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21:29 ashimema           thanks all
21:29 thd                It is always past my bedtime.  I try not to let that stop me altogether :)
21:29 Marie-Luce         sleep well
21:29 ashimema           have a good, timezone appropriate greeting, everyone :)
21:29 caroline_catlady   good night!
21:29 ashimema           and on that note.. i think it's past my bedtime..
21:28 ashimema           thanks caroline_catlady , script all run 😉 :)
21:27 davidnind          ashimema++
21:27 caroline_catlady   thanks ashimema++
21:27 caroline_catlady   don't forget to run the calendar script! :)
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21:27 huginn             Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community.org/2019/general_irc_meeting_11_september_2019.2019-09-11-21.01.txt
21:27 huginn             Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community.org/2019/general_irc_meeting_11_september_2019.2019-09-11-21.01.html
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21:27 ashimema           #endmeeting
21:27 ashimema           thanks all who attended
21:27 ashimema           brill..
21:27 ashimema           #info Next meeting: 16 October 2019, 13 UTC
21:26 thd                ++
21:26 thd                1
21:26 davidnind          +1
21:26 rangi              :)
21:26 ashimema           I'll take the silence as no objections ;)
21:25 ashimema           When we get closer to kohacon I would be happy to increase the later timings, but currently I don't feel we need to yet..
21:24 ashimema           any objections, alterations requested?
21:24 ashimema           back to the earlier time of 1pm UTC
21:23 caroline_catlady   +1
21:23 ashimema           I propose sticking the usual scheme, so 16th October
21:22 ashimema           #topic Next meeting
21:21 ashimema           short meeting today.. moving onto our final topic
21:21 ashimema           #info Current development release is coming along nicely, but the RM's queue is low.. more hands to the mill on SO and QA please ;)
21:20 ashimema           though we are always in need of more SO and QA hands.
21:20 ashimema           as for the current development branch, all is well..
21:20 ashimema           #info Latest maintanence releases went out on 28th August.. minor delay to scheduled time due to summer commitments by the maintainers.
21:18 ashimema           #info RMaints are keeping on top of their respective queues.
21:17 ashimema           In their absence, I believe the rmaint queues are fairly low at the moment.. i.e. they're mostly caught up.
21:16 ashimema           rmaints?
21:16 ashimema           #topic Update on releases
21:16 ashimema           brill.. moving on then :)
21:16 caroline_catlady   that's all
21:15 ashimema           thankyou
21:15 caroline_catlady   I just wanted to show you the results list
21:15 ashimema           caroline_catlady++
21:15 caroline_catlady   this link is better
21:15 caroline_catlady   #link https://koha-resources.inlibro.net
21:15 ashimema           that's great news caroline :)
21:15 ashimema           #link https://koha-resources.inlibro.net/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&do=Search&limit=mc-itemtype%2Cphr%3APLUG&sort_by=relevance Plugins Catalogue
21:14 caroline_catlady   Also working on cataloging guidelines and stuff to open cataloging to others
21:14 ashimema           #info Caroline has begun the task of catalogueing plugins
21:13 davidnind          caroline_catlady++
21:13 ashimema           awesome :)
21:13 caroline_catlady   https://koha-resources.inlibro.net/cgi-bin/koha/opac-search.pl?advsearch=1&idx=kw&idx=kw&idx=kw&do=Search&limit=mc-itemtype%2Cphr%3APLUG&sort_by=relevance
21:13 rangi              oh cool caroline_catlady !
21:13 caroline_catlady   I started cataloguing the plugins
21:12 ashimema           fire away caroline_catlady
21:12 ashimema           #info Kohacon20 call for presentation will be out soon :)
21:12 * caroline_catlady raises hand
21:12 rangi              call for presenations will be out soonish (in the next week or so) thats about it
21:11 ashimema           any kohacon20 news rangi?
21:11 ashimema           anyone have any other announcements?
21:10 ashimema           #info Hackfest in Marseille will soon be upon us.. looking forward to seeing many of you there. (30th Sept - 4 Oct)
21:09 ashimema           great to see work happening there thd, thankyou.
21:09 ashimema           thd++
21:08 thd                I am now working on fixing the warnings for particular columns which are mostly about whether the default value should be NULL, '', or 0.
21:08 ashimema           anyone have anything else?
