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15:40 Mitch any ideas chris told me to check the pearl error log but I could not find it in windows usr koha dir
15:36 Mitch Even though it is in the items on loan in the Patrons account
15:36 Mitch On the user side it says nothing has been checked out
15:34 Mitch and the librian return it into the system
15:33 Mitch I am not sure how to do that if it is possible I would prefer to have them reserve then the librarian issue it
15:32 Mitch Do you mean have the user check out the book remotely and dissable the reserve?
15:31 Mitch I am not sure everything with reserve work out perfectly you can see in both on user side and admin
15:31 paul  you can issue a book without reserve. does that work fine ?
15:30 Mitch ?
15:30 paul  an issue without reserve works fine ?
15:29 Mitch for the first sentence
15:29 Mitch I ment the patron can reserve book
15:29 paul  wow... strange...
15:29 Mitch Thats the story if you need any clarification please ask
15:28 Mitch The patron can check out book.  I then can issue the book to the patron but the book neither shows up on the patrons screen as issued nor in the issued section however in the patron area when you click there name I can see the book in the Items on loan area.
15:28 rch_  i thought he committed some of it... maybe not
15:27 paul  when will we have a chance to have yui member commit ?
15:26 dewey it has been said that the latter is quite interesting since their collection could start with koha
15:26 rch_  paul: the latter
15:26 paul  rch_: where is kados atm ? away again, or just over-overloaded ?
15:26 paul  throw your question, we will see if we can help
15:25 paul  why with him specificaly ?
15:25 Mitch can wither of youhelp me
15:25 Mitch with him
15:25 Mitch I was trying to solve a problem with my Koha 2.2.7 for windows
15:25 Mitch sup
15:25 rch_  (hi Mitch )
15:25 paul  USD100 that chris is sleeping ;-)
15:25 rch_  this should fix the current serials problems, and add the routing feature if the item-reserve syspref would be set.
15:24 Mitch chirs are you here
15:24 rch_  sure
15:23 paul  so, it could be interesting to point that there are some new features
15:23 Mitch sup guys
15:23 paul  i've seen that most libraries don't read release notes.
15:23 paul  no, in savannah it's ok, but i was wondering how to manage official releases.
15:22 rch_  but of course we worry about drifting too far from stock rel_2_2
15:22 rch_  well, if need be, we can maintain this on our local repository,
15:22 rch_  right
15:21 paul  because there are a lot of new features in rel_2_2, that will lower stability, not be useful for all libraries, ... but maybe we should speak of that on koha-devel...
15:21 rch_  it is gaining more features...
15:20 rch_  but yes, should be useful for 3_0 as well.
15:19 rch_  but haven't looked at 3_0 yet... the serials management in 22 is the driving force.
15:18 rch_  well, useful first for rel_2_2,
15:18 paul  ???
15:17 rch_  not sure, since we'd have to manage sanop's -- right.
15:17 paul  right, that's the way SANOP did in 3.0
15:17 paul  a systempreference useful in 3.0, or just for 2.2 ?
15:17 rch_  so using the itemnumber already in reserves table, we can reserve a specific item.
15:16 rch_  just a few code additions, all wrapped in a system preference, so no change to functionality unless the user wants it.
15:15 rch_  talked with chris about the serials problem, and he came up with a nice solution
15:14 rch_  as long as the new code is better than the old code :)
15:14 rch_  rewriting is good, right? :)
15:12 rch_  'evening
15:11 paul  'morning
15:11 paul  yep
15:11 rch_  paul: around?