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01:20 bdonnahue             hey all, i just installed koha following this guide: https://openschoolsolutions.org/how-to-install-and-set-up-koha-for-schools-part-1/
01:20 bdonnahue             unfortunately when i curl i am getting the default paache page
01:21 bdonnahue             apache*
01:21 bdonnahue             I am not sure what I need to do to make koha accessable
01:21 bdonnahue             can anyone help me out?
01:40 mtj                   bdonnahue:  you probably have a default apache profile, thats overriding your koha profile
01:40 bdonnahue             mtj, yes you are right. i disabled that.
01:41 bdonnahue             the article was missing steps
01:41 bdonnahue             I am now looking at https://libtechbwn.blogspot.com/2018/09/install-koha-in-ubuntu-1804-lts.html
01:41 bdonnahue             i am on step 20
01:41 bdonnahue             trying to understand what is happening
01:41 mtj                   https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_on_Debian
01:42 mtj                   ^ the kc.org guides are the best
01:42 bdonnahue             mtj, i was following the one for ubuntu but it was also missing steps i think
01:43 mtj                   the debian/ubuntu steps are basically identical
01:49 mtj                   bdonnahue: step 20... try the koha-passwd command instead
01:50 bdonnahue             i dont see the step to disable the defaul site on those instructions also
01:55 mtj                   i think its generally a step that not required
03:13 bdonnahue             hey all, i am seeing this error: Access denied for user 'koha_library'@'localhost'
03:13 bdonnahue             when i rebuild the zebra index or connect to the page
03:13 bdonnahue             any idea how to troubleshoot
06:10 carlos_               Hey bdonnahue - I don't know if anyone's answered you yet but any time I see an error citing 'user' @ 'localhost' it's generally something to do with mysql/mariadb (does the user 'koha_library' exist in your mysql? Does it have the right permissions?)
06:42 fridolin              hi
07:03 alex_a                Bonjour
12:07 cait                  ashimema: around?
13:00 cait                  oh no oleonard :(
13:06 caroline_catlady      good morning!
13:07 cait                  good morning caroline_catlady :)
13:07 thd                   Is there a meeting soon?
13:08 cait                  i think now, but it seems no ashimema
13:08 cait                  and i am honestly too busy to chair :(
13:08 cait                  kidclamp: ?
13:09 cait                  the issue was it's not in the calendar
13:09 cait                  the script to add it was nt run, so probably a lot missed it
13:13 caroline_catlady      Is there a way to search ALL release notes to see when something was added to Koha (if we don't know which version)
13:15 kidclamp              Ah, apologies, I checked calendar but should have checked wiki
13:27 thd                   caroline_catlady:  A feature based index of release notes content would be very useful.
13:32 thd                   caroline_catlady: I suggest sequentially concating or appending all release notes or anything similar from all Koha releases in a single sequential text file.  You could then query the resulting file for some feature.
13:36 thd                   caroline_catlady: There may also be a way to construct a query of the git repository for release notes and similar files.
13:39 cait                  caroline_crazycatlady: search in bugzilla - the version shoudl be listed in the ticket
13:39 cait                  because it will be multiple verisons... appending all the notes might still be quite confusing
13:40 cait                  but the maints leave notes usualyl when they push and to which version
13:43 tcohen                hi
13:43 thd                   caroline_crazycatlady: The efficient means would be to write a script to sequentially change a clone of the Git repository to different release tags and automatically copy release notes and similar files and automatically append them to a single text file with the origin of the file automatically inserted as a separator between files.
13:44 thd                   Hello tcohen
13:44 tcohen                next meeting?
13:44 wahanui               next meeting is https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Next_IRC_meetings
13:44 tcohen                bummer
13:45 thd                   tcohen: People were reporting that the script to populate the calendar and send an announcement had not been run.
13:47 thd                   tcohen: Would you have some time to help me find some missing quotation or comma instead of the non-meeting?
