Time  Nick    Message
11:49 kados   paul_: are you here?
11:50 kados   paul_: rch and I created some enhancements to acquisitions
11:50 kados   paul_: the main one being more fields for item adding, and support for multiple items when acquiring an item
11:51 kados   (it uses javascript for duplication and auto-increments the count)
11:51 kados   it's committed to dev_week, you might want to port it to rel_3 if it's interesting for SAN
11:51 kados   I can give you access to a demo if you ask
12:05 paul    hello kados. the "true" paul is paul, not paul_ ;-)
12:05 paul    fine, thanks. I'll investigate, but anyway, SANOP don't use acquisitions (they'll sponsor a major new acqui module this year)
12:25 thd     kados: where can I see the multiple items adding demo?
12:26 kyle    hey all
12:27 thd     hello kyle
12:46 thd     kyle: are you still present?
15:19 kyle    thd: I'm here.
15:39 thd     kyle:  I am back again
15:39 thd     kyle: I wanted to ask you about the extensions manager
15:40 thd     kyle: what is the name of the project under which the extensions manager was originally developed?
15:40 thd     kyle: kados said that it was not a formal part of Koha because it had an independent existence
15:58 thd     logbot: did you know that you have an internal server error?
16:50 thd     johnb: are you there?
18:12 rach    thd - your mail address isn't working
18:13 thd     rach: really, I read your reply just now and was going to thank you
18:13 rach    weird
18:13 thd     rach: but please tell me what you experienced because I have been having some mail problems recently
18:14 rach    am just pasting into a private message window
18:14 rach    so as not to bore everyone else with it :-)
18:15 chris   yep i got a bounce too
18:15 chris   does your mail try to forward to 2 accounts?
18:34 tnb     chris: hi :)
18:34 tnb     how's that baby?
18:35 chris   doing good
18:36 chris   http://photos.bigballofwax.co.nz/gallery2/v/kahurangi/DSC02446.JPG.html
18:36 tnb     cool, i'll look :)
18:37 tnb     ha! What a cutie :)
18:37 chris   thats his serious face
18:37 tnb     looks like he's pondering how to fix a Koha bug ;)
18:37 tnb     Is he sleeping through the night yet?
18:38 chris   mostly, usually around 6 hours at night
18:38 chris   well for the last 4 nights anyway
18:38 tnb     that's pretty good
18:38 chris   yep, im not complaining
18:39 chris   hes getting his immunisation shots today, so i expect he'll be pretty grumpy after that
18:40 tnb     ugh :(  My mom had to trick me into getting shots even when I was older
18:40 tnb     *tnb doesn't like needles
18:40 chris   yeah im not a huge fan
18:41 tnb     my sister likes to watch the blood flow into the tube when she getws blood taken, which creeps me out
18:41 tnb     :?
18:41 chris   hehe
18:41 chris   that is kinda creepy
18:41 tnb     I'm brave with acupuncture needles though :)
18:42 chris   are you going to seattle too?
18:43 chris   oh and i like the too many hats ad :-)
18:44 tnb     ha! thanks
18:45 tnb     i've had that one tucked away for awhile, but wasn't sure about it.  Didn't know if the expression was common enough
18:45 tnb     i won't be going to Seattle
18:45 tnb     someone has to hold down the fort ;)
18:45 tnb     I'm kinda disappointed, I've never been to Seattle and would like to check it out
18:46 chris   its a nice place
18:46 tnb     home of the X-Files :)
18:46 chris   :)
18:46 chris   hopefully lots of ppl will make appointments, enough so that you can get another trip out there :)
18:47 tnb     yeah, that would be cool.  we are still trying to make it to Portland
18:47 tnb     business obligations keep interfering with vacation plans :)
18:47 chris   oregon rules
18:48 tnb     that's what I've heard
18:48 chris   if you get a chance, head out to the coast, to places like astoria
18:48 tnb     I plan to ;)  I haven't been to a coast in a while
18:49 shedges /leave
18:50 chris   http://photos.bigballofwax.co.nz/gallery2/v/2004/usa2004/album29/album31/DSC01325.jpg.html
18:52 tnb     oh, wow.  Wish I was there.
18:53 tnb     though, this has been a frighteningly nice Ohio winter so far.  Guess we have global warming to thank for that.
18:53 chris   yeah, meanwhile we had the coldest december in 60 years here
18:53 chris   the weather is all over the place
18:54 chris   http://photos.bigballofwax.co.nz/gallery2/v/2003/sounds/dsc00406.jpg.html
18:54 chris   (some nz coast)
18:54 tnb     hey chris, I am working on a Koha article for NewsForge and
18:54 tnb     I see there are some UK companies listed on teh koha.org support page
18:55 tnb     do you know if they are still actively supporting koha, or have clients?
18:55 chris   good question, i think slef still is
18:55 tnb     slef?
18:55 tnb     I see SAAS...
18:55 chris   which is turo technology
18:56 tnb     ah
18:56 tnb     ok
18:56 tnb     thanks
18:56 chris   SAAS is australia .. i think they still are
22:59 Tobin   Getting Koha to run on a shared web-host is tricky...
05:10 btoumi  hi all
06:50 js      hello
10:13 kados   morning all
10:13 paul    hi kados
10:13 kados   paul: do you know 'passini'?
10:13 paul    yep, it's helene, from sanop
10:13 paul    -)
10:13 kados   requested membership on savannah
10:13 kados   ahh, a programmer?
10:13 paul    i already validated it
10:13 kados   cool
10:13 kados   just checking
10:14 paul    she's the woman that worked on data migration for SANOP
10:14 kados   excellent
10:14 paul    you can speak to her, as she's here.
10:14 kados   hi hpassini
10:14 kados   great to have you on the dev team :-)