Time  Nick       Message
22:35 bdonnahue1 anyone else have a suggestion?
22:34 bdonnahue1 looks like the indexer is running
22:11 bdonnahue1 ok will google. thanks
22:08 cait       bye all
22:08 cait       you will have to check on command line i think
22:08 cait       sorry i have to leave, but i think there is a koha-indexer command
22:06 bdonnahue1 hey cait, how could i check?
21:59 cait       the indexer might not be running
21:58 bdonnahue1 any idea what i am doing wrong?
21:58 bdonnahue1 hey all. i have setup a new koha install and added a single item. but when i search for it i cannot find it