21:07 ashimema           #info Wiki database migration from Postgres to MySQL is now working with some warnings.
21:07 thd                I had to pause for a couple of weeks to stand up an historical artifacts auction.
21:07 ashimema           #info We are nearing the end of the current release managers 'Adventurous pushing window'. Two weeks to go, after which we will be re-focusing the team on bugfixes and polishing of existing pushed features for release.
21:06 thd                Wiki database migration from Postgres to MySQL is now working with some warnings.
21:06 ashimema           #topic Announcements
21:04 ashimema           #info David Nind sends his apologies.
21:04 Marie-Luce         #info Marie-Luce Laflamme, inLibro
21:03 rangi              #info Chris Cormack, Catalyst
21:03 ashimema           #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
21:03 caroline_catlady   #info Caroline Cyr La Rose, inlibro
21:03 ashimema           Please introduce yourselves with your name preceeded by #info to have your presence noted in the minutes
21:02 thd                #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
21:02 ashimema           #topic Introductions
21:01 huginn             Current chairs: ashimema rangi
21:01 ashimema           #chair rangi
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21:01 ashimema           #startmeeting General IRC meeting 11 September 2019
21:01 ashimema           shall we get this show on the road then :)
20:56 ashimema           meeting?
20:53 ashimema           welcome along Marie-Luce
20:53 * ashimema         yawns, I'm overly sleepy this evening.
20:50 Marie-Luce         I hope so
20:49 cait               Marie-Luce: we haven't met yet, but maybe someday
20:49 ashimema           Hello
20:43 * andreashm        waves
20:41 Marie-Luce         indeed
20:41 rangi              hehe yes, many times :)
20:41 caroline_catlady   rangi I think you've met before in NZ
20:41 Marie-Luce         Hi all, I'm a newbie and currently working for Solution inLibro in Montreal.
20:41 cait               hi Marie-Luce !
20:40 caroline_catlady   I want you guys to meet Marie-Luce, she's been working here since april \o/
20:39 rangi              hi caroline_catlady :)
20:39 caroline_catlady   hi cait!
20:39 cait               hi caroline_catlady
20:39 caroline_catlady   hi rangi!
20:38 rangi              morning
20:37 cait               morning kathryn
20:30 cait               /cgi-bin/koha/svc/report?id=65&annotated=1
20:30 cait               hm is there a reason annotated=1 should no longer work for reports?
19:30 tcohen             TFWY spent more than an hour trying to figure why things don't work, and the typo was so subtle
18:39 tcohen             I'm not sure what it is
18:38 oleonard           _ : 1568227053987
18:38 oleonard           tcohen: Another question: When I test an api request in the interface it's sending an extra parameter
18:36 oleonard           Some kind of db garbage in the holds for that user I guess
18:27 oleonard           Yeah I don't know what's going on all of a sudden
18:27 tcohen             that's not me or my patch, phew
18:27 oleonard           The request to http://localhost:8081/cgi-bin/koha/svc/holds?borrowernumber=20375 returns an error
18:26 oleonard           My account in the staff client -> Click the holds tab. I get a DataTables error.
18:24 tcohen             hehe
18:24 tcohen             explain a bit more
18:23 oleonard           Wait... or is it my system??
18:23 tcohen             (y)
18:22 tcohen             ok
18:22 oleonard           Sorry tcohen I had to unsign 23597
18:19 tcohen             sounds liek a deal to me
18:18 tcohen             we have quorum (3), and 2 positive votes, and an abstention
18:17 oleonard           I have no opinion.
18:16 cait               i like ti
18:15 tcohen             should I silently rename it 'charges'
18:15 oleonard           That does make logical sense, but then again... I'll probably never remember anyway :)
18:15 tcohen             silly question: we approved an endpoint that is about 'fines'
18:08 tcohen             to ease things
18:08 tcohen             oleonard I promise I'll implement /biblios/:biblio_id/holds
18:07 oleonard           tcohen++
18:07 huginn             Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23597 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Holds API is missing reserved parameters on the GET spec
18:07 oleonard           Bug 23597 signed off
18:02 ashimema           Lol
18:00 tcohen             :-P
18:00 tcohen             we will use 4 spaces indendation on V2
17:59 ashimema           V2 😉
17:59 ashimema           Hehe
17:59 tcohen             I'm just rantnig ashimema
17:58 * ashimema         is confused.. thinks he should look at that bug
17:57 tcohen             we have this
17:57 tcohen             well
17:57 tcohen             but
17:56 tcohen             'define a query language people can learn to build queries'
17:56 tcohen             the first step for writing the API should've been
17:56 tcohen             oleonard: I'm not happy with the API overall
17:55 oleonard           Oh... *with* the _match parameter
17:53 tcohen             the spec is loaded once, at startup
17:53 tcohen             sure
17:52 oleonard           tcohen: Do I need restart_all? Something else?
