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18:52 rch  I think that's best.  standard, then opacnav.
18:52 owen The best I can do in generic terms is to put them in separate sequential divs
18:52 owen I don't know how to resolve the question of where to put the standard Koha navigation and the OpacNav variable without knowing about the design goals.
18:30 owen rch: Can I have access to the intranet interface so I can change opac system parameters?
18:27 owen Don't know. I haven't looked at HTML::Template::Pro yet
18:26 rch  same for H::T::Pro?
18:25 rch     </TMPL_LOOP>
18:25 rch        <TMPL_VAR KIND><TMPL_UNLESS __last__>, <TMPL_ELSE>.</TMPL_UNLESS>
18:25 rch        <TMPL_IF __last__> and </TMPL_IF>
18:25 rch  <TMPL_LOOP FRUIT>
18:25 rch  owen: use H::T;
18:14 owen Hang on, switching computers...
18:13 owen No, not old h::t.
18:12 rch  really?  i thought it auto set tmpl vars based on first, even, odd within a tmpl loop.
18:12 owen Not on its own
18:11 rch  but plain old h::t could do that.
18:11 rch  though it would be nice to move the even/odd table stuff into the template code
18:11 rch  for now, i think it's mostly speed.
18:10 owen I don't know yet what kind of wildcard that is in these discussions.
18:10 owen Have you looked into HTML::Template::Pro at all?
18:10 owen The new NPL (dev_week) opac was designed as much more of a standalone product in terms of its design
18:09 owen The original design attempted to integrate the opac navigation with an existing sidebar nav (NBBC is another good example of that)
18:08 owen In the new NPL opac that's certainly the case
18:06 rch  I think of the hardcoded nav menu and the opacnav as two distinct elements
18:06 rch  as it stands, preference->{opacnav} is an element of another list...
18:05 rch  the other question is the navigation.
18:05 rch  if we add an id to the body tags.
18:04 rch  then one could hide elements based per page in css
18:04 rch  i'd prefer a single masthead include
18:04 rch  one thing i'm not sure about is the includes....
18:04 rch  yeah... easier to fudge, and to update if we don't deviate too far from prog.
18:02 owen It always seems like there's something you have to fudge in the markup
18:02 owen Yeah, the prog templates weren't designed originally to be the end-all of templates, and I'm skeptical as well  that they can be
18:01 rch  for now, though, I thiink we can do most of what we need without too much change.
18:00 rch  I'd like to say all we should need is prog tmpls plus css, but I'm not convinced...
17:59 owen Naturally ;)
17:59 rch  :)
17:59 rch  and valid markup if possible
17:59 rch  mostly structure: a named div around each element plus class names.
17:56 owen Besides cleaning up the structure of the templates, are you interested in any particular style changes?
17:55 rch  rel_2_2 i'd say
17:39 owen Okay. Are the opac templates like rel_2_2, or like dev_week?
17:37 rch  owen: let me know when you get a chance to look it over
17:31 rch  ok...
17:27 rch  i'll set that up now
17:27 rch  no, just got in
17:26 owen Good...did you get my email?
17:26 rch  how goes it?
17:25 owen Hi
17:25 rch  hey owen
15:53 owen rch or kados, either of you guys around?