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18:54 owen  You too
18:54 kados have a good weekend
18:54 kados will do
18:54 owen  Time for me to head out. Talk to me again about this stuff next week if you get time
18:50 kados and a few js libraries
18:50 kados it's basically just a bunch of divs with some classes
18:50 kados well the layouts are amazingly simple to create
18:49 owen  :) How so?
18:46 kados so this actually is starting to make sense
18:44 kados http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/examples/grids/example_doc3.html
18:44 kados basically this I guess:
18:44 owen  Yeah, that's what we've got with the OPAC now--a fixed left column.
18:43 kados yea, and the fact that unless you increase the text size the left-hand bar is always the same size
18:42 owen  Are you thinking of the minimum width setting on the central content area?
18:41 kados with what NPL's intranet does
18:41 kados compare the resizing behavior when you make your browser narrow
18:41 kados http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/grids/
18:41 kados here's an example
18:40 kados yea
18:40 owen  can -> can't
18:40 owen  Sites with fixed designs wich lots of text content often bother me because I can re-size the text and still get a comfortable layout
18:40 kados the parts that I usually find work well fixed are things like sidebars
18:40 kados yea
18:40 owen  Koha is a special beast since it's not strictly a "reading" kind of site, so there is that.
18:39 owen  I'd love to see examples of where you think a fixed design is working better than a fluid one.
18:38 kados though I have to say, I'm warming up to fixed width designs :-)
18:38 kados yea
18:38 owen  Last time I checked out the YUI CSS layouts they were fixed-width only. Looks like there's a little more flexibility now
18:33 kados I'm guessing
18:33 kados we could probably pick three or four layout designs to cover the whole intrnaet
18:32 kados maybe we should start with some layout ideas
18:32 kados http://developer.yahoo.com/yui/grids/builder/
18:31 owen  I think you have to be careful with navigation like that not to reduce the 'target zone' for clicks.
18:26 owen  I'm not opposed to the idea of having javascript-driven expanding menus, but I'm not personally a fan of the folder file metaphor for navigation
18:17 kados owen: what do you think about the idea of having a folder->file view for the sidebar in the intranet?
18:12 owen  That doesn't sound good.
18:10 kados looking at the source, it's interesting, because there's nothing particularly sematically correct about it :-)
18:06 kados as well
18:06 kados like the feed viewer 2
18:06 kados and the back button works, that's what amazes me
18:03 kados we'd own with some of these features :-)
18:03 kados talk about web 2.0
18:03 owen  Yeah, there's a lot of neat stuff there.
18:02 kados ohhh, the Layouts one is nice too
18:00 kados combines various types of tabs into one
18:00 kados check out the slick TabPanel example
17:58 kados I bet the librarians would go nuts for that
17:58 kados I love that you can hide the sidebar
17:58 kados that's a great example of well designed UI, plus it's docs on YUI at the same time :-)
17:57 kados http://www.yui-ext.com/deploy/yui-ext/docs/
17:57 owen  Yeah, I'm still here. In and out.
17:49 kados owen: back? :-)
12:27 kados morning owen