Time  Nick     Message
14:28 hdl      kados : did you try to enable xpath and to search for a subfield ?
16:29 kados    hdl: no, I haven't
16:29 kados    hdl: but I think tumer did
16:32 tumer[A] what did tumer do?
16:32 tumer[A] some good i hope
16:32 kados    hehe
16:33 kados    didn't you figure out how to do xpath searches?
16:33 tumer[A] the latest zebra manual explains it easily
16:34 tumer[A] if you enable xpath (which is slow) than you can do xpath searches
16:39 thd      tumer[A]: do you not mean slow for indexing but fast for searching?
19:01 tnb      toins: hi :) How are you?
05:09 btoumi   hi all
08:15 paul     hello world.
08:15 paul     does someone know where I could find the koha egg (version 2006)
09:48 hdl      paul : http://www.koha.org/community/resources/
09:48 hdl      hope you found it.
10:01 paul     hdl: no, those are v1 logos. I'm looking for the new version ones