17:49 cait               ok!
17:49 cait               heh
17:48 tcohen             my comments on that bug I failed might help with your speech
17:46 cait               cool thx :)
17:45 tcohen             cait: yes
17:44 huginn             Bug 17314: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, arthur.suzuki, Failed QA , REST API: Add API route to create, list and delete a purchase suggestion
17:44 tcohen             https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=17314#c34
17:44 cait               for plugin stuff.. the wiki page and the kitchen sink from bywater?
17:43 tcohen             awesome cait
17:40 cait               s
17:40 cait               hope this work
17:40 cait               trying to catch up on some things... so i can point others the right direction
17:40 cait               thx!
17:39 ashimema           tcohen  please jump in and correct anything i get wrong here
17:38 ashimema           Cookie... But that's really only for inside Koha use.. not outside world users
17:38 cait               is there a third option?
17:37 cait               ok
17:37 ashimema           Yup
17:37 ashimema           I.e. enable it whilst your developing stuff using the API as a way to get up and running quick.. after that disable it and get them to use one of the other forms of auth
17:37 cait               so for production use - api keys?
17:37 cait               ok
17:36 ashimema           Not great for security long term
17:36 ashimema           It's great for testing and in house development
17:34 cait               and basicauth just for testing or for more?
17:34 cait               ok
17:34 ashimema           https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Using_the_Koha_REST_API
17:34 tcohen             oleonard-away: try the patch, it works for me in postman
17:34 cait               just wondering because we have so many wiki pages
17:34 ashimema           Cait
17:32 ashimema           We should really grab some of the code from the recent open API plugin.. it makes the API docs much nicer
17:32 ashimema           https://demo.bibkat.no/api/v1/.html
17:32 oleonard           Ah, with username not cardnumber :)
17:31 tcohen             and use your credentials
17:31 tcohen             choose basic auth
17:31 tcohen             yes
17:31 oleonard           tcohen: Do I need to set up something under the authorization tab in Postman after enabling  RESTBasicAuth  in Koha?
17:30 tcohen             cait: we haven't worked on making the docs prettier
17:30 cait               tcohen: what's the best docs for rest api?
17:29 ashimema           Refactoring is a pain.. so easy to miss things
17:28 * tcohen           is as happy seeing people using the API, thus having the chance to make it useful
17:27 * oleonard         is just happy to be in the game
17:27 tcohen             thanks oleonard and sorry :-D
17:27 huginn             Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23597 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, NEW , Holds API doesn't search by exact biblionumber
17:27 oleonard           Bug 23597
17:26 tcohen             it is just missing on the spec (the params)
17:26 ashimema           Oops.. sure thing.. throw it at me
17:24 tcohen             it seems something didn't get in when the holds endpoint was refactored
17:24 oleonard           Okay
17:24 tcohen             if you file a bug I will submit a patch within minutes, and we can force ashimema to push it
17:21 oleonard           It doesn't like that at all
17:20 tcohen             try /holds?biblio_id=xxx&_match=exact
17:18 tcohen             oh, that's a bug
17:18 oleonard           tcohen: That get operation seems to be operating with a "LIKE" search... api/v1/holds?biblio_id=41 returned records for 241, 41, 2541, 4129...
17:18 tcohen             that has a little amount of attributes
17:18 tcohen             and try the cities endpoint
17:18 tcohen             you should install Postman and enable basic authentication}
17:17 cait               prepping for a workshop
17:16 cait               i basic api for testing purposes only?
17:16 cait               than you!
17:16 tcohen             in /api/v1/.html
17:15 cait               i seem to remember there is a html thing
17:15 cait               tcohen: can yo remind me where to find the api docs 'in Koha'?
