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14:54 kyle  hey all
14:55 paul  hey kyle
14:55 kyle  I have a question you may be able to answer
14:55 paul  throw it
14:56 kyle  I'm writing a perl script that will delete all biblios that have no items attached, I'm puting it in koha/utils as that seems an appropriate place for it to go,
14:56 paul  right
14:56 kyle  but when I run it, it can't locate the C4 perl modules
14:56 kyle  what should I do?
14:56 paul  it's a web based script ?
14:57 paul  or a command line one ?
14:57 kyle  I figure I'd attach it to a button somewhere in  koha AND have it run nightly as a cron job
14:57 paul  to run it as cron job, you need to EXPORT PERL5LIB=/path/to/koha
14:58 paul  (or perl -l /path/to/koha )
14:58 paul  ( and it's not koha/utils/ but koha/tools/ )
14:59 paul  I don't see how you'll be able to have a script running on command line AND on web interface.
14:59 paul  because to run on web interface, you need to have auth enabled.
14:59 paul  and on cron you can't/don't need it
15:00 kyle  I can have it check for a command line argument, and if it doesn't find it, output html
15:00 paul  OK
15:00 paul  don't forget some libraries also catalogate websites.
15:00 kyle  can you give me more detail?
15:00 paul  so you should be able to avoid removing some biblios even if they don't have any item attached
15:00 kyle  will this cause a problem with the script.
15:01 kyle  is there anything in the biblio that defines if it is a website link?
15:01 paul  for example, add a parameter to limit the script to a given itemtype
15:01 kyle  so websites have an itemtype of say 'WEB'
15:01 paul  for example
15:02 kyle  that shouldn't be hard to add, I can have it check command line and form variables for itemtypes to ignore.
15:05 kyle  I'm testing it and when I try to run DelBiblio I get a failure message for each one: 224 ES: immediate execuation failed.
15:06 kyle  nevermind, I typed a var wrong.
15:07 kyle  now I'm getting: Undefined subroutine &C4::Search::itemissues called at C4/Biblio.pm line 440.
15:07 kyle  I probably just have to include C4::Search in my script.
15:08 kyle  fixed that, now I'm getting: DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'lcsort' in 'field list' at C4/Biblio.pm line 2320.
15:08 kyle  I'm just having all kinds of fun ; )
15:08 paul  lcsort... I think it's a LibLime column ;-)
15:08 kyle  should I fix it?
15:11 kyle  I suppose all I have to do is add the column lcsort to my deleteedbiblioitems table
15:17 kyle  paul: assuming this script is only run from the command line, where should I put it?
15:17 paul  koha/misc/cronjobs
15:18 kyle  thanks.
18:00 kyle  I finished the script, it's call scrub_orphaned_biblios.pl and is in /misc in dev_week
23:29 chris kyle you about?