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21:52 caroline_crazycatlady good night everyone!
21:18 cait                  more than one i think
21:17 caroline_crazycatlady ok cool! I didn't know we had a feature in 19.05 :)
21:16 huginn                Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=8000 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, RESOLVED FIXED, Test mode for notices
21:16 cait                  bug 8000
21:15 cait                  i think i know how to find it
21:15 cait                  let me look
21:14 caroline_crazycatlady I use it ALL the time, I was surprised it was in the new ones
21:14 caroline_crazycatlady Ok, if it's an inlibro dev, it makes sense that I had it before then
21:13 caroline_crazycatlady I can't find it, it's just in the "new sysprefs"
21:13 cait                  i think it's an inlibro dev - could it be you got it in your installations maybe?
21:13 cait                  do you have he bug number?
21:13 cait                  new feature to test notices
21:13 cait                  hm i don't think it was
21:10 rangi                 i cant remember
21:07 caroline_crazycatlady in 19.05 release notes, it says that the SendAllEmailsTo is a new syspref... it was there before no?
19:33 cait                  yep
19:30 caroline_crazycatlady I saw Anke was able to resolve her problem :)
19:28 cait                  caroline_crazycatlady++ # thx again for your help yesterday
19:28 cait                  hi caroline_crazycatlady :)
19:24 rangi                 hi caroline_crazycatlady
19:23 caroline_crazycatlady hi all!
18:29 * cait                waves :)
18:11 bag                   heya owen
18:11 oleonard              Hi bag, wb cait
18:03 wahanui               hmmm... morning is always someone's afternoon
18:03 bag                   morning
15:10 reiveune              bye
14:39 oleonard              koha-rebuild-zebra and koha-plack are there and their permissions look the same as most everything else
14:36 tcohen                the docker image for koha-testing is rebuilt on each change on koha-misc4dev, release-tools, qa-test-tools, and on any change to the koha-testing-docker project itself
14:35 tcohen                oleonard, you should do it frecquently
14:32 oleonard              "docker-compose pull" seems to have a lot to think about with koha
14:29 * oleonard            doesn't see it in the readme
14:29 oleonard              No I don't know what that is
14:28 tcohen                oleonard: have you docker-compose pull
14:28 tcohen                owen
14:28 tcohen                docker run -ti koha/koha-testing:master bash
14:21 eythian               run the container?
14:21 oleonard              eythian: I don't know how I could check that the file exists when the container isn't running
14:12 eythian               (not checking #3 has sent me down the wrong paths into confusion in the past.)
14:11 eythian               when you get that message, first things to check: 1) does the file exist, 2) are the permissions sensible, 3) is the interpreter in the hashbang line present and correct.
14:10 oleonard              it says the same about /usr/sbin/koha-plack
14:09 oleonard              tcohen: Now I'm getting this error: "sudo: unable to execute /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra: No such file or directory"
14:09 oleonard              tcohen: I'm still here with problems :(
14:09 tcohen                what's up
14:09 tcohen                I'm here
14:09 wahanui               hi, tcohen
14:09 tcohen                hi
14:08 ashimema              pretty much reached the limit of my understanding at this point, sorry
14:08 ashimema              we need tomas
14:08 ashimema              :'(
14:08 oleonard              That's output from the docker container starting up
14:07 ashimema              or is that part of the reset_all
14:07 ashimema              using kshell ?
14:06 oleonard              yes
14:06 ashimema              thats inside the docker container right?
14:06 ashimema              that's wierd
14:06 * ashimema            reads
14:01 oleonard              ashimema: I don't suppose you have any suggestions for that? ^^
13:56 oleonard              (What changed: i rolled back Git for Windows version)
13:56 oleonard              New error message! Progress?? sudo: unable to execute /usr/sbin/koha-rebuild-zebra: No such file or directory
13:29 ashimema              that's my feeling too
13:29 marcelr               yeah more work to prevent it than to fix it very incidentally
13:28 ashimema              and it was a trivial fix once we identified it.
13:28 ashimema              in my entire time in Koha I can only think of this happening once before
13:28 ashimema              it's only really a problem when you end up with a case sensative name collision.. which is fairly rare
13:23 thd                   Is there some way to configure Git while running on a case sensitive filesystem which many of us run to avoid case insensitive problems for others by giving some warning at least for a patch?
13:21 marcelr               problem here is probably syncing with a repo on a windows disk ?
