Time  Nick   Message
05:18 toins  hello
05:11 btoumi hi all
05:11 hdl    hi
05:08 _paul  rachel: are you around ?
22:01 pecisk I found it now
22:01 pecisk ahhh, I see
21:38 chris  at the library of congress site
21:38 chris  you could check the MARC specs to see what tag it is
21:36 pecisk well, it is DCC
21:34 chris  its 942k
21:34 chris  tab 5
21:33 chris  for MARC21
21:32 chris  but by default
21:32 chris  you can set up the framework and chose which tab you want it on
21:32 chris  well thats controllable by you
21:31 pecisk Universal Decimal Classification
21:31 pecisk sorry, UDC
21:31 mason  whats UDK?
21:30 pecisk hi guys, where in that large MARC list is UDK hidden when I add book?