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06:35 reiveune           hello
06:35 wahanui            que tal, reiveune
06:36 matts              hello !
06:59 alex_a             bonjour
07:08 liliputech_asu     bonjour :)
09:25 cait               hi #koha
09:33 magnuse            hi cait
09:36 cait               hi magnuse :)
11:31 oleonard           Hi all
11:39 oleonard           So quiet... Everyone must still be hung over from magnuse's birthday bash
11:51 oleonard           cait around?
11:54 cait               kind of
11:54 cait               have a meeting in 6 minutes
11:54 cait               oleonard:
11:54 ashimema           mornin'
11:54 ashimema           oleonard is here :)
11:54 oleonard           cait: Bug 7074 looks like it's missing a change to the template
11:54 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=7074 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Show subtitle, part and number of a record in list of checkins
11:54 cait               you are right
11:54 cait               hope i didn#t lose that
11:55 cait               might be stashed away
11:55 cait               failing myself :)
11:55 cait               thx for testing!
11:57 cait               oleonard++
12:26 ashimema           you got a moment oleonard?
12:27 ashimema           or anyone else decent with jQuery/JS
12:38 oleonard           ashimema: Yes
12:42 ashimema           ever seen a loop where you have a jQuery.submit(function(e){}); is called when performing a jQuery.submit() action.. I thought it was designed to not do that.
12:42 ashimema           weirdly.. on the same page I'm also seing the oposite behaviour with another submit action
12:43 ashimema           I'm trying to clone the change modal from paycollect to my point of sale pay screen
12:44 oleonard           What do you mean, designed to not do that?
12:44 ashimema           one tick.. I'll do a paste
12:46 ashimema           http://paste.koha-community.org/6395
12:48 oleonard           I think it makes sense to me... What part is at issue?
12:49 ashimema           maybe I'm misunderstanding something.. I'll go re-read the docs rather than disturb you further
12:49 ashimema           though.. I don't see how it works in paycollect as it's doing the same thing as far as I can see
12:49 oleonard           I don't mind... I just don't think I understand your question
12:50 ashimema           I don't want the jQuery submit action to trigger the submit function.. and I thought it wasn't meant to (to prevent you getting into loops)
12:50 ashimema           there must be some sort of event bubbling I'm not thinking of
12:51 ashimema           moving onto an entirely different topic..
12:52 oleonard           I see. paycollect.tt lines 316-332 are confusing... The submit function contains a submit()
12:52 oleonard           Using the validation plugin there might be more straightforward
12:52 ashimema           any thoughts on how bug 23307 could have affects the patrons search results datatable in such a way that the selenium tests are now failing
12:53 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23307 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Add columns configuration to cataloguing/z3950_search.tt
12:53 oleonard           On patron search results??
12:54 oleonard           Oh maybe... changes to columns_settings.inc... I'll take a look
12:59 ashimema           wierd.. it's when you 'filter' the existing table.. it seems to try to do a redraw on a badly undefined datatable object
12:59 * ashimema         wonders if it's the usual DataTable vs dataTable issue
12:59 ashimema           but somehow hidden away
12:59 oleonard           I think so...
13:00 oleonard           The patron search results don't work for me if I click one of the alphabet links
13:00 ashimema           ok.. so selenium did catch something broken..
13:01 ashimema           I just couldn't read the results of the test properly.. lol
13:05 ashimema           PS.. on paycollect.. it's actually lines https://github.com/Koha-Community/Koha/blob/master/koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/modules/members/paycollect.tt#L295-L313 which confuse me..
13:05 ashimema           line 312 somehow magically does not trigger lines 296
13:05 oleonard           ashimema: It works for me if I change member.tt replacing dtMemberResults.fnDraw(); with dtMemberResults.DataTable().draw()();
13:05 oleonard           Sorry, not two () at the end
13:06 ashimema           I wonder if there is any other breakage we've not spotted yet..
13:06 ashimema           I can make that change reasonably easily as an RM followup
13:06 ashimema           I bet the other cases of fnDraw need the same treatment on that page
13:07 oleonard           Yes, 3 instances
13:09 oleonard           I'm confused though... My patch didn't change the way the table variable was returned
13:09 ashimema           weird
13:11 ashimema           what version of datatables are we currently running again?
13:11 ashimema           I thought 'DataTable' was only introduced in 1.10.x series and we were still on 1.9.x series in the staff client
13:12 oleonard           DataTable was introduced before 1.10.x
13:12 ashimema           interesting.. the docs all seem to suggest it came in at 1.10
13:13 oleonard           Oh... Maybe I'm wrong
13:14 oleonard           No, we're on 1.10.10
13:14 ashimema           ooh...