13:20 thd                   s/without running Git on a case sensitive/without running Git on a case insensitive/
13:20 marcelr               linux is case sensitive; so many run like that
13:19 thd                   Do we not have a coding guideline and/or some technical means to prevent case insensitive problems for Git without running Git on a case sensitive filesystem?
13:18 davidnind[m]          quickest meeting ever!
13:17 oleonard              thd: I was tweaking my system to try to get my koha git repo to be case sensitive (since this isn't the first case sensitivity problem I've run into) and something broke
13:17 davidnind[m]          ashimema++
13:17 oleonard              I have no idea. Still can't get koha-testing-docker to run properly
13:16 thd                   oleonard: What was wrong with your git configuration?
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13:15 ashimema              #endmeeting
13:15 ashimema              #info Next meeting: 17 October 2019, 13:00
13:14 ashimema              #topic Set date and time for next meeting
13:14 oleonard              thd: That's a problem with my system, not related
13:14 ashimema              #info Meeting postponed due to appologies from a large number of attendees
13:13 thd                   Someone had reported immediately after your fix that the Git config was broken.
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13:13 ashimema              #startmeeting Documentation IRC meeting 10 October 2019
13:13 ashimema              one tic.. I'll just do the meeting pospone before I forget
13:13 ashimema              i never saw the issue because my file system cares about case
13:13 ashimema              exactly thd
13:13 ashimema              that removed the collisions
13:12 ashimema              so.. I opted for the latter and moved the test from /Elasticsearch into /ElasticSearch and removed the now empty /Elasticsearch directory
13:12 thd                   ashimema: Are you saying that it would not have been broken if I had tried to pull from Git from a case sensitive filesystem?
13:12 ashimema              OR.. the fix your project so it's case insensative/case sensative collisions don't happen
13:12 ashimema              the fix is either to be mean and insist everyone uses case sensative file systems
13:11 ashimema              but.. if you have one that doesn't care about case then /Elasticsearch and /ElasticSearch collide and things go terrible wrong.
13:11 ashimema              so.. that's fine if you have a filesystem that recognises case..
13:11 thd                   yes
13:10 ashimema              spot the 'S' vs 's' there..
13:10 ashimema              so.. someone added a test file to /Elasticsearch whilst someone else added a test to /ElasticSearch
13:10 thd                   davidnind[m]: I am very sorry that I had run out of time a few years ago.  Now the causes of me having been run out of time are dead and otherwise put to rest.
13:10 ashimema              basically.. some systems care about case whilst others do not..
13:10 ashimema              it's all to do with case sensative file systems
13:09 davidnind[m]          thd: thanks for all your work with the wiki migration and resolving the problems!
13:09 thd                   ashimema: I would very much like to understand why Git was broken yesterday and how you managed to fix it.
13:05 thd                   There were a couple of columns where the autogenerated content was necessarily larger than the MySQL default which is just insufficient planing from MediaWiki developers.
13:02 thd                   davidnind: I have had to alter a few column sizes for MySQL because actual legitimate use shows that they must be larger than the small MySQL default.
13:01 thd                   davidnind: You did well and showed a good reason for the column to be larger than the default in MySQL.
13:01 davidnind[m]          thd: I assume tha is not good...
13:00 davidnind[m]          Hi Marie-Luce!
13:00 davidnind[m]          thd: I don't remember that...
12:59 Marie-Luce            I'm caroline_catlady colleague
12:59 lucyvh                ashimena++
12:59 ashimema              every little helps
12:58 lucyvh                Hi Marie-Luce
12:58 lucyvh                Thanks all, but i've only submitted 4 merge requests!
12:57 Marie-Luce            Hi everyone
12:57 davidnind[m]          thanks lucyvh!
12:57 lucyvh                Yes that's fine
12:56 davidnind[m]          lucyvh: going to defer the meeting untl next week as caroline + andy have put in their apologies, hope that is okay
12:56 * ashimema            is very pleased to see lucyvh contributing to docs.. she's awesome
12:56 thd                   davidmind: You went over the MySQL limit twice, one of which was an especially important greeting message where in the Wiki where you explained to some user how you had fixed that user's login.
12:56 ashimema              :)
12:55 cait                  lucyvh++!
12:55 davidnind[m]          lucyvh: thanks for all the changes!
12:54 davidnind[m]          lucyvh++
12:54 davidnind[m]          hi lucyvh!
12:54 davidnind[m]          day light savings has kicked in now too, so I think it is an hour later as well
12:53 davidnind[m]          thanks cait!