13:50 tcohen                I'm sorry, I'm on the waiting room at the doctor's
13:53 thd                   tcohen: Stay in good health and keep away from all those sick people :)
13:55 * thd                 should probably go back to sleep to avoid becoming sick.  I also had some great solutions to problems while dreaming.
14:04 bdonnahue             hey all, I have koha installed and it seems like both the internal and external sites are running on the same port and that the webserver is routing requests based on the dns names
14:04 bdonnahue             is there a way to have them operate on separate ports?
14:05 cait                  yes
14:05 cait                  it#s actually quite common to have intranet on 8080
14:05 cait                  but it's also common to use different sub.domains
14:05 cait                  depends a bit, we use ports for firewall rules
14:06 cait                  bdonnahue: have a look at the httpd.conf of your site - but you can also put it in the config before creating an instance to make it happen at the beginning
14:07 bdonnahue             hey cait thanks, will give that a look
14:08 bdonnahue             also, i have an install script and a docker container for ubuntu that hosts koha
14:08 bdonnahue             was wondering if i could submit them to the project?
14:08 bdonnahue             will be working on a kubernetes manifest at some point but keeping it simple for now
14:09 tcohen                security by hiding on a different port is quite innefective
14:13 * oleonard            waves
14:16 csmith                hi all
14:16 csmith                could get some help again please?
14:17 oleonard              Guest1713: You'll have to ask a question for us to know whether we can help :)
14:18 Guest1713             trying to set up koha that it can use the file path to our server
14:18 Guest1713             its a bit hard to explain
14:18 Guest1713             essentially, instead of using the 856 field to link to some website like amazon. would want it to pick up the file from local server
14:19 oleonard              What aspect of that isn't working?
14:19 Guest1713             this is to make it so that only when on the company's network, is when a particular file can be accessed
14:20 Guest1713             when put in the file path, it throws an error, #blank
14:22 Guest1713             "about:blank#blocked"
14:22 oleonard              Guest1713: This isn't my area of expertise but I would think checking Koha and web server logs would give some clues
14:23 oleonard              Enabling access only on the local network sounds like a server configuration issue separate from Koha, so you may have better luck researching it as such
14:25 Guest1713             thanks, i will try going through the server configuration again
14:29 cait                  tcohen: not hiding, blocking access in the firewall
14:30 Guest1713             @tcohen, as in the server firewall?
14:30 huginn                Guest1713: downloading the Perl source
14:30 Guest1713             is that to me?
14:31 cait                  that's a bot - he picks up stuff sometimes, ignore
14:31 Guest1713             oh okay
14:46 wizzyrea              i'm losing my mind, we have a command line importer that imports batches that were staged don't we
14:46 wizzyrea              why can I not find it
14:59 oleonard              Any luck wizzyrea?
15:05 wizzyrea              no :(
15:06 wizzyrea              I can't imagine I would have written such a thing but maybe I did?
15:06 wizzyrea              and now it's lost to the ages. I guess.
15:09 oleonard              Like the mighty Excalibur
15:10 caroline_crazycatlady wizzyrea: I found commit_file.pl in my misc, maybe that's the one you're thinking of?