17:11 tcohen             its the best way to understand what's going on when the results are not what you expect
17:11 tcohen             and try the API using Postman
17:11 tcohen             oleonard: enable basic auth on the sysprefs
17:10 * tcohen           loves hearing that
17:10 tcohen             :-D
17:10 tcohen             oleonard++
17:10 tcohen             I proposed to use HAL or similar for 'referenced' objects (like holds you get via /biblio) or for compound responses (like a hold response having the library object embedded)
17:09 * oleonard         is testing AJAXifying the table of holds in request.tt
17:09 tcohen             but as the hold objects really 'exist' in /holds/:hold_id
17:09 oleonard           Okay my parameters must be getting sent wrong... Thanks for the clarification
17:09 tcohen             (I think it is more readable, that's it)
17:08 tcohen             I proposed to have /biblio/:biblio_id/holds to easily construct the request path in the consumers
17:08 tcohen             ?
17:08 tcohen             GET /holds?biblio_id=xxx
17:04 oleonard           Can I get a list of holds for a particular biblionumber?
17:04 oleonard           Hi... I don't know if this is something which is missing or if I just don't understand
17:02 tcohen             hi oleonard
17:02 huginn             oleonard: The operation succeeded.
17:02 oleonard           @later tell tcohen I have an API question for you when you get a moment
16:44 * cait             waves
15:53 oleonard           tcohen around?
15:36 reiveune           bye
15:25 oleonard           tcohen++
15:22 simi               tnx oleonard for your support, i think i should wait someone write a plugin for this one day or maybe next releases of koha :d
15:14 simi               for browser built-in viewer user must active it in browser settings and link should be clicked to open the file
15:10 oleonard           simi: In the case of PDFs the browser will usually have a built-in viewer so I wouldn't think you'd need to embed it
15:05 oleonard           It would make a great Koha plugin
15:04 oleonard           Of course not
15:03 simi               this html5 player also does not show pdf files
15:02 oleonard           simi you'd have to do some customization with the OpacUserJS preference
15:01 simi               yeah i know but i want embed player of that service provider not a html5 player
14:59 oleonard           simi: Not just YouTube, but audio and video files too
14:58 simi               there is an option in koha to do that for youtube but not fot others
14:57 simi               is there any way to embed pdf, sound or video viewer services like soundcloud or "internetarchive bookreader" into a tap in opac?
14:57 simi               Another question
14:49 simi               tnx @mtj
14:16 thd                tcohen: Yes, voting on your proposals was deferred over checking for conformity to good practice for HAL.
14:14 tcohen             missed the meeting :-(
14:12 tcohen             oh noes
14:05 * oleonard         cancels the coup
14:01 ashimema           I'm certainly happy to back it
14:01 ashimema           :)
14:01 ashimema           I think we were all keen on it though..
14:01 oleonard           No problem, I got lost too
14:01 ashimema           sorry.. I think some agenda items got lost the last couple of meetings.
14:00 ashimema           ack.. true
13:53 thd                Yes, but we were all for it anyways of course.
13:52 oleonard           https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Development_IRC_meeting_10_July_2019
13:52 oleonard           ashimema we never did vote on my ESLint proposal did we? Mostly because I keep missing meetings?
13:48 thd                In the absence of a sort function being applied do rows have any intrinsic sequential order in an SQL database such as the order of the row insert statements?
13:46 ashimema           :P
13:46 * ashimema         goes to find tcohen and beat him with a wet fish
13:45 davidnind          ashimema++
13:45 ashimema           thanks all who attended.. nice quickish one today
13:45 huginn             Log:            http://meetings.koha-community.org/2019/development_irc_meeting_11_september_2019.2019-09-11-13.01.log.html
13:45 huginn             Minutes (text): http://meetings.koha-community.org/2019/development_irc_meeting_11_september_2019.2019-09-11-13.01.txt
13:45 huginn             Minutes:        http://meetings.koha-community.org/2019/development_irc_meeting_11_september_2019.2019-09-11-13.01.html
13:45 huginn             Meeting ended Wed Sep 11 13:45:33 2019 UTC.  Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.debian.org/MeetBot . (v 0.1.4)
13:45 ashimema           #endmeeting
13:45 davidnind          great news
13:45 ashimema           sorted
13:45 ashimema           #info Next meeting: 25 September 2019, 21:00 UTC
13:44 thd                Late announcement wiki database migration is working with warnings to check.