12:53 davidnind[m]          if you like
12:53 thd                   davidmind: You should be pleased to know that I am increasing a default column size in MySQL to preserve your contribution which exceeds the default size for MySQL but Postgres had not imposed a size limit for many columns.
12:53 cait                  must be a terrible time for you too
12:53 cait                  davidnind[m]: of course
12:53 ashimema              want me to do that?
12:52 ashimema              if we do a 'fake' meeting we can minute the change
12:51 davidnind[m]          thanks!
12:50 ashimema              sure
12:50 davidnind[m]          ashimema and cait: are you okay if I defer the documenttion meeting to next week? Two apologies so far (caroline_catlady and AndyBoze)
12:43 nlegrand              ho and a Curse one: https://metacpan.org/pod/Acme::Curse
12:43 ashimema              lol
12:43 nlegrand              also found a “Damn” module: https://metacpan.org/pod/Acme::Damn
12:41 ashimema              haha
12:41 nlegrand              ashimema: it was you or kidclamp in a restaurant while hackfesting who said “unbless” should have been named “curse”? It seems it was really discussed but then dismissed by Larry Wall: https://www.perlmonks.org/?node_id=183344
12:38 nlegrand              Hey #koha
12:34 ashimema              https://stackoverflow.com/a/11225468 is interesting
12:33 oleonard              Hm, diff says the permissions are different
12:31 oleonard              Yes git is working outside docker
12:31 oleonard              I've tried paring down my config file to the bare minimum with no success
12:31 ashimema              I take it git is still working as expected outside the docker?
12:31 ashimema              'tis huge..
12:30 * ashimema            just looked at his own .git/config
12:29 oleonard              The problem started yesterday when I was trying to enable case sensitivity on my Koha repo. After running into this problem I restored the previous version of that directory but the problem persists.
12:28 oleonard              I don't have an especially new version of git installed... Last update on Windows was two months ago.
12:25 ashimema              though i've never seen that issue
12:25 ashimema              other wonder is if you're using a newer git outside the container.. and perhaps the config files are incompatible..
12:24 ashimema              have you checked the permissions on .git/config?
12:24 oleonard              Yes
12:24 ashimema              assume you're using SYNC_REPO
12:23 ashimema              oh.. wierd
12:23 oleonard              koha container fails
12:23 oleonard              http://paste.koha-community.org/2730
12:22 ashimema              what's up with it?
12:22 ashimema              still having issue oleonard..
12:21 cait                  :(
12:20 oleonard              Was hoping docker would magically work this morning... no luck
12:07 oleonard              Hi #koha
07:39 kohaputti             cool!
07:39 cait                  kohaputti: added to calendar
07:35 cait                  remember now
07:35 cait                  yes, I wanted to help make the first contrib patches go in fast :)
07:35 cait                  aha!
07:32 kohaputti             that's 22.10.2019
07:32 kohaputti             cait, and you said something about putting it to your calendar :-)
07:31 kohaputti             <cait> kohaputti: if you need something for the first time contributors (sign offs + QA) ping me during this week please
07:25 huginn                News from kohagit: Bug 20780: Add handling for AcqItemSetSubfieldsWhenRecieved in EDI <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=8a579e5c6171a641388ad98836dbdb0c410d6362>
07:25 huginn                News from kohagit: Bug 21580: Add test for message buyer_ean method <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=870f25fbd900b4f5b792125a121661a2e545297f>
07:25 huginn                News from kohagit: Bug 21580: Pass buyer_ean to create_edi_order <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=248373506eb05039acdc54e65a6825b714ae61b6>
07:25 huginn                News from kohagit: Bug 20780: (follow-up) Use Koha::Object <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=df32a48c27d129bbb5aa03181e58ae2c525a74b3>
07:17 cait                  what did I promise?
07:17 cait                  and I forgot what it was :(
07:17 cait                  i promised something
07:16 kohaputti             cait, hi! I'm pinging you about the hackathon as you asked.
06:56 wahanui               bonjour, alex_a
06:56 alex_a                Bonjour
06:40 reiveune              hello
06:32 marcelr               hi #koha
05:54 cait                  fridolin++ thx!
05:45 fridolin              amybe ICU missing
05:45 fridolin              answered
05:39 fridolin              i'll look
05:38 cait                  fridolin: there is a mailing list mail about issue with elasticsearch and UNIMARC - [Koha] koha-elasticsearch --rebuild  errors - do you know if this might be a bug?
05:37 fridolin              yolo