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11:43 Lea   anyone know how to restrict the Biblio edit view to speed it up? I'm thinking delete unused tags. Is this correct?
11:44 kados Lea: yep
11:44 kados Lea: better to make them hidden though
11:44 kados Lea: so when you import records they won't be dropped
12:18 rch   hi hdl
12:19 hdl   hi rch
12:19 rch   a question about install sql...
12:19 rch   you have directory named french
12:19 rch   should that be 'fr'?
12:20 rch   the installer seems to want to see 'fr'.
12:20 rch   sql-datas/lang/level ...
12:21 rch   (i am adding en (or english)) but not sure which
12:28 Lea   kados: Thanks. Can you give me a ping when you get back? Thanks.
12:30 kados Lea: ping
12:41 kados hdl: you there?
12:41 hdl   yes
12:41 kados hdl: we're wondering about the directory naming conventions for the sql-datas
12:42 kados hdl: the installer seems to require 'fr', but the dir name is 'french'
12:42 kados hdl: should we move 'french' to 'fr' and create an 'en'?
12:43 hdl   I removed french directory to use only fr one.
12:44 Lea   hi kados. Quick Question: I'm importing data and will be creating 650a records for Subjects. Is there a way in the item view to list pre-defined subjects to avoid creating multiple subjects such as Science,science,sCience etc and how will that affect the import? Thanks! :D
12:44 kados hdl: did you commit that? because we only see 'french'
12:44 hdl   Maybe you didnot update ?
12:44 hdl   Yes I committed.
12:44 Lea   *Biblio view
12:44 rch   ah, ok.  must not have updated
12:44 kados hdl: I just did:
12:44 kados cvs update -d
12:44 kados and no fr dir
12:45 kados Lea: you'll need to set up authorities
12:45 hdl   on 05-01-2007
12:45 kados Lea: lemme find a reference for you
12:45 Lea   ah ok. I've heard of them :)
12:45 kados Lea: http://www.kohadocs.org/usersguide/
12:46 kados Lea: it's a fairly complex process unfortunately
12:46 Lea   i never knew that was there... :( embarrasing
12:46 hdl   french is empty for me
12:46 kados Lea: and you'd have to run a script to populate them in your system, and the script would need to be customized for the fields you need
12:46 kados hdl: I suspect we have a CVS problem
12:46 kados hdl: because we don't find 'fr' and we see a populated 'french'
12:47 kados we also see ukranian
12:47 kados ukrainian I mean
12:47 kados and english as well
12:47 Lea   I dont mind scripting as long as I know what's going where. There is only a few sentances on authorities there. Any other links?
12:48 kados Lea: check the other docs on kohadocs.org
12:48 kados Lea: the script you'll need to modify is called 'bulkauthimport.pl' and it's in the misc dir
12:49 kados hdl: can you see what happens if you check out a fresh rel_3_0?
12:49 kados hdl: see if sql-datas has 'french' or 'fr'?
12:51 kyle  hey all
12:51 kados hdl: http://cvs.savannah.nongnu.org/viewcvs/koha/misc/sql-datas/?root=koha&only_with_tag=rel_3_0
12:51 kados hdl: even on web CVS it's english, french, ukrainian
12:51 kados hi kyle
12:51 kados kyle: what's up?
12:52 kados also, I recommend naming conventions as follows for sub dirs:
12:52 kados mandatory
12:52 kados optional
12:52 hdl   kados: i just checked and there is only french directory.
12:52 kados recommended
12:52 kados hdl: ?!?!
12:52 kados hdl: weird
12:52 hdl   SURE.
12:52 kados hdl: last night we only had french, this morning we have english and ukrainian as well
12:53 hdl   I DID commit fr
12:53 kados can you check your CVS/Entries file
12:53 kados make sure it's tagged as rel_3_0?
12:54 kados oosp, I mean Tag file
12:54 hdl   yes it is
12:54 kados CVS/Tag
12:54 kyle  Here's the deal: When issuing items to patrons, if the patron has *any* fine, circ always asks if you really want to issue the item to this patron, we would like to add a preference that would be a threshhold for *not* asking. That is, if the patron has less then say $5 in fines, the system will just issue the item instead of asking.
12:54 kados kyle: yea, that makes sense
12:54 rch   kyle: i added this for a current client.
12:54 hdl   Trel_3_0
12:55 rch   i'll commit shortly
12:55 hdl   in fr
12:55 kyle  rch, that great!
12:55 kados kyle: just for org purposes, could you file a feature request on bugzilla?
12:55 kyle  but for which version, we're using dev_week.