13:14 ashimema           very interesting.. I though twe were on a late 1.9
13:14 ashimema           that explains allot
13:15 ashimema           right.. so your lines above.. doesn't the .DataTable() create a new datatable object rather than using the existing one..
13:15 ashimema           no.. ignore me
13:16 oleonard           I'm concerned that I'm missing something though... Reverting Bug 23307's change to line 105 of columns_settings.inc fixes the patron search results error
13:16 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23307 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, RESOLVED FIXED, Add columns configuration to cataloguing/z3950_search.tt
13:19 oleonard           Ugh
13:19 ashimema           ohh..
13:19 ashimema           that'll be it..
13:19 oleonard           23307 may be a problem :(
13:19 ashimema           you change how KohaTable instantiates a dataTable object
13:19 ashimema           from dataTable to DataTable
13:20 ashimema           why not assign on line 105?
13:20 oleonard           Yeah... dataTable() modifies the table variable creating in columns_settings.inc, turning it into a DataTable object
13:20 oleonard           DataTable() does not
13:20 oleonard           ... as far as I can tell...
13:23 ashimema           oh.. interesting
13:23 ashimema           we have been returning the jQuery object.. not the result of the call to instantiate a databable...
13:24 ashimema           so.. with the old dataTable way of doing things that resulted in the same thing.. as it added to the jQuery object.. with the new DataTable style it creates a new object and returns that.. leaving the jQuery object as was..
13:25 * ashimema         realises that's exactly what you just said
13:25 oleonard           Reverting the change to line 105 of columns_settings.inc both fixes the patron search results and doesn't break Z39.50 columns configuration. So it must have been unnecessary
13:25 ashimema           I think that all makes sense
13:26 ashimema           do you think we aught to advocate using one form over the other in our guildines?
13:26 ashimema           I'm thinking dataTable for all.. and if someone wants to use the new api they use the .api() method to get to it..
13:27 ashimema           it's confusing have both in wide use within koha
13:27 oleonard           I think I'm more concerned about the varying use of KohaTable vs. dataTable
13:27 ashimema           right.. in this case I'll just do a followup to rever the call in column_settings
13:28 ashimema           if you can come up with a sane enough guideline I'd be happy to back it at the next dev meeting ;)
13:28 oleonard           If we standardize on KohaTable, changes to columns_settings.inc won't have varying outcomes
13:28 ashimema           idneed
13:28 * oleonard         doesn't want to make blanket statements like that when discussing something he broke...
13:29 oleonard           selenium++
13:32 ashimema           :)
13:32 huginn`            News from kohagit: Bug 23307: (RM follow-up) Fix breaking change to columns_settings.inc <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=133090902f01d0b5af83091850dda75d13925506>
13:32 caroline_catlady   good morning!
13:34 oleonard           Hi caroline_catlady
13:35 oleonard           ashimema: You said earlier, "line 312 somehow magically does not trigger lines 296" Is that what you found in testing?
13:35 oleonard           (paycollect.tt)
13:36 ashimema           yup.. well.. actually I haven't logged it out..
13:36 ashimema           but I can't see how it can be triggered as if it was I believe we'd be stuck in a loop
13:36 oleonard           I don't think so
13:41 ashimema           console logged.. it doesn't trigger the submit action when you confirm the modal
13:41 ashimema           I don't see why
13:41 ashimema           I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious
13:42 huginn`            News from kohagit: Bug 23416: DBRev <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=78c2800bc833759302bf68e1dc3a4fed26a5163e>
13:42 huginn`            News from kohagit: Bug 23416: (QA follow-up) Add IGNORE to updatedatabase SQL statement <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=d559e89596cef1848c5eaef5554a1fc49d899f88>
13:42 huginn`            News from kohagit: Bug 23434: Hold confirmation dialog problem if HoldsAutoFill is enabled <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=e1b79db3e52c8041c5fd18fd0ee250bf7636bd4e>
13:42 huginn`            News from kohagit: Bug 23416: Add PreserveSerialNotes system preference <http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=a64c8cd1a4b2c237b3abf777480d7fc8733986d3>
13:47 oleonard           ashimema: I'm missing it too
14:06 koha-jenkins       Yippee, build fixed!
14:06 wahanui            Congratulations!
14:06 koha-jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D9 build #838: FIXED in 31 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D9/838/
14:15 koha-jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #347: STILL UNSTABLE in 42 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/347/
14:16 koha-jenkins       Yippee, build fixed!