15:12 oleonard              I've been re-using the same testing data for so long all my child accounts are aging out
15:16 caroline_crazycatlady oleonard: you have to make more babies
15:17 oleonard              So what you're saying is my Koha system should be running a civilization simulation to add continuous new data
15:18 * oleonard            accidentally creates artificial intelligence while trying to get better test records
15:32 wizzyrea              caroline_crazycatlady++ yes that's probably
15:32 wizzyrea              the one
15:33 cait                  wizzyrea: yes we have
15:33 wizzyrea              omg thank you I thought I was losing my mind
15:33 cait                  stage and commit
15:33 cait                  they are just named badly
15:33 wizzyrea              >.<
15:34 cait                  the commit_file is the second step one
15:34 cait                  but caroline_crazycatlady already found it :) (slow in reading back today... chaos)
15:35 cait                  stage_file.pl is uploading and commit_file is importing into the catalog
15:35 cait                  we use them all the time
15:44 csmith                Hi again, my irc timedout
15:45 Guest1722             so far, all the failing has led to trying to get a local web server running
15:45 Guest1722             so that I place links to files on local storage server as http in the 856$u
15:46 Guest1722             trying it on personal workstation before attempting changes on test server storage area
15:47 Guest1722             there must be an easier way to access local files via 856 field, but they I guess each successive failed attempt, draws me closer to success
15:53 caroline_crazycatlady Guest1722: the way I usually do it is described here http://kohageek.blogspot.com/2015/12/attaching-files-to-catalog-records.html but not sure how that method could limit access to a file
15:54 caroline_crazycatlady Are some files going to be restricted and some files publicly accessible? Or will all files be restricted?
15:55 caroline_crazycatlady If all files are to be restricted, I guess you could use a restricted directory in your <upload_path>
15:56 Guest1722             hi caroline :)
15:57 Guest1722             it would be in some weird sense, automatically restricted to users on the local network
15:57 Guest1722             so persons not on the network (that is, accessing it from some external ip), would not be able to access it
15:58 Guest1722             unless we made some vpn tunnel or something =/
15:58 caroline_crazycatlady is the objective to make them public?
15:59 Guest1722             yes
15:59 Guest1722             so users/staff would just need to be on our network to access them
15:59 Guest1722             if they were to try at home, it would not be able
16:00 caroline_crazycatlady ok so if you use the method decribed above, can you access them? They are put on the same server as Koha, so they would be as restricted or unrestricted as the OPAC
16:00 Guest1722             would like to store the files on a pre-determined folder on our SAN, with permissions set for anyone to view
16:00 Guest1722             can the path be some other folder? or has to be the upload.pl?
16:01 caroline_crazycatlady I think the upload_path can be anything, I'd have to ask someone more versed in Apache config
16:02 Guest1722             I will attempt that option caroline, thanks
16:02 caroline_crazycatlady the upload.pl is the plugin you use in your MARCf framework to be able to use uploaded files in 856$u
16:02 Guest1722             oh i see, thank you
16:02 caroline_crazycatlady Good luck!
16:02 Guest1722             i have another question about that solution first though
16:02 caroline_crazycatlady ok
16:03 Guest1722             it it shows having to upload the file, is it that if i populated the folder with a bunch of files, can i just determine the link address, or do i have to re-upload them
16:03 Guest1722             each time?
16:04 caroline_crazycatlady I think you would have to reupload them in order to have the hashvalue which is used in the link
16:06 caroline_crazycatlady maybe you can upload many at a time, I'm not sure
16:08 Guest1722             i see
16:09 Guest1722             i found out from team, that before I joined, we have a server that is set up to do it
16:09 Guest1722             but no documentation was done >_<
16:09 Guest1722             i checked it for the option you gave, but its not there
16:09 Guest1722             so somehow they got it to work without going that route lol
16:09 Guest1722             sigh, the power of documentation needs to be emphasized
16:10 caroline_crazycatlady uh uh, no documentation sucks
16:13 Guest1722             yeah :(
16:14 caroline_crazycatlady So what I'm understanding is that it worked before, but now it doesn't?
16:16 Guest1722             it works with one instance of koha and does not with another
16:17 Guest1722             but their koha-conf files are pretty much the same
16:17 Guest1722             no edits
16:19 Guest1722             definitely will make a youtube video once this is figured out lol
16:20 Guest1722             "how to set up 856 file link to work with local server" XD
16:21 oleonard              I was just doing a quick fix for Bug 23536 and realized it may not even be necessary.
16:21 huginn                Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23536 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Use use a template block to output patron categories
16:22 oleonard              Can someone give me a sanity check?
