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23:12 Marie-Luce       have a lovely weekend all
16:42 liliputech_asu   have a nice one :)
16:41 liliputech_asu   yey
16:41 AnnaBoten        CATURDAY! \o/
16:41 liliputech_asu   caturday?
16:36 reiveune         bye
15:39 corilynn         I mostly *do* cataloging
15:37 cait             makes sense, you mostly did cataloguing?
15:33 corilynn         I'm just pleased that I got the worldcat apis working so I didn't have to login 50 times a day to get one number
15:32 corilynn         I had to for a customer, briefly. I didn't like it
15:29 cait             We saw a presentation a while ago
15:29 cait             [off] Innovative's ILSs are not on the market here
15:28 cait             never met someone who really used it - there is only 1 installation i think in germany
15:28 cait             corilynn: did you?
15:27 corilynn         have you used OCLC's WorldShare? It's TERRIBLE!
15:09 Nemo_bis         Over 50 % market share in public libraries, I had no idea. Scary. https://sr.ithaka.org/blog/what-are-the-larger-implications-of-ex-libris-buying-innovative/
14:22 ashimema         hehe
14:20 kidclamp         :-p
14:20 * kidclamp       bullied martin and he gave in - I am rewarding that
14:20 * cait           must have missed somehting
14:19 kidclamp         ashimema++
14:19 kidclamp         ashimema++
14:19 kidclamp         1
14:19 kidclamp         ashimema++
14:18 cait             flags & (1 << 1)
14:17 cait             hm someon eever tried to use bitwise operators in a report? << crashes because koha thinks it#s a placeholder thingy
14:05 * magnuse        thinks about pizza
14:04 caroline_catlady I wonder who said that....
14:04 andreashm        now I'm thinking of icecream! damn wahanui! =)
14:04 caroline_catlady lol!!
14:04 wahanui          somebody said caroline_catlady was to blame for me thinking about icecream all day long!
14:04 andreashm        hey caroline_catlady
13:58 magnuse          kia ora caroline_catlady
13:58 caroline_catlady good morning!
13:57 andreashm        ashimema: thanks. I got invited to magnuse's one, so I can test there. =)
13:56 Dyrcona          Yeah, that model bothers me: a free "community" version or pay for more features. It has become increasingly common lately. But, I'm not really in the Koha community, so feel free to ignore me. :)
13:52 ashimema         there's a demo rocket.chat out there you can play with.. but no-one really on it
13:51 andreashm        .... and now I now why. Self install or pay
13:51 Dyrcona          It bugs me when F/OSS projects use proprietary software for communications.
13:50 ashimema         maybe I'm incorrect
13:50 ashimema         I don't think we should go slack.. and think we'd end up with a fair bit of backlash if some of us suggested that
13:50 ashimema         yeah.. i've already done the mattermost vs rocket.chat comparision and decided rocket.chat would be a better fit
13:50 magnuse          i can testify to the swedish community being very active on slack :-)
13:50 * andreashm      should try rocket.chat. Still haven't. Tried Mattermost though.
13:49 andreashm        IRC is a big barrier
13:49 andreashm        but mattermost och rocket.chat would be better for the international community yes.
13:49 * andreashm      likes Slack to. And the Swedish user group has koha.slack.com =)
13:46 magnuse          (you can turn threads off in rocket)
13:46 ashimema         why slack over rocket.chat or mattermost?
13:45 ashimema         you helps bywater choose slack didn't you khall
13:45 ashimema         it's too closed and too expensive
13:45 ashimema         I don't think i could sell slack to the wider koha community ;)
13:44 * khall          is in favor of a Koha slack channel ;)
13:44 ashimema         irc have never been quiet to immediately easy for me
13:44 ashimema         it's just easy
13:44 * ashimema       uses Slack allot to talk internally at ptfs-e.. but also uses it allot to talk to tcohen, kidclamp, khall etc etc..
13:43 ashimema         I don't think we'd mind a shift personally..
13:43 ashimema         and even us geeks who are comfortable in IRC...
13:42 magnuse          yeah, i can kinda see why that would put some people off
13:42 ashimema         I don't like them at all
13:42 ashimema         threads are wierd in slack too
13:41 ashimema         we were talking about getting more of our customers interacting in the community.. but IRC is still seen as a big barrier
13:41 magnuse          pertty much the only thing is that if someone replies in a thread, that reply is also shown in the main discussion. i *think* it is possible to quickfix that with some custom css, but i have not been able to figure that out
13:41 ashimema         I'm thinking of suggesting we trial it at a community level
13:40 magnuse          but there is very little i have to complain about
13:40 magnuse          and so far i have only used it with a couple users, so dunno how it behaves at scale
13:39 magnuse          nope
13:39 ashimema         do you use the irc bridge stuff at all?
13:39 magnuse          yes indeed
13:37 ashimema         still enjoying rocket.chat magnuse?
13:37 magnuse          no hurry!
13:36 ashimema         think he must be at lunch.. struggling to raise him
13:29 magnuse          yeah, true
13:25 ashimema         probably what you want is less about the db schema and more about the internal api that's built atop it.
13:23 magnuse          at least it's flexible :-)
13:23 magnuse          and gets real interesting when you have to display some subset of data from several schemes in one table...
13:21 ashimema         which is great and terrible at the same time
13:21 ashimema         as in.. it can kinda contain whatever you fancy and actas as it's own DB
13:21 magnuse          yeah
13:21 ashimema         the requestattributes table is very much like authorized values..
13:21 magnuse          awesome!