14:16 wahanui            Congratulations!
14:16 koha-jenkins       Project Koha_Master_U18 build #324: FIXED in 41 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_U18/324/
14:21 cait               khall++ thx!
14:22 cait               oleonard++ thx :)
14:28 caroline_catlady   I can't find the translation strings for the MarkLostItemsAsReturned pull-down options. Am I not looking in the right place? If I search MarkLostItemsAsReturned in Pootle I only get the sentence and the period, but not the options
14:29 cait               hmm
14:29 cait               what are the options int his case?
14:29 cait               does it pull data from somewhere?
14:29 cait               oh
14:30 cait               is it the multi-check thing?
14:30 caroline_catlady   yes
14:30 cait               i am not sure if that one is translatable :(
14:30 caroline_catlady   boo! :(
14:30 cait               thinking of another place we have this... marcexport something?
14:30 caroline_catlady   in the sys prefs?
14:30 cait               yep
14:30 cait               sec
14:31 cait               hm yeah, not translated either
14:31 cait               OpacExportOptions
14:31 caroline_catlady   I will try manually adding the strings in the po file
14:32 cait               i don't think it will work
14:32 cait               but you can try and prove me wrong :)
14:32 wizzyrea           hi friends
14:32 cait               caroline_catlady: can you file a bug too?
14:33 caroline_catlady   did not work :(
14:33 * caroline_catlady sighs
14:34 reiveune           bye
14:35 * ashimema         is losing the plot
14:35 koha-jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D9 build #839: SUCCESS in 29 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D9/839/
14:44 caroline_catlady   added bug 23452
14:44 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23452 normal, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Multi-check options in system preferences are not translatable
14:44 caroline_catlady   There are a lot more sysprefs that use that system that I thought
14:52 koha-jenkins       Project Koha_Master_U18 build #325: SUCCESS in 36 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_U18/325/
14:56 koha-jenkins       Yippee, build fixed!
14:56 wahanui            Congratulations!
14:56 koha-jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #348: FIXED in 41 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/348/
15:33 caroline_catlady   It seems the decimal rounding thing is somewhat corrected in master
15:33 caroline_catlady   I can still enter 0.251 in circ rules and it will show as 0.25 (even when trying to edit, which is a bit alarming)
15:33 caroline_catlady   but when calculating the fines, it rounds it?
15:34 caroline_catlady   I've been doing tests and I only get 2 decimal fines
15:35 caroline_catlady   oh nvm I might have been doinmg tests wrongs
15:35 caroline_catlady   ^_^;
15:36 caroline_catlady   ok yeah, it's still not corrected
15:41 caroline_catlady   The only things that is somewhat corrected is that when editing a circ rule, it will show only the two decimals (which doesn't represent what is in the db) but when you save it, it saved only the two decimals
16:23 oleonard           We really need some boilerplate "this is how you test a translation bug"
16:25 caroline_catlady   step-by-step?
16:27 oleonard           Yes. It seems like it could be very generalized.  Do you know of anything already written up?
16:30 caroline_catlady   there doesn't seem to be anything in the wiki
16:30 caroline_catlady   only about how to translate
16:32 caroline_catlady   would this help? It's for translators https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Translating_Koha#Testing_your_translation
16:32 oleonard           I don't think that applies to testing i18n-related patches
16:37 caroline_catlady   Would trying translate update and seeing if the string appears in the po suffice?
16:43 oleonard           With Bug 23452 it looks like the strings are already in the po, they're just not used by the plugin
16:43 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23452 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, ASSIGNED , Multiple select options in system preferences are not translatable
16:43 oleonard           That eases the test plan.
16:44 caroline_catlady   are they already in the po file?
16:46 caroline_catlady   When I search for MarkLostItem... in the fr-CA-pref.po there are only two strings
16:49 oleonard           Maybe I misunderstand what bug you're seeing
17:28 oleonard           Okay, caroline_catlady, I thought it would be a plugin or template problem but I think it's an issue with the translation script
17:55 caroline_catlady   the translation script can't see those strings?
17:56 oleonard           That's my guess
18:26 oleonard           @seen fredericd
18:26 huginn`            oleonard: fredericd was last seen in #koha 6 weeks, 3 days, 8 hours, 37 minutes, and 54 seconds ago: <fredericd> My password doesn't work anymore, and when I try to reset it, I don't receive any email from BZ
19:36 * andreashm        waves
19:40 caroline_catlady   hi andreashm!
19:41 andreashm          hi caroline_catlady