16:22 oleonard              https://gitlab.com/snippets/1892142
16:22 oleonard              I think this markup may be a relic of a time when you could just use Koha's built-in patron categories and not define your own
16:22 * oleonard            may be misremembering
16:24 bdonnahue             hey all. I am running the koha-create --create-db
16:24 bdonnahue             it is failing because the mysql user already exists
16:24 bdonnahue             I am wondering if there is a way to change this behavior?
16:24 bdonnahue             I am working on creating a repeatable install script and rerunning multiple times is not working
16:25 bdonnahue             would also be open to "wiping" the systems but i am not sure what I would need to do
16:29 Guest1722             @carolyn, attempting process now. had to take a quick break lol
16:29 huginn                Guest1722: I've exhausted my database of quotes
16:30 Guest1722             @bdonnahue, I am not certain, sorry :(
16:30 huginn                Guest1722: downloading the Perl source
16:43 wizzyrea              oleonard, that certainly looks like a relic bit to me
16:43 wizzyrea              I can't think of a time when i've seen those categories
16:43 wizzyrea              in the actual interface
16:44 oleonard              Today keeps coming up with more and more ways to make me feel old
16:46 wizzyrea              *sigh*
16:46 cait                  oleonard: this looks like the "types"
16:47 cait                  i think these are also named something like category (which makes it all the more confusing)
16:47 wizzyrea              have you ever seen the memberentry page show them?
16:47 wizzyrea              i don't think I have
16:47 cait                  hm
16:47 cait                  i think as subheadings in the patron category pull down
16:47 cait                  and they show as abbr in the patron search i think
16:47 cait                  or used to
16:48 cait                  but maybe doesn't apply to this bit of code - might be a mix up of ideas or just really relic
16:48 wizzyrea              that isn't what's happening here tho, if there isn't a category, show these - yeah that's what I was thinking
16:48 wizzyrea              I mean they do things
16:48 wizzyrea              these types of patrons
16:48 wizzyrea              but you don't ever assign one except by proxy of a borrower category, that i'm aware of
16:49 cait                  yes
16:50 cait                  it could well be someone confused things or leftover, waht you said earlier
16:50 cait                  i am not having my best thinking day today
16:50 oleonard              http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=blob;f=koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes/patron-toolbar.inc;h=bc4dbc4b46033e58d4fe11875abfa2d5bc576f5a;hb=8843e29a9dd35fa3c34813077f4dfffd91483995
16:51 oleonard              That at least shows that I'm not misremembering that you used to be able to add by hard-coded category. I'm going to go with: it's obsolete markup
16:53 caroline_crazycatlady oleonard, wizzyrea, cait : trying to read back, are we talking about these types? https://snipboard.io/ft3zwO.jpg
16:54 oleonard              caroline_crazycatlady: Yes, it used to be an option to create a patron with one of those built-in "super-categories" without having to define your own patron category
16:54 caroline_crazycatlady Ah! Do they still serve these meta categories?
16:55 cait                  i think the category still influences how the form looks like - like no surname/firstname for organisations but a single field
16:55 cait                  thinking about other things they do
16:56 caroline_crazycatlady only childre can be guarantee? I know we have a patch that undoes this
17:00 oleonard              caroline_crazycatlady: Yes, bug 12446
17:00 huginn                Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12446 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, charles.farmer, Patch doesn't apply , Enable an adult to have a guarantor
17:09 tcohen                there shouldn't be such contraint for guarantors/guarantees
17:09 tcohen                or it should be something libraries should be able to properly configure
17:10 * oleonard            thinks tcohen just volunteered to rebase that patch??
17:10 tcohen                oleonard: will you SO 23517 and work on top of it in exchange?
17:11 oleonard              I'll do it for free :)  Is it ready for signoff? (still ASSIGNED)
17:12 tcohen                It is :-D
17:24 csmith                hey caroline, you there?
17:25 caroline_crazycatlady yes
17:26 caroline_crazycatlady I have a phone call in a couple of minutes though
17:26 Guest1727             oh just wanted to give quick update
17:26 caroline_crazycatlady go! what happened?
