Time  Nick          Message
10:32 owen          paul: thanks for your input on the virtual shelves
06:04 paul          kados sleeping or around ?
05:30 dewey         que tal, js
05:30 js            hello
05:01 btoumi        hi all
03:52 rch           libxml2 and libxslt ?
03:28 mohameimran82 these modules are present...
03:14 rch           and possibly libxslt if it isn't included in those
03:13 mohameimran82 ill just check
03:13 rch           have you installed expat and libxml fedora packages?
03:12 dewey         hi mohameimran82 is using fc6 and trying to install koha 2.2.7 on it
03:12 rch           hi mohameimran82
03:11 mohameimran82  ...........
03:11 mohameimran82 make: *** [blib/arch/auto/Net/Z3950/ZOOM/ZOOM.so] Error 1
03:11 mohameimran82 collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
03:11 mohameimran82 /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lexslt
03:10 mohameimran82 i get the following error
03:10 mohameimran82 when i run this command perl -MCPAN -e 'install "ZOOM"'
03:10 mohameimran82 hi i am using fc6 and trying to install koha 2.2.7 on it
19:28 mason1        ello
18:25 owen          I don't find the item numbers in our deleteditems table in the case that I examined, but I wonder if our deleteditems data is accurate...I seem to recall a bug we encountered in that department.
18:19 chris         itd be good if on the intranet, it showed the itemnumbers for the blank ones, then you could check the deleteditems table, to find out what they were maybe
18:18 chris         right
18:17 owen          Except that it looks like deletions work via itemnumber (since there's no other primary key available)
18:16 chris         so you can clean up
18:16 chris         wonder if thats just a template thing? .. i guess you want them to display on the intranet .. but with some way to remove them
18:15 owen          The OPAC seems to be smart enough not to display the blank entries, but not the intranet
18:15 chris         yeah, that certainly sounds plausible
18:13 owen          I've seen a lot of virtual shelves with blank entries, and I'm wondering if they're due to items having been deleted since being added to a virtual shelf.
18:13 chris         nope, cant think why its done that way
18:12 chris         altho, when you view it it just shows the biblio anyway
18:12 chris         i cant think of any reason why ... other than perhaps they wanted only a certain type/format
18:12 chris         its a good question
18:10 owen          Anyone know why virtual shelves store things by itemnumber rather than biblionumber?
14:24 paul          yep
14:23 btoumi        paul:  it's a system preference to record the title u want
14:23 kados         (true)
14:22 paul          (with mod_perl, i'm sure it's faster even)
14:22 paul          right.
14:22 kados         :-)
14:22 paul          i don't think splitting a perl systempref is slower than reading X lines from mySQL
14:22 kados         syspref is easier for the library to understand how to set up also
14:22 paul          BorrowersTitles being a list of avaialble titles for the library : M,Mme,Mlle,Docteur
14:22 kados         paul: a syspref is slower to read because it must be parsed in perl as well, whereas a read from mysql is quite fast ... but either way it's OK
14:21 btoumi        paul : a systeme preference to have french title or english title
14:19 paul          btoumi: you understood what i explained here, or planned to have a systempref just to choose between french & english titles ?
14:19 paul          I mean, it contains the list of title separated by commas, and a split builds the array, for the template.
14:19 paul          kados: why do we need a table ? A systempref is enough.
14:16 kados         so a library can define for themselves what are approapriate values
14:16 kados         for SaultationTitle
14:15 kados         IMO it would even be better to have a new table
14:01 btoumi        yes not type
14:00 paul          BorrowersTitles being the best ;)
14:00 paul          BorrowersTitle would be better
13:59 btoumi        sure : borrowerstype for examples
13:58 paul          not only in french probably ;-)
13:58 paul          (because even in french, christian libraries, for exemple, will be happy to add "Father", "Sister"... and research libraries will add "Prof."...)
13:57 paul          btoumi : probably a good candidate for a systempref...
13:56 btoumi        and commit kados :
13:53 btoumi        i will change on cvs
13:53 btoumi        kados right we forget to change
13:53 kados         paul: cool
13:53 kados         btoumi: when adding a member, the 'Mr., Mrs.' salutation titles
13:52 paul          I just wrote a small script for OPAC, showing books by popularity. It does not rely on zebra, and the patron can select 1 branch only, 1 itemtype only, 3/6/12 months acquisitions only
13:52 btoumi        same for me , can u tell me where do u find some french ? perhaps we forget
13:51 kados         good, and you>?
13:51 btoumi        how are u kados
13:51 kados         paul: but I didn't have time
13:51 kados         paul: yes, ideally
13:50 kados         hi btoumi
13:46 btoumi        kados are u around?
13:33 paul          shouldn't it be related to sum(all items of this biblio) ?
13:33 paul          melm 952$s popularity means it's related to items.
13:33 paul          kados : about popularity, a quick question :
13:04 hdl           toins : http://www.pilgrimhall.org/ThanxProc2000.htm for the latest GW Bush proclamation of Thx Giving...
13:01 hdl           yea.
13:00 owen          http://www.plimoth.org/visit/what/ or something similar
12:58 hdl           (There is/was... ( 10years ago ) a living museum near Boston very interesting...
12:57 hdl           was it not for the first pilgrims to Thanks Lord for their arrival on this new ground ?
12:57 owen          Yes
12:55 hdl           Traditional dish is the turkey isn't it ?
12:42 owen          Thanksgiving is a very carnivorous holiday, so vegetarians may feel left out of the traditional festivities.
12:34 owen          Hi paul
12:34 paul          hi owen
12:32 owen          (And: the Quadruple Bypass Burger: http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2-2006510748,00.html)
12:31 owen          It's origins are technically Christian, but it's now non-denominational.
12:30 paul          kados : toins ask me if thanksgiving is a christian holiday ? I don't think, but you'll have the correct answer
12:29 paul          (it was in US, of course, but can't remember where exactly)
12:28 kados         wow
12:28 paul          they are crazy...
12:28 paul          really ? i've read somewhere that some fast-food just produced a new hamburger, called "heart break ham", with 8000 calories in just 1 hamburger !!!
12:27 paul          what do you (kados) eat for thanksgiving ?
12:26 kados         thanksgiving
12:25 paul          holiday ?
12:25 kados         (probably librarians are catching up after the holiday :-))
12:25 kados         yes, I'm at the office, and it's a slow monday for once
12:25 kados         :-)
12:25 kados         hi paul
12:19 paul          seems you're at office now, as you write mails ;-)
12:19 paul          hello kados