Time  Nick    Message
22:17 huginn` hayley: The operation succeeded.
22:17 hayley  @later tell wizzyrea hi liz! can you please make me a user on koha-community.org so I can belatedly post about 18.11.12 release?
19:56 cait    late... but still
19:56 cait    happy new year eythian
19:55 * cait  waves
19:28 rangi   sweet
19:28 eythian yeah, it should work out
19:28 rangi   but that at least gives us the weekend
19:27 rangi   ahh im at VALA from 10-14 feb
19:27 eythian also, hi
19:27 eythian rangi: fyi I'm going to be in Wellington from 13/02 to 18/02
19:18 rangi   mtj++
19:09 rangi   morning