Time  Nick               Message
05:49 calire             morning #koha
06:32 reiveune           hello
06:33 fridolin           hi
07:01 alex_a             bonjour
07:43 * magnuse          waves
08:27 vfernandes         hi #koha
10:04 * cait             waves at davidnind
10:05 cait               thanks :)
10:07 davidnind          cait++
10:08 cait               alex_a: was item search your baby?
10:08 cait               trying to see if ic an help a new German user on bug 23402
10:08 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23402 minor, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Similar to #19706: Item search doesn't work with screen selected
10:09 cait               or maybe someone else coudl give it a try?
10:37 davidnind          cait: I ran a quick test on the 19.05.02 instance I have running and didn't get any error messages - didn't specify a specific item, just got all the results
10:55 cait               super odd
10:55 cait               could you comment?
11:00 cait               hm probably missed him
11:00 cait               davidnind++ thx for testing
11:00 davidnind          have added commet
11:00 cait               oh great ,thx
11:01 cait               btw #koha - I am on vacation next week
11:08 davidnind          cait: have good break!
11:12 cait               thx :)
11:16 davidnind          cait: Do you know the best way to change a merge request? In this case it is for the manual, and I'd like to get Holly to rename the image and to crop it so it only shows the relevant bit.
11:17 cait               hm
11:17 cait               i think she canjust make the changes on her branch
11:17 cait               the merge request will automatically update
11:17 cait               they are still linked
11:18 davidnind          thanks cait, I'll ask her to update it and then go from there, will see what happens!
11:32 magnuse            davidnind++
12:53 caroline_catlady   bonjour!
12:54 magnuse            hello caroline_catlady
12:58 caroline_catlady   cait around? Or anyone doing training?
13:05 oleonard           Hi everyone, sorry I'm late.
13:06 caroline_catlady   oleonard are you the Koha administrator in your library?
13:06 caroline_catlady   (like do people come to you when they have questions on functionalities?)
13:06 oleonard           Only in the staff client administration sense. ByWater runs our server
13:07 caroline_catlady   Do you ever have to explain circulation rules?
13:08 oleonard           Yes, frequently XD
13:08 caroline_catlady   I'm having so much trouble explaining the "All item types" rules... It makes perfect sense to me, but when I explain them people look at me with big empty eyes
13:09 oleonard           Talking to librarians?
13:10 caroline_catlady   yes
13:10 caroline_catlady   the systems librarians or the library director if the library doesn't have a systems librarian
13:11 caroline_catlady   The way I explain it is that Koha looks at each rule from top to bottom and stop when it finds a rule that matches.
13:11 caroline_catlady   So if you have Patron category XYZ and All item types, of course it's going to stop there
13:13 oleonard           Maybe our rules aren't complicated enough to have caused confusion
13:16 caroline_catlady   good for you! lol :)
13:34 oleonard           Hi wizzyrea
13:44 wizzyrea           good morning
13:44 wizzyrea           how we doin fam
13:49 oleonard           I is doin fine. Kids are panicking a little about it being August.
13:52 calire             what happens in August?
13:53 oleonard           School starts at the end of the month
13:53 calire             oooh
14:26 oleonard           The system preferences interface rabbit hole goes so deep
14:34 * kidclamp         looks at the can of worms. looks at the opener, pushes them to oleoonard
14:36 oleonard           The whole business of these lines in system preferences which are just notes... They seem to apply to categories of preferences which don't really exist
14:37 oleonard           Their placement is kind of random
14:38 oleonard           "Using resources such as external images might leak sensitive data to third parties" That's under the Adlibris preferences, but applies to all the 3rd party services
14:39 kidclamp           interesting
14:40 oleonard           We have a section called "All" which has the FRBRizeEditions prefs, and the note "you can only choose one source of cover images from below, otherwise Koha will show the images from all sources selected. "
14:40 oleonard           It's like we need to have (and display) a third layer of categorization
14:41 oleonard           All I wanted to do was keep my little system preference link copier from showing up on those dumb notes lines and now I can't see daylight
14:50 reiveune           bye
15:00 * oleonard         will bbiab
15:14 Guest8927          hi, could anyone tell me if it is possible to make the item field e "source of acquisition" a drop-down selection?
15:16 caroline_catlady   Guest8927: yes it is possible, you have to create an authorized values list and then link that list to the 952$e field in your MARC framwork
15:17 Guest8927          okay thank you very much caroline :D
15:17 caroline_catlady   no problem!
15:18 * caroline_catlady loves authorized values
15:19 Guest8927          lol that's cool
15:21 Guest8927          trying it out at the moment
15:21 lisettelatah       on a similar note is there a way to link an authorized value list to the collection title on the "Enter a new Purchase Suggestion" page?
15:21 caroline_catlady   in the staff client?
15:22 caroline_catlady   Just checked and no, I don't think so
15:23 caroline_catlady   :(
15:23 oleonard           I don't even know what collection title is for
15:23 oleonard           I assume it wasn't intended to be collection code... If so it's unfinished
15:24 caroline_catlady   I think it's for when publishers have collections
15:24 * caroline_catlady is trying to think of an example is english but is failing
15:25 oleonard           There's always been a tension between tailoring that form for the general public and making it very specific
15:26 lisettelatah       It would be nice if we could do extra fields, similar to extra patron attributes to better customize the form. We are planning on putting in a bunch of JQ soon to hide some fields we don't want and rename some of them to gather information we do want.
