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09:42 slef  hi rach
20:58 slef  quiet today
19:59 slef  bbi60+
19:54 slef  hi all ;-)
19:54 slef  chris: "non-ajax commenting is disabled" says your blog.  Would you *please* put that on a page that I see before I waste my time typing a comment?
19:25 paul  you should be able to do it.
19:25 rch_  is this possible?
19:25 rch_  i want to reserve item 4.
19:25 rch_  so for biblio A, if item 1 is available, and items 2,3,4 are on issue,
19:23 paul  - all items are unavailable
19:23 paul  - there is 1 available item & X unavailable
19:23 paul  in fact, you must consider 2 cases :
19:23 paul  mmm... yes, of course
19:22 rch_  can you reserve an item that is on loan now?
19:22 rch_  work for available items,
19:22 rch_  so item-level reserves in rel 3 ...
19:21 paul_ even if my connection seems tired...
19:21 paul_ yep
19:21 rch_  paul_: are you still up?
19:08 kados I'll try to resolve it today
19:07 owen  Thanks kados
19:07 kados owen: sure, I'd be happy to
19:07 owen  kados: I'm wondering if you could check this out in short order or should I email the sender about trying to fix it based on the changes in dev_week?
19:03 kados ahh, could be
19:03 owen  Yeah... I remember we worked on it in dev_week. I'm thinking it didn't get fixed in rel_2_2 ?
19:03 paul  hi kados
19:03 paul  hi aka
19:03 kados hi paul
19:03 kados I remember that one, I thought it was fixed in 2.2.8
19:03 kados the $1.00 charge error
19:03 kados ahh, I see
19:02 owen  Did you see the message to the Koha list a few days ago about reserve fees?
19:01 owen  Hi kados
19:01 kados hey owen
18:46 owen  Lookin' for rch_ or kados
18:21 kyle  ok
18:21 cm    i have an example up in my office if you want to see.
18:20 cm    i think the scrub script might be choking on the records with duplicate barcodes.
18:20 kyle  yeah
18:20 cm    kyle, are you around?
18:12 cm    s/realize/realized
18:12 cm    took me a while to realized what i was looking for.
18:11 cm    actually, on second look, the data for 090c seems to be there.
18:07 cm    ok.
18:06 rch_  yes, i think so.  you can also just add a line to update_items.
18:05 cm    there's a script to patch missing 090's, isn't there?  i thought i remembered seeing it.
18:04 cm    we've finally set an official migration date--May 21!
18:04 cm    i need to clean out our db and do another test upload again anyway.
18:03 rch_  basically just run through all your biblios and add an 090 if it's missing.
18:02 rch_  should fix on import.
18:02 rch_  and z3950 search.pl
18:02 cm    ok.
18:02 rch_  yes- recent commits to breeding.pm
18:02 cm    yeah, i was just looking into that.
18:02 rch_  but you'll have to run through your existing data and make sure you've got the 090's
18:02 cm    you mean for 090?
18:01 rch_  cm: the problem should be fixed as far as new data goes
17:55 cm    can you make it optional to check for duplicate barcodes while you're at it?  :D
17:54 kados rch_: we shuould port the rel_2_2 fix to dev_week asap
17:54 cm    i thought bulkmarcimport was supposed to fix that.
17:54 cm    yeah, there's no 090.
17:42 rch_  we were having some problems with this when importing marc8 records.
17:41 cm    ok, I'll check.
17:41 rch_  cm check to see if you lost your biblionumber 090 field in biblioitems.marc
17:39 cm    they seem to get deleted from the db but some don't get deleted from the zebra index
17:39 cm    we're trying to get our script that deletes biblios without items attached to work.
17:38 cm     message: error:  224 ES: immediate execution failed
17:38 cm    anybody here know what this zebra error means?
17:36 cm    i'll probably apply them at some point.
17:35 cm    hi rch.  yeah, I saw them.
16:53 owen  I would think so
16:50 hdl   OK. Can there be discounts for some borrower cats?
16:50 owen  It's something to ask chris--I suspect it might be something that originated in NZ
16:50 owen  hdl, I think some libraries charge for certain types of materials
16:49 hdl   Are there libraries that have a pay for rent ?
16:41 rch_  i've never seen it outside the table definition.
16:39 hdl   And I donot know what it is used for.
16:39 hdl   It is now in issuingrules.
16:38 hdl   rch_: paul : does anyone know where rentaldiscount comes from ?
16:08 rch_  he removed C4::Calendar::Calendar and kept C4::Calendar .
16:07 rch_  hi cm - did you see all those dev_week commits by mason on calendar?
15:59 paul  thanks (in french we spell it transfert)
15:59 owen  yes, Transfer is the right word
15:55 paul  and we have a branchtransfer table in Koha
15:54 paul  (because of a reserve for example)
15:54 paul  when you move a book from a branch to another
15:54 owen  Transfer, I'm assuming.
