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18:31 enkidu        I'm changing one of our customers' itemnumbers. Everything went good when I change the itemnumbers in biblio ( in fact it should't allow to change the itemnumbers there without changing from the issues table) and hit the reference key when trying to change ones in the issues. I think relationship btw tables should be in reverse order? What do you think?
18:28 enkidu        Good night all!
15:35 reiveune      bye
14:36 JhonBib       thank you very much caroline, it is an approximation, I will continue investigating!
14:26 caroline      https://koha-community.org/manual/20.11/en/html/tools.html#marc-modification-templates
14:25 caroline      you can do a marc modification template to add the item and the status
14:25 JhonBib       thanks Caroline!, but can I do this from a marc file to import ? I don't want to do it record by record
14:21 caroline      You can add your "in process of purchase" in the NOT_LOAN authorized value category https://koha-community.org/manual/20.11/en/html/administration.html#authorized-values
14:20 caroline      if the not for loan is positive (>0) patrons won't be able to place holds
14:19 caroline      JhonBib: I think what you want is to add a not for loan status to your items
14:10 JhonBib       hello everyone. i prepared marc records to import to the acquisition module, but i would like that when looking for the record in the opac, this can be seen but that it cannot be reserved, and that there is a clarification of because, example "in process of purchase". someone did that? and how? thank you very much!
12:57 kidclamp      oleonard: I am about in a much less abstarct form this morning
12:03 huginn        tcohen: cait was last seen in #koha 17 hours and 15 seconds ago: <cait> that sounds great :)
12:03 tcohen        @seen cait
10:53 paxed         db admin could also do a trigger, but a plugin would be more user friendly
10:52 tcohen        paxed it would be a good addition
10:43 paxed         there seems to be after_biblio_action hook, but no corresponding before_biblio_action - is there a plugin way to do something (to the biblio) before it is added/edited?
10:26 tcohen        morning
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07:34 wahanui       what's up, reiveune
07:34 reiveune      hello
06:58 josef_moravec dcook: thanks for your comments, I am going to continue on that hopefoully at evening
06:57 josef_moravec dcook: today i didn't sleeep much it's true ;)
06:57 dcook         And on that note, I'm off :D
06:56 dcook         josef_moravec: Do you never sleep? :p
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