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22:37 dpk      We'll update that.
22:37 dpk      Thank you - Yes, that looks like an error on our test site.
22:37 rangi    so it points to the right site :)
22:37 rangi    so you might want to fix the opacbaseurl system preference too
22:37 rangi    https://catalogue.efdss.org/
22:37 rangi    if i click home i end up at
22:36 rangi    dpk: that takes you to a different site
22:36 dpk      Yes, this is the GUI.
22:36 dpk      Possibly a bug?
22:35 dpk      So OpacPublic is set to Disable.  Going to koha.randomnotes.org (our test system) gives a login page (so far so good), but if you then click on "Home" in the upper left corner, you get a search page.  Enter some text, and *Poof*, you get results.
22:35 cait     you are looking in the GUI, right?
22:33 cait     there shold only be one actually
22:33 cait     but read the text )
22:33 cait     i can't look it up right now
22:31 dpk      cait: so there are several - which one forces logins to be required.
22:15 cait     look for the opac public system preference
22:15 cait     yes
22:11 dpk      Is there a way to limit OPAC access to only logged in users?
18:53 Bob      even from admin the catalog is empty when i do a search... mayby I didn't enter de books properly ? I used Z39.50....*
18:40 Bob      I restated with "sudo service koha-common restart" but nothing changed
18:38 Bob      apparently is running, when I type  ps -def | grep zebra
18:38 tuxayo   https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/PackagesIndexDaemon
18:38 tuxayo   An installation via package should have the indexer daemon running by default.
18:36 tuxayo   (I think it's those)
18:36 tuxayo   Bob: can you check if processes with indexer or rebuild_zebra in the name are running?
18:31 Bob      How can I do that ?
17:46 ashimema You need to make sure both zebrasrv and the indexing Daemon are running
17:46 ashimema Presuming elastic.. as that is what comes out of the box
17:45 ashimema Are you using zebra or elastic?
17:41 Bob      Hi, I installed koha, set adm pass and add a few books, but when I try to consult the calalog without login, the query rsult is empty... any suggestion ?
17:35 ashimema We do our best ;)
17:34 ashimema I believe the restarts are part of the Debian process.. but they don't always work as expected
17:06 dpk      This may not have been necessary, and possibly just restarting Memcache and Plack might have resolved this in retrospect.  This really should be part of the debian install process.
17:05 dpk      Yes, its fixed now.  I followed resetting the version in System Preferences by restarting the caching daemons and re-running updatedatabase.pl.
16:47 Bob      is it the right place ?
16:47 Bob      I need some help on koha
16:46 Bob      Hi
16:46 wahanui  hey, Bob
16:46 Bob      Hello
16:46 Bob      Bonjour
11:23 cait     not sure about the missing field... but did you restart all the things after schema update?
11:22 cait     one thing to check: in your marc frameworks, make sure that the tag/subfield for biblionumber (usually 999c) are set to visible in the opac
11:22 cait     dpk: still around?
08:52 ashimema dpk ^
08:52 ashimema EFDSS, that's Cecil Sharp House isn't it.. when the current fun and games is over I should really get myself to a Ceilidh again
08:50 ashimema also.. have you restarted plack and memcached.. those two can occasionally cause problems that present like this
08:50 ashimema I'd run updatedatebase from the command line and redirect stdout and sterr to file
08:49 ashimema do you have the logs from the upgrade?
08:49 ashimema If they failed the first time they may well fail again
06:26 dpk      Fixed it.  MariaDB [koha_catalogue]> UPDATE systempreferences SET value=20.0500000 WHERE variable="Version";
06:07 dpk      It looks like some of the schema updates from updatedatabase.pl did not run or apply.  How can I force it ro run again from the DB version as of  I would prefer not to have to restore the database to do this.
02:39 dpk      Any ideas?
02:38 dpk      [2020/12/20 02:26:58] [WARN] DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Unknown column 'me.exclude_from_local_holds_priority' in 'field list' [for Statement "SELECT ...
02:38 dpk      ==> plack-intranet-error.log <==
02:38 dpk      and
02:37 dpk      Unknown column 'me.exclude_from_local_holds_priority' in 'field list' at /usr/share/koha/lib/Koha/Objects.p
02:37 dpk      Logs do not look happy.  Can share if there is an expert around, but we are getting lots of lines like:
02:36 dpk      Doug here supporting EFDSS in London.  Just got a report from users post upgrade to 20.11.00 (via debian packages) that displaying results of some searches is giving "Internal Server Error".