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08:00 alex_a       Bonjour
08:00 wahanui      niihau, alex_a
09:59 cait         hm does soemoen know where xslt errors end up now?
10:41 ashimema[m]  Pass
10:42 ashimema[m]  I would expect to just see them in the error logs
10:43 cait         nope
10:43 cait         well not in koha-opac-err or koha-plack-err *shrug*
10:53 Joubu        cait: intranet-error.log maybe?
10:54 Joubu        I usually tail -f /var/log/koha/*/*.log and I am sure I do not miss anything :)
13:00 cait         hi Joubu :)
13:01 cait         Joubu: was testing hte opac side... but will check thx
13:02 cait         Joubu: both negative
13:02 cait         my xslt view dies... but no idea why
13:02 cait         makes troubleshooting it hard :(
13:15 tcohen       hola
13:16 tcohen       cait: shouldn't you use something like xsltproc to test against a sample record?
13:17 cait         tcohen: will that work with lots of inclused and the like?
13:17 cait         includes
13:17 cait         probably, i have never used xsltproc like that
13:17 cait         i am creating html... so the visual is also nice to see
13:19 cait         tcohen: but i guess it will help for trouble shooting, just trying something Joubu gave me
13:20 tcohen       cait:	of course a browser would be better :-D but if you want a reproducible way to test what explodes
13:20 Joubu        tcohen: the error are not warned and not propagated to the UI
13:21 tcohen       it would be a good idea to have a sample MARCXML with bells and whistles
13:21 Joubu        so it is lost
13:21 cait         it used to be in the logs
13:21 Joubu        it should warn by default yes
13:21 Joubu        here it's expecting DEBUG to be set
13:22 cait         ah ok
13:22 Joubu        but it's not debug messages here :)
13:28 cait         yes, errors would be helpful to always show
13:28 tcohen       Joubu: is the failure hidden by our new fallback to a simplified view?
13:29 cait         working on 18.11, i don't think it's there
13:29 cait         i just see blank
13:29 cait         unless blank is the simplified :)
13:30 Joubu        there is not fallback if the XSLT is broken
13:30 Joubu        no*
13:30 Joubu        what cait said...
13:33 cait         btw tcohen++ Joubu++ :)
13:34 Joubu        cait: would you open a bug report? :)
13:36 cait         xslt erros not in logs or something like that?
13:37 cait         bug 24313
13:37 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=24313 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , XSLT errors should show in the logs
16:07 wizzycray    hi
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17:29 iGNUjee[m]   I tried to build the koha doc in GitLab after getting the local copy. Tried make html, already got sphinx installed. Make failed :(
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