07 kados        hehe
12:07 mason        when someone mentioned my name i guess
12:07 mason        now thats a feature
13:53 kados        hey owen
13:53 owen         Hey kados. Still in D.C.?
13:53 kados        yea
13:54 kados        taking today off actually!
13:54 kados        just popping by to check email, etc.
13:54 kados        cool
13:54 owen         Did you go to the Koha users meeting?
13:55 kados        I planned to, but got stuck in another meeting :(
13:56 kados        just CCFLS and the Guggenheim showed up I think :(
13:56 kados        not many koha libraries use go to ala
13:57 owen         Yeah, I think it wasn't the best choice of venue. Hopefully there can be a rotating location
13:57 kados        plus, it was about 2 miles from the exhibit hall
13:58 kados        so kinda complicated to get too
13:58 kados        I think next time it should be inside the conference hall
14:01 owen         Are we still a go for the Friday meeting?
14:02 kados        yep
14:02 kados        I'm coming back home this evening
14:03 kados        ok, well I'm gonna wander off
14:03 kados        nice chatting, see you Fri
14:04 paul         bye kados
17:08 martinmorris hello got an other newbie questino here - i'm editing a marc record and it appears to have three 245$a's which are mandatory - can't see how to delete two of them
17:08 martinmorris it's also got three 300$a's
17:09 martinmorris do i need to hack teh database?
01:44 angela       guys are you still using kea for Koha?
01:45 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> for the www.koha.org website?
01:46 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> if so, then yep, for another month or 2
01:47 rach         I don't think we have that as a kea login addy
01:47 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> who what where?
01:47 kados        hey rach
01:47 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> koha2.edit.katipo.co.nz <--- www.koha.org
01:48 kados        rach: we're still using Kea, but planning to start loading content into a plone system asap
01:48 kados        rach: should have that finished up and ready to launch in a month or two :)
01:57 rach         cool - will leave chris on the notices list then for the kea upgrade
01:58 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> cool thanks
02:03 rach         chris - is [K] you? weird having your mail address come up when you talk - was what made me think you were saying that was the login addy
02:04 rach         well your freenode username not your e-mail
02:04 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> yeah, K is a bot that is relaying me typing from freenode
02:04 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> im just trying it out
02:04 rach         confused this bear of little brain :-)
02:04 [K]          <rangi@FreeNode> :)
11:18 Fallor       hello
11:18 dewey        que tal, Fallor