17:26 Guest1727             i tried to turn my local laptop into local web server
17:26 Guest1727             and placed the link
17:26 Guest1727             it worked
17:26 Guest1727             :D
17:27 caroline_crazycatlady did you use the upload method or just a godd ol' regular link?
17:27 Guest1727             regular link of the format "http://myworkstationIP/file_name
17:28 Guest1727             I also set opacbaseurl to "http://myworkstationIP"
17:28 Guest1727             this is all after turning on Internet Information Services
17:29 Guest1727             i shall make a youtube video :D
17:29 caroline_crazycatlady Cool! Spread the knowledge!
17:29 Guest1727             where do i put it for koha community though? =/
17:30 caroline_crazycatlady oh right, I am admin of the youtube channel, I forgot
17:30 caroline_crazycatlady Let me check how it works
17:31 Guest1727             so i make a channel, make a video, upload it on my channel then send you link?
17:31 Guest1727             oh okay
17:31 caroline_crazycatlady yes, twhat you just described
17:31 Guest1727             if webchat disconnects me again
17:31 Guest1727             oh okay, will do
17:31 Guest1727             so the channel's name is what again xD
17:31 Guest1727             ?
17:32 caroline_crazycatlady the Koha community channel is just Koha
17:32 caroline_crazycatlady You can send me the link to your video by email and I will add you in the Tutorials playlist
17:32 caroline_crazycatlady caroline.cyr-la-rose@inlibro.com
17:33 Guest1727             okay, thank you
17:33 caroline_crazycatlady thank YOU! :)
17:33 Guest1727             will have it sent to you, before the end of the week, lol you know the whole vibe XD
17:34 Guest1727             and thank you too for your help :)
17:36 caroline_crazycatlady Here's the link if you ever want to browse the videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqOmLE1-kt84liiG5233BRQ?view_as=subscriber
17:37 caroline_crazycatlady we just started using it again, davidnind worked on getting playlists set up
17:44 Guest1727             cool
17:44 Guest1727             thanks :)
17:53 oleonard              alexbuckley mentioned Bug 22880 in this article so I was forced to rebase it today XD https://catalyst.net.nz/news/release-koha-1905
17:53 huginn                Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22880 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , Convert opacheader system preference to news block
17:56 oleonard              @later tell alexbuckley It turns out it's pretty good incentive to rebase a patch when you read it mentioned in an article :D
17:56 huginn                oleonard: The operation succeeded.
17:56 cait                  :)
18:27 caroline_crazycatlady does anyone know where on the wiki it says how to separate the different elements of a patch
18:27 caroline_crazycatlady like tests in a saparate patch, etc.
18:43 tcohen                oleonard: around?
18:44 oleonard              For 17 minutes :)
18:46 tcohen                so, how are you planning to draw the holds for a biblio
18:46 tcohen                I mean, how do you plan to fetch the data
18:46 tcohen                I've written (on my dev branch) GET /biblios/:biblio_id/holds
18:47 tcohen                and was wondering if you need to embed some more info
18:47 tcohen                https://snipboard.io/QPobtp.jpg
18:48 tcohen                I've added the _links area for related things
18:49 oleonard              tcohen: I don't know yet. I haven't had a chance to test the combination of sortable + DataTables, so I'm not sure what's possible.
18:50 tcohen                looking at the page
18:50 tcohen                it looks like you will need patron info?
18:50 tcohen                https://snipboard.io/e8ZLXk.jpg
18:51 tcohen                the _link{ self: /apiā€¦ } thing
18:51 oleonard              name, cardnumber, borrowernumber
18:51 tcohen                is so you can use it for
18:51 tcohen                PUT res->_links->self priority
18:52 tcohen                PUT res->_links->self + '/priority'
18:52 tcohen                I mean
18:52 tcohen                we could then embed the patron object
18:58 oleonard              Sorry tcohen, I'll be better able to discuss it after I try an implementation
18:59 * oleonard            back tomorrow
19:08 tcohen                @later tell oleonard ok!