15:53 paul  so what word should we use ?
15:53 owen  hi paul :)
15:53 paul  hi owen.
15:53 owen  transfert is not an English word
15:50 paul  rch_: a quick question : do you spell transfer or transfert in english ?
15:45 rch_  which are not so scary :)
15:45 rch_  there may be other ways
15:44 rch_  okay, i understand your concerns.  will discuss late today what we need to do on our end, and present some more ideas tomorrow
15:43 paul  however i'm open to speak of this, let me know what/how you intend to do this.
15:42 paul  rch_: i'm not sure i'm OK to add item-level reserves. but i'm not sure kados will agree if I say no ;-)
15:40 rch_  and to coordinate with bob (still at katipo), who did much of the routing commits
15:40 rch_  we plan to discuss with chris & mason late today a more specific plan -
15:35 rch_  so it is okay for rel_2_2 RM to add item-level reserves ?
15:33 paul  and having both in koha will be a great +.
15:32 rch_  yes, we need a star.
15:32 rch_  ah, i see - the circle and the star.
15:32 paul  circle routing list : each user gives the issue to the next "issuer", and in the ILS we don't know where is the item.
15:31 rch_  surely :)
15:31 paul  mine is from far simple to code ;-)
15:31 paul  in french, it's called "circle routing list" (mine) vs "star routing list" (your's)
15:31 paul  when an issue arrives, print a paper, with the user list, and let's start routing.
15:30 paul  which is really different of the other routing method i've added to head :
15:30 rch_  the routing module takes a list of users and automatically places a reserve on a new issue of a serial when it arrives.
15:29 paul  what kind of routing ? (could you explain what you need functionnaly)
15:29 rch_  so we need the routing to work on rel_2_2
15:29 rch_  s/use/us/
15:28 rch_  yes, i see this - for use, though, we need a fast solution.
15:27 paul  (I already told to kados, and I know he disagree with me)
15:27 paul  mmm... /me think you're spending too much time on feature improvement for 2.2 ...
15:26 rch_  yes- we are committed to heavily testing
15:25 paul  (i'm afraid)
15:25 paul  wow... that will be a huge stuff...
15:25 rch_  without which, the serials routing bit just doesn't really work.
15:25 rch_  I think it may require the added feature of item-level reserves.
15:24 rch_  so we will be looking to fix these problems-
15:11 paul  that makes around 100 commits (mainly those of bob, waylon & mason)
15:11 paul  commits since dec, 19 are not in 2.2.8, except for the bugfix ones.
15:10 rch_  i have no checked out 2.2.8
15:09 paul  or i made a mistake somewhere...
15:09 paul  not on 2.2.8
15:09 hdl   + using claimdate.
15:09 hdl   Asking sometimes for a routing table.
15:09 hdl   paul : unfortunately, on rel_2_2, there are things abour RoutingList.
15:09 paul  that's one of the reason I didn't wanted to release 2.2.8 from rel_2_2. : I did some tests, and founded some problems with routing & improved subscription management
15:08 paul  rch_: on 2.2.8, there is nothing for serial routing, as it is based on 2.2.7, that did not have it yet.
15:08 rch_  and have a safe upgrade path.
15:07 rch_  so we are going to try to sort this out this week, and get rel_2_2 serials working
15:06 rch_  right- i think the commits changed some functionality without thinking about anyone who was already using serials
15:03 hdl   Since when modifying an existing subscription would delete any exisiting serial name in serial table.
15:03 rch_  they put the item/issue info at biblioitem level.
15:03 hdl   But that bug I fixed is really a huge one.
15:02 rch_  for the routing module.
15:02 rch_  i think the katipo commits on it do not abide by 1-1 biblio-biblioitems
15:02 hdl   Ok.
15:02 rch_  hdl: no.  i just wanted to tell you that we're working on it, so we both don't fix bugs in different ways :)
15:00 hdl   rch_: is this bug fix which cause a problem ?
14:57 rch_  yes, we've found some problems with it, and are trying to resolve this week.
14:56 paul  (at least CRI)
14:56 paul  BLO bugfix if i don't mind
14:55 paul  right.
14:55 rch_  paul: i see hdl committed some bugfixes to serials
14:53 rch_  never tried it, but looks like more fun than by hand
14:53 rch_  http://www.openqa.org/selenium/
14:51 paul  I use 2 differents browsers to help, but that's still a nightmare...
14:50 paul  login as B, issue, logout, login as A, reserve, logout, login as A ...
14:50 paul  it's a nightmare to test...
14:50 rch_  hey paul
14:49 paul  hello rch_/ryan
14:49 rch_  hi hdl
13:42 hdl   hi kyle
13:29 kyle  hey all