13:43 davidnind          +1
13:43 oleonard           Fine with me
13:43 ashimema           25 ok with people.. then we can raise anyting we may want to raise at the hackfest with a few days to spare.
13:42 thd                Much too busy with back to school customers :)
13:41 * oleonard         sees hackfest on the calendar and get sad
13:41 ashimema           and the late time to try an catch NZ
13:41 ashimema           I imagine many are busy with the 'back to school' period for academic customers and things.. so two weeks seems a reasonable gap again.
13:40 ashimema           my apolgies for his one being thrown in and having missed the last one..
13:40 ashimema           Right.. always fun..
13:40 ashimema           #topic Set time of next meeting
13:40 ashimema           #info Nothing to review at this time
13:40 ashimema           #topic Review of coding guidelines
13:39 ashimema           A little bit of research for peeps.. I'm also not up to date enough on my knowledge there.
13:39 ashimema           #info I'm going to use this one as a 'set homework'.. can anyone who has a stake in the API come back to the next meeting with an opinion on HAL
13:39 * oleonard         is lost on this one
13:38 ashimema           #topic API: Proposal for related resources, or objects that need to embed others: use Accept application/hal+json and follow the draft spec for HAL
13:37 marcelr            we might need some more info on HAL too; how widely accepted etc ?
13:37 ashimema           #info RM will discus with tcohen and make a decision as we're not corrate for a vote
13:37 * oleonard         was just about to test that one
13:36 huginn             Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23517 normal, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Needs Signoff , Add /holds/{hold_id}/priority route (PUT)
13:36 ashimema           #topic API: Bug 23517 Holds priorities
13:36 oleonard           I'm getting more up to speed on the api but still not able to give constructive criticism
13:36 ashimema           #info RM will discus with tcohen and make a decision as we're not corrate for a vote
13:36 marcelr            only last one looks a bit more out of the ordinary
13:36 ashimema           indeed
13:35 marcelr            same for all api proposals..
13:35 ashimema           I feel like I'm talking to myself at this point.
13:32 ashimema           this one looks sane to me, and easily digestable if people want to take a quick 30s look before taking a vote..
13:31 ashimema           #topic API: Public patron's privacy settings
13:31 ashimema           #info RM will discus with tcohen, as closest to the API's currently, and will likely push soon.
13:30 ashimema           I'll grab tcohen to discus as a final check and then give a yeay or neigh
13:30 marcelr            in the absence of looking at the details myself ;)
13:30 marcelr            ashimema: i would just follow your recommendations here
13:29 marcelr            great thd
13:29 * thd              looked at all the details found.
13:29 ashimema           indeed.. it got caught late in QA that there was never a proper RFC submitted for it.
13:28 marcelr            i assume not many looked at the details ?
13:28 * magnuse          gotta run
13:28 ashimema           do we think we're corate for a vote on this?
13:28 ashimema           #info Katrin, Tomas and I have all looked at it and don't see anything standing out as incorrectly termed.
13:27 ashimema           #info We need to vote on the endpoints as implimented, just to be consistent with prior API guidlines.
13:27 huginn             Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=16825 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, johanna.raisa, Passed QA , Add API route for getting an item
13:27 ashimema           #topic API: Bug 16825 Get an item endpoint
13:24 ashimema           tcohen.. I think you added all the topics here...
13:24 ashimema           #topic General development discussion
13:24 ashimema           moving on
13:23 magnuse            bywater++
13:22 ashimema           #info Bywater are trying to get back to 'SO/QA Fridays'
13:22 ashimema           #info QA is as ever.. always more to do.
13:21 marcelr            bywater++
13:20 ashimema           cait tells me bywater are trying to get back to 'SO/QA Fridays' which will be nice
13:20 marcelr            nothing special, queue looks normal
13:20 ashimema           you're on the team after all...
13:20 ashimema           fancy having a go marcelr?
13:20 ashimema           no cait :(
13:19 marcelr            no updates?
13:18 ashimema           #topic Updates from the QA team
13:18 ashimema           you around?
13:18 ashimema           cait
13:18 ashimema           #info Looking at BZ, rmaints seem to be keeping up.. no report from them directly due to absence today.
13:17 ashimema           I think they're managing the load reasonably at the moment.. the bz queues look reasonably low
13:17 ashimema           so.. we don't have any rmaints around it seems
13:16 ashimema           :(
13:15 ashimema           rmaints?