19:08 huginn                tcohen: The operation succeeded.
22:14 jstallings            I am running version that has suddenly stopped displaying search results in OPAC and intranet. Search (Zebra...) still runs, since I have page navigation buttons and facets, but the results do not show.
22:15 jstallings            Any idea where I might start looking? I attempted to upgrade, since it is about that time, but got stuck on a number of (Perl!) dependencies that are not installable or "not going to be installed."
22:16 wizzyrea              do you have a custom xslt?
22:17 wizzyrea              ^ if you do, you should disable it
22:17 caroline_crazycatlady are all the records missing or only some?
22:17 jstallings            I doubt it, only because I'm the one who installed it a few years ago and I'm not sure what an xslt is.
22:18 caroline_crazycatlady We ran into a similar problem with titles that had -- in them
22:18 caroline_crazycatlady for xslt, check the system preferences and make sure they are at default or nothing
22:19 jstallings            All three are "default"
22:20 caroline_crazycatlady can you try with nothing? just to test
22:20 jstallings            Sure. Checking now.
22:22 jstallings            Nothing. I have them all cleared out, but the result is the same.
22:22 wizzyrea              well, your logs might tell you something, either /var/log/koha/<instance>/opac-error.log or /var/log/koha/<instance>/plack.log
22:23 wizzyrea              (i'd look in the plack one first and if nothing interesting, go to the opac-error.log)
22:23 wizzyrea              sorry plack-error.log
22:23 wizzyrea              caroline_crazycatlady, you really had trouble with titles with -- in them?!
22:23 wizzyrea              that breaks my brain.
22:24 wizzyrea              recently?!
22:24 caroline_crazycatlady yes, apparently a recent version of xslt uses -- as comment
22:25 caroline_crazycatlady so as soon as a title had --, the whole record was commented
22:25 jstallings            Is it a clue that I have no plack-error.log?
22:25 wizzyrea              https://66.media.tumblr.com/822286b294f306d2b669ed487927e05f/tumblr_oo6ljlBXQU1u24lj5o1_r2_250.gif
22:26 wizzyrea              hm, not really
22:26 wizzyrea              it just means you aren't running plack
22:26 wizzyrea              this just suddenly started?
22:27 caroline_crazycatlady I have to go, good night!
22:27 wizzyrea              byee
22:28 jstallings            Two days ago. error-log clip: https://pastebin.com/cQyY7WGf
22:35 wizzyrea              well, that's all very odd I haven't seen it fail in that particular way before
22:35 wizzyrea              error decoding record seems kinda telling tho
22:36 wizzyrea              for funsies, have you restarted the server at all? you're not out of disk space or something like that are you?
22:36 wizzyrea              and you have good backups?
22:36 wizzyrea              plz tell me you have good backups
22:40 jstallings            Ha, I have good backups! I have done all the Zebra resetting (after the issue began) b/c that's the usual search issue. I haven't restarted the server. I'm on an aws instance and haven't seen any downtime/space issues.
22:42 jstallings            Here's a look at the intranet search if an image helps: https://pasteboard.co/IvUAC17.png
22:44 jstallings            If I search for a specific title, it fails to add the bibnumber to the URL, leading to "The record you requested does not exist ()." If I enter a bibnumber manually, the item page loads normally.
23:06 wizzyrea              yeah hm, I'd restart (and test) in this order: Zebra, Mysql and then
23:06 wizzyrea              if neither of those thing
23:06 wizzyrea              reindex zebra
23:06 wizzyrea              and if not that
23:06 wizzyrea              then not sure exactly where to go
23:06 wizzyrea              sorry I was afk :)
23:22 jstallings            Thanks for your help! Zebra restarted, mysql restarted, Zebra reindexed, still same errors.