12:55 kados kyle: we'll commit it for dev_week
12:55 rch   kyle: yes, dev_week
12:55 dewey i heard dev_week was rel_2_2 with zebra ... ie, same API as rel_2_2
12:56 hdl   in Entries
12:56 kyle  fantastic. rch++ kados++
12:56 hdl   /authorites_norme_unimarc.sql/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /authorites_norme_unimarc.txt/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /framework_DEFAULT.sql/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /framework_DEFAULT.txt/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /stopwords.sql/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /stopwords.txt/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /unimarc_standard_systemprefs.sql/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   /unimarc_standard_systemprefs.txt/ Jan  5 20:38:51 2007//Trel_3_0
12:56 hdl   
12:56 kyle  kados: I'll file that feature request on bugzilla.
12:56 kados maybe cvs update -d gets all directories for all tags?
12:58 kados kyle: thx
12:59 kados hdl: so can you re-commit fr?
12:59 kados hdl: by all accounts it's not in the repository
12:59 kados hdl: even if I agree that savannah cvs is acting strange for me too
13:00 hdl   I tried. But my system pretends that it is already on savannah.
13:00 kados hdl: maybe the prob was that you kept fr/CVS that was CVS for 'french'?
13:00 kados try rm -rf fr/CVS
13:00 kados cvs add fr ?
13:00 kados maybe
13:00 kados wow, that's weird
13:02 kados hdl: want me to try to add 'fr'?
13:02 rch   kyle: actually, looks like i already committed
13:02 rch   just add the systempreference: confirmissuescharge
13:03 kados rch: could you update updatedatabse if it's not already?
13:03 rch   yeah, hadn't added to updatedatabase.
13:03 kados rch: and make sure that gets added to rel_2_2 and whether it's suitable for rel_3_0?
13:03 rch   i'll do so.
13:03 kados woot
13:05 hdl   yes pleas
13:06 kados hdl: weird
13:06 kados hdl: I'm having trouble committing 'fr'
13:06 kados > cvs commit fr
13:06 kados cvs commit: Examining fr
13:06 kados >
13:06 kados that's it
13:09 kados hdl: I have a mail from Koha-cvs
13:11 hdl   you didnot commit on rel_3_0
13:11 kados ?
13:11 kados yes, it's rel_3_0, fresh checkout!
13:12 kados hdl: what do you mean?
13:12 hdl   no tag rel_3_0.
13:12 hdl   on your commit
13:13 kados here's what I did:
13:13 kados cvs -z3 -d:ext:kados@cvs.savannah.nongnu.org:/sources/koha co -r rel_3_0 koha
13:13 kados  cd koha/misc/sql-datas/
13:13 kados mkdir fr
13:13 kados cvs add fr
13:13 kados cvs commit fr
13:13 hdl   ok.
13:14 rch   cat CVS/Tag ?
13:14 hdl   directories have no rel_ tags.
13:14 kados but when I do a fresh check out 'fr' still doesn't appear
13:14 kados maybe because it's empty?
13:15 kados now cvs update -d shows 'fr'
13:15 kados hdl: can you add fr stuff to fr dir for cvs?
13:17 kados ok, here's what I think is happening
13:17 kados 1. empty directories won't show up in cvs check out
13:18 kados 2. cvs update -d gets all directories for all tags, empty ones included
13:19 kados so we need to move forward on this
13:19 hdl   I shall do it
13:19 kados what's the next step?
13:20 kados rch: can you create an 'en' dir in cvs, and add the stuff you worked on?
13:20 hdl   create required recommended dirs
13:20 rch   yep
13:20 kados I suggest mandatory|optional|recommended
13:20 kados hdl: you ok with that naming convention?
13:20 hdl   and create sql and txt fileds to put in them
13:20 hdl   Yes.
13:21 kados hdl: you will create, or I will create?
13:21 hdl   Anyway, it is based on the directory name.
13:21 hdl   Create.
13:21 hdl   I have a kde configuration problem to solve atm
13:22 kados rch: what files should be in those dirs?
13:22 kados nevermind, I'll just check the 'french' dir
13:24 kados rch: ok, I just committed the 'fr' dir
13:25 kados rch: with contents from 'french'
13:25 kados and mandatory|optional|recommended naming conventions on the subdirs
13:26 kados now I"ll remove french/*
13:30 kados excellent
13:30 kados now a check out just has 'fr' dir
13:30 kados no 'french'
13:30 rch   kyle: cvs update updater/updatedatabase  admin/systempreferences.pl  C4/Circulation/Circ2.pm
13:51 kyle  rch: thanks.
14:08 Lea   cheers guys. See you son
17:48 hdl   hi again
05:14 js    hi
06:13 Lea   morning