Time  Nick             Message
23:06 wizzyrea         hi alexbuckley :D
22:19 alexbuckley      hi wizzyrea!
21:21 wizzyrea         hi aleisha
20:46 huginn`          Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=23378 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , Invalid OPAC search RSS: unescaped characters
20:46 tuxayo           *bug 23378
20:46 tuxayo           Were there valid XML? 23378
20:46 tuxayo           Has anyone use OPAC RSS search results during the last years?
20:46 tuxayo           Hi, saluton, hola! :)
19:19 wizzyrea         gonna guess no on that one
18:35 edveal           Has anyone added a custom Modal to the staff client using jQuery based on a custom Patron attribut type?
15:56 Guest8331        heading off, cheers all
15:40 Guest8331        thanks wizzy
15:34 Guest8331        ?
15:34 Guest8331        code it to pre-trigger the autofill fields
15:34 Guest8331        oh, that makes sense
15:33 wizzyrea         probably, with jquery
15:33 Guest8331        is it possible to make the auto-fill fields, fill out without having to click them.  that is for when adding a new item to catalogue
15:32 Guest8331        i have a question, that I have not been able to locate any information on so far.
15:31 Guest8331        lol okay, well that is better than not doing well
15:31 wizzyrea         well enough i suppose
15:30 csmith           hi all, how you doing today?
15:13 reiveune         bye
14:50 FReddy_Enrique   :D
14:50 * FReddy_Enrique vows
14:32 wizzyrea         hi
13:57 ashimema         hello tcohen
13:57 tcohen           am i online?
13:37 caroline_catlady good morning everyone!
13:27 tcohen           morning
12:29 calire           :D
12:28 matts            You purring little devil.
12:28 matts            Now we're both hot, great, thanks.
12:28 matts            My cat doesn't seem to understand the concept of summer, and keeps coming on my lap -_-
12:24 calire           I'm holding an ice pack to my face, mainly because of tooth ache, but the cooling is good in this heat, would recommend. (would not recommend tooth ache)
12:23 eythian          well, after lunch
12:23 eythian          I had ice cream for lunch.
12:21 calire           o/ melting
12:21 matts            or just melting
12:17 eythian          I guess everyone is either in the sun or avoiding the heat today
07:23 ashimema         kidclamp++ # Thanks for stepping into the breach last night
07:23 ashimema         morning #koha
07:22 liliputech_asu   morning :)
06:40 fridolin         hi
06:38 calire           morning+
06:37 reiveune         hello
03:28 tcohen           hi