15:28 caroline_catlady   yeah, I think JQ is the only way to go for now. But you won't be able to add fields...
15:31 oleonard           We need a "SuggestionUnwantedFields" similar to what we have for the patron entry form
15:32 Guest8927          hi caroline, so i just finished trying what you said
15:32 lisettelatah       Agreed. there is a bug for adding custom fields 21329 and there was some discussion there about putting in another bug for SuggestionUnwantedFields, but no one ever put that bug in. I'll do that now.
15:32 Guest8927          but when I finished the first segment of entering data, and move into the add item section of staff client
15:33 Guest8927          it doesn't give the drop down
15:34 Guest8927          was your suggestion only for the first segment of adding to catalogue and not the second where the items section is?
15:35 caroline_catlady   the first segment was creating an authorized values list
15:36 caroline_catlady   the second was going into Administration > MARC Bibliographic Framework and editing subfield 952$e to add the authorized values list
15:36 lisettelatah       Added SuggestionUnwanted Fields as bug 23420
15:36 huginn`            Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23420 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Add "SuggestionsUnwantedFields"
15:36 caroline_catlady   lisettelatah++
15:36 Guest8927          had done that :(
15:37 caroline_catlady   :(
15:37 Guest8927          i did it incorrectly lol
15:37 Guest8927          i put it in advanced options and not other options > authorised values
15:37 caroline_catlady   stupid question, are you using the same framework when cataloguing?
15:37 Guest8927          i'm sorry caroline
15:38 Guest8927          forgive me
15:38 Guest8927          lol
15:38 caroline_catlady   ah opk!
15:38 Guest8927          trying it again
15:38 caroline_catlady   good!
15:39 Guest8927          it works but not in the way i would like lol
15:40 Guest8927          952e removes the source of acquisition from items. is there a way to make it general without being restricted to framework?
15:41 caroline_catlady   what do you mean it removes it?
15:45 Guest8927          well, so after the add bibliographic holdings (if i am getting the term right)
15:45 Guest8927          the add item information part that comes after it
15:46 caroline_catlady   and it's not in the item form anymore?
15:46 Guest8927          has a section for "source of acquisition"
15:46 Guest8927          since placing the option in 952$e
15:46 Guest8927          it disappears
15:46 Guest8927          yes that is correct caroline
15:47 caroline_catlady   can you send me a screeshot of the framework options that you put in?
15:47 caroline_catlady   (Sorry, I'm very visual)
15:55 caroline_catlady   Guest8927: I did it for one client, heres what it looks like Basic constraints https://snag.gy/8Qsek9.jpg  / Advanced constraints https://snag.gy/ox7t8L.jpg  / Other options https://snag.gy/Jjmbu5.jpg
15:55 caroline_catlady   Going to lunch bbl
16:00 Guest8927          alright cool, i am in a meeting so bbl for me too
16:43 Guest8927          @caroline, https://snag.gy/XaRV6P.jpg is before adding the constraint and https://snag.gy/inxTy9.jpg is after adding the constraint
16:43 huginn`            Guest8927: downloading the Perl source
16:43 Guest8927          you will notice that "e" has disappeared
17:38 caroline_catlady   Guest8927: if you remove the auth values list, does the e come back?
17:46 Guest8927          from the link
17:47 Guest8927          checking
17:49 Guest8927          when i take it out and turn off 952 field it returns
17:49 caroline_catlady   what do you mean by "turn off 952" ?
17:51 Guest8927          okay, when i hide 952 field from bibliographic entry, the drop down now shows in the items entry :)
17:51 Guest8927          but only for the specific framework
17:51 Guest8927          so seems i will have to set the constraint for each framework XD
17:51 caroline_catlady   oh yes, that is the normal behaviour
17:52 Guest8927          okay, cool
17:52 Guest8927          thank you very much for your patience and help caroline :D
17:52 caroline_catlady   no problem! I'm glad it worked in the end! :)
17:52 Guest8927          yup :)
17:52 Guest8927          now i can go on lunch as well lol
17:53 Guest8927          that's it for the day
17:53 caroline_catlady   have a good lunch and weekend!
21:43 caroline_catlady   is it normal behaviour that I don't see my basket when everything in it has been received? I don't remember it that way, but maybe it is
21:43 caroline_catlady   (in acquisitions)
21:43 cait               yep
21:43 cait               but there is a little checkbox on top
21:43 cait               that will make the fully received ones visible
21:44 caroline_catlady   lol, I wasn't expecting an answer at this time! I thought no one was there ;)
21:44 cait               boo :)
21:44 caroline_catlady   is that new (the "Show all baskets")?
21:47 cait               nope
21:47 cait               sorry :)
21:48 cait               not sure about the exact version, but it#s been a while
21:48 cait               the issue was too many baskets in the search for libraries using the module for a long time, so default is only showing the ones where not all has been received
21:48 caroline_catlady   ok, just never noticed it before now :)
21:48 caroline_catlady   Adding that tidbit to the manual
21:49 cait               cool!
22:19 caroline_catlady   have a good weekend everyone!