13:14 ashimema           #topic Updates from the Release Maintainers
13:14 ashimema           #info I'm hoping QA will pickup again now we're nearing the end of the summer break in europe..
13:14 ashimema           #info Things have been ticking along, all be it slowly the last month during that deadly summer period.
13:13 ashimema           #topic Update from the Release manager
13:13 magnuse            #info Magnus Enger, Libriotech, Norway
13:11 ashimema           anyone else?
13:11 ashimema           #info We are nearing the end of the RM's 'Adventurous pushing window'.. two weeks to go, after which I want to re-focus the team on bugfixes and polishing of existing pushed features.
13:10 ashimema           #topic Announcements
13:10 oleonard           So...
13:05 inlibro            blou: #info, Philippe Blouin, Montréal
13:04 oleonard           I see tcohen did
13:03 ashimema           we'll wait a minute or two.. I think a few of them added things ot the agenda
13:03 davidnind          #info David Nind, New Zealand
13:03 ashimema           grr... /me should learn not to multi-task
13:03 * oleonard         pokes bag, khall, lukeG1, any ByWater folks
13:02 ashimema           indeed
13:02 marcelr            presence
13:02 ashimema           typo's  already
13:02 marcelr            #info Marcel de Rooy, Netherlands
13:01 ashimema           #info Martin Renvoize, PTFS Europe
13:01 thd                #info Thomas Dukleth, Agogme, New York City
13:01 oleonard           #info Owen Leonard, Athens County Public Libraries, Ohio, USA
13:01 ashimema           #info Please introduce yourselves with your name preceeded by #info to have your precense noted in the minutes
13:01 ashimema           #topic Introductions
13:01 huginn             The meeting name has been set to 'development_irc_meeting_11_september_2019'
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13:01 ashimema           #startmeeting Development IRC meeting 11 September 2019
12:58 ashimema           glad it's not just us.
12:58 oleonard           ashimema: Yeah, my kids' grade cards have two different grading schemes for different subjects. It makes absolutely no sense.
12:57 ashimema           we don't use grades like htat here anymore :(... it's too obvious what they mean.. instead an '80' is a fail and '120' is a  best pass.. anything in between is randomly distributed
12:56 inlibro            blou: Yeah, new chat tool working.  Glad to be back
12:56 oleonard           inlibro: A+ on your test, great job!
12:55 ashimema           oh no it isn't ;)
12:55 inlibro            blou: this is a test
12:50 inlibro            blou: Hi Koha
12:48 oleonard           ...
12:45 oleonard           Dev meeting in 15?
12:32 calire             hi oleonard
12:32 oleonard           Hi all
12:30 magnuse            huh, where does issues.note show?
12:29 magnuse            awww...
12:24 magnuse            #koha - now with twice as much khall! ;-)
12:19 magnuse            mtj++
11:51 huginn             mtj: The operation succeeded.
11:51 mtj                @later tell simi: using ldap could work too...   https://github.com/nginxinc/nginx-ldap-auth
11:44 marcelr            hi mtj
11:44 huginn             mtj: The operation succeeded.
11:44 mtj                @later tell simi: https://github.com/nginx-shib/nginx-http-shibboleth
11:43 huginn             mtj: The operation succeeded.
11:43 mtj                @later tell simi:  you could use shibboleth as an authenticator for both koha and ngnix access
11:43 mtj                hiya marcelr
11:36 marcelr            hi #koha
08:49 simi               Any idea how do this or altenative way to restrict public users from access downloading files?
08:45 simi               is there any way to show some fields just to logged in users or spescific patron group? i have about 500,000 files to attach into records, unfortunatly koha has not ability to bulk attach files to records so i want create a nginx download instance and place download urls into 856$u but i want just logged in users can download files so should hide this field from public opac view
08:39 simi               tnx magnuse
08:35 magnuse            if you have a question, just ask it, and if people have the time and knowledge they will answer :-)
08:35 magnuse            simi: yes, but people might be busy
08:19 simi               anybody here?
07:18 magnuse            kia ora ashimema
07:12 ashimema           Mornin
06:47 alex_a             Bonjour
06:47 * magnuse          waves
06:36 reiveune           hello
06:20 calire             morning
03:21 mtj                interesting... https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/qvq99b/how-to-download-the-books-that-just-entered-the-public-domain