13:21 cait             ype, my suggestion won't work then
13:21 ashimema         I'll ask andrew what he can do
13:20 cait             ah ok
13:20 magnuse          np
13:19 ashimema         oh.. sorry.. was having lunch
13:18 magnuse          so you would have to document a lot of different types
13:18 magnuse          the thing is the illrequestattributes, where you have type=x, value=y
13:16 cait             so it shows up on schema
13:16 cait             as scomments
13:16 cait             you could also do it in kohastructure.sql
13:07 magnuse          or point me to some place where the mapping is explicit?
13:03 magnuse          ashimema: the main ill requests table has a lot of columns now, but it is not self evident what data in the db corresponds to what column. do you think you or Andrew could do a quick wiki page with the mappings?
12:51 magnuse          allyall++
12:21 kidclamp         koha++
12:21 * kidclamp       loooks and realizes I could go on for quite a while
12:21 kidclamp         cait++
12:21 kidclamp         ashimema++
12:20 andreashm        ;Karma-fest!
12:18 kidclamp         :-)
12:18 kidclamp         andreashm++
12:18 andreashm        kidclamp++
12:11 kidclamp         joubu++
11:57 andreashm        ashimema++ too!
11:56 andreashm        This is why I love the Koha community! =)
11:29 andreashm        cait++
11:27 andreashm        cait: oh! that looks very much like our problem!
11:23 cait             sorry for making noise on the bug... chose a wrong status and now have towork through some more to get back :(
11:22 huginn           Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22877 major, P5 - low, ---, martin.renvoize, RESOLVED FIXED, Returning a lost item not marked as returned can generate additional overdue fines
11:22 cait             bug 22877 for example
11:21 cait             since we don't use that heavily i haven't dug deeper
11:21 cait             there are quite a few bugs in the lost area reported
11:20 andreashm        cait: looking more at the list, it seems most of the nightly runs happened before upgrading to 18.11. And the other problem (returns being calculated for Lost book being returned), appears mostly after upgrade. Interesting!
11:15 andreashm        cait: thanks, I'll look more at it!
11:15 cait             don't want this :)
11:15 cait             just trying to think what could cause this... we are about to go to 18.11 and meh
11:14 cait             that's why checking the logs for  a renewal happening might be ineresting to rule out/confirm
11:14 cait             in theory.. if that could be it - like it's not really 'renewed' into the future
11:14 andreashm        hmmmm
11:14 cait             i was wondering... sometimes a recalculated due date could be the same date as before
11:14 andreashm        we have had some occurances like you describe, but some others obviously faulty
11:13 andreashm        cait: ah, like so. But no, these change from one day to the next, during the same "cycle".
11:12 cait             the old one would no longer accrue, onle the new entry... and one would be F and the other FU
11:12 cait             if it's something like that... it woudl not be really doubled
11:11 cait             if you still have old fines from last time... your bad
11:11 cait             you renew... get a new due date... it goes overdue again, it starts again
11:11 cait             because then a new 'fine process starts'
11:11 cait             andreashm: i think so
11:09 andreashm        cait: ^^
11:06 andreashm        will look if they have been renewed then. but previously, it seems not. will look if holds added/deleted is involved.
11:04 andreashm        renews make the fine start over?
10:51 cait             can you see the last renewed for those?
10:50 cait             if there was a renew happening... it would make the fine start over
10:50 cait             oh
10:50 andreashm        The major thing seem to be why the automatic renewals sometimes adds a new fine. But I also don't understand why fees are sometimes calculated on return (ignoring that syspref). Returns are mostly Lost items that are problematic. (they are the reason we started looking into this)
10:48 andreashm        But it doesn't happen all the time. Making it hard to replicate the issue
10:47 andreashm        not at all
10:45 cait             that's... not good
10:45 cait             hm
10:45 andreashm        cait: yes.
10:41 cait             how do you knwo they are faulty... same issue_id and created one day after last incrmeent of the other fine?
10:40 andreashm        We have over 400 casesof faulty duplicate fines added, this year. =(
10:38 andreashm        cait: no, not using book drop mode.
10:37 huginn           Bug 23454: major, P5 - low, ---, hemantharao.kr, NEW , Fine for the previous overdue may get overwritten by the next one
10:37 andreashm        I haven't seen anything related in Bugzilla (although some things close, but not quite the same). But sounds a bit like https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23454
10:37 cait             hm are you using book drop or so?
10:36 andreashm        18.11.04
10:36 andreashm        Seems related both to the automatic renewals cronjob, and wrong calculations done on return (but we have CalculateFinesOnReturn set to Don't)
10:36 wahanui          which version is thiis?
10:36 cait             which version?
10:35 cait             no renewals in between... right?
10:35 cait             ouch
10:35 andreashm        We have now turned of fines while we investigate.
10:35 andreashm        Oh no! We have found duplicate fines in the database. Instead of continuing to add fine updates, sometimes a new fine is instead created. Say a fine was accruing, with 250 SEK on Tuesday. Instead of increasing it to 260 the next day, another (new) fine with 260 is added the same day.
10:33 cait             how are the emails?
09:53 ashimema         yeah, not bad :)
09:44 cait             not checking email at all? that sounds like productive meetings :)
09:15 * ashimema       opens email and see's how much he's missed whilst he's been in meetings the past couple of days :(
09:15 ashimema         sounds like a mistake somewhere..
09:14 ashimema         er.. there is not 19.05.06
08:48 marcelr          cache ?
08:30 magnuse          hm, "sudo apt-cache policy koha-common" says i just upgraded to 19.05.06, but "About Koha" says 19.05.05?
08:00 alex_a           Bonjour
07:45 * magnuse        waves
07:38 wahanui          privet, fridolin
07:38 fridolin         hi
07:38 reiveune         hello
07:15 nlegrand         boker tov
06:56 marcelr          hi #koha
06:32 calire           morning #koha