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00:57 dbs   yeah -- need to get a good feel for the 3.0 release so just trying to absorb as much as possible over the next month or two
00:56 kados dbs: Moving the IRC channel to freenode ;-)
00:56 kados dbs: note the third to the last item :-)
00:56 kados hehe
00:56 dbs   managed to get the katipo.co.nz hostname set up in kopete :)
00:56 kados http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=meetingnotes07jun18
00:55 kados dbs: you gonna join our dev meeting on June 18th?
00:55 dbs   Heya kados
00:43 kados dbs: fancy seeing you here :-)
00:43 kados hey dbs
00:42 kados we need a mision statement