Time  Nick       Message
07:03 mtj        dcook_: i like your "koha-i18n" pkg idea 🎁
07:22 magnuse    \o/
07:22 reiveune   hello
07:22 wahanui    what's up, reiveune
07:30 fridolin   hi there
07:30 wahanui    niihau, fridolin
07:30 fridolin   wahanui: whats on your XMas list  ?
07:30 wahanui    i haven't a clue, fridolin
07:30 fridolin   good answer ;)
07:47 domm       hey, another beginner question: Is there Koha-native way to transfere all config (framework settings, l10n, user rights etc) between different instances (prod, stage, devs)?
07:49 magnuse    domm: not really, except for copying the relevant parts of the database
07:49 domm       we currently plan to have one authoritative instance (basically "prod"), but don't want to do all inital setup (and especially not ongoing maint work) by hand on multiple envs
07:49 domm       magnuse: ok
07:49 magnuse    marc frameworks can be exported and imported
07:50 magnuse    i think there is a script to export all the sysprefs
07:50 domm       where would I look for that?
07:50 magnuse    https://git.koha-community.org/Koha-community/Koha/src/branch/master/misc/admin/koha-preferences
07:51 magnuse    "koha-preferences - Get, set, dump and load Koha system preferences"
07:52 domm       thanks, that looks like a good starting point :-)
08:10 cait1      good morning #kolha
08:10 cait1      #koha
08:11 cait1      strange start :)
08:17 ashimema   mornin'
08:18 * cait1    waves
08:32 ashimema   did I miss cait1
08:37 cait       she just dedplicated
08:38 * ashimema is tired this morning
08:41 Joubu      Finnish people around? bug 27238
08:41 huginn     Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=27238 blocker, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Kohan koko signum
10:23 did        cait: will your patch also replace . , in text fields? it replaces anything passing isnumeric test, I think it's what excel is doing.
10:32 tcohen     morning
10:32 cait       did: thx!
10:32 ashimema   mornin' tcohen
10:32 cait       that was what I wanted to hear :)
10:32 * cait     waves at tcohen
10:33 tcohen     hi there
10:33 wahanui    hey, tcohen
10:36 cait       hmme or is the git site down?
10:38 Joubu      yes
10:41 cait       hm.
10:41 cait       ok
10:44 tcohen     everyone is still asleep at bws
11:59 tcohen     kidclamp++
16:02 kidclamp   fridolin: hah, no, I saw a problem I could solve and stopped reading, will check on that
16:07 reiveune   bye
16:13 fridolin   thanks a lot kidclamp
16:13 fridolin   should be ok with a JQeury :not:disabled
16:14 fridolin   https://api.jquery.com/disabled-selector/
16:14 fridolin   https://api.jquery.com/not-selector/
16:14 fridolin   id say
16:31 TonyS      Good Morning -- is anyone on that can help me figure out why I haven't heard anything about being added to the Koha list as a paid support?
16:43 ashimema   when did you request it TonyS
16:44 ashimema   and what's your email so I can track down the request
16:44 ashimema   very few people have the access to add companies..
16:44 ashimema   (I'm not one of them)
16:47 ashimema   ok.. found you
16:47 ashimema   well.. initially I'm not seeing a clear link anywhere on your site to koha-community.org
16:47 ashimema   that is one of the requirements for application to the list
16:49 ashimema   cait ^
18:13 oleonard   Anyone around who knows some Elasticsearch?
18:19 * oleonard gets results from opac-browse.pl but not from opac-search.pl.
18:19 oleonard   And opac-detail.pl gives me an error.
21:21 caroline   rangi around?
22:12 dcook_     I'm not the person anyone wants but good morning anyway heh
22:12 dcook      And thanks mtj :)