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07:25 magnuse      \o/
07:40 reiveune     hello
07:59 alex_a       bonjour
08:08 cait         good morning #koha :)
08:11 magnuse      kia ora cait alex_a reiveune
08:11 reiveune     \o_
08:25 cait         @later tell AndrewIsh ping!
08:25 huginn       cait: The operation succeeded.
08:44 cait         hm anyone else having issues with restart_all on master?
08:44 cait         it looks like the records haven't been added
08:46 cait         hm Can't locate Catmandu/Importer/MARC.pm in @INC (you may need to install the Catmandu::Importer::MARC module)
08:50 cait         ok, missing package, fixed it
08:51 cait         hi AndrewIsh
08:51 cait         happy new year :)
09:03 AndrewIsh    Happy New Year to you cait!
09:05 saa          i just want to know is it possible for google to directly search for books available in koha by running a query and in url giving the url of koha opac
09:23 cait         does someone have a moment to stare at perl with me?
09:23 cait         trying to see why my restricted items are not hidden in the opac
09:50 cait         Joubu: around?
10:04 ashimema     Hi cait
10:04 ashimema     Just grabbing a cuppa then I'm happy to lend a hand
10:07 cait         :)
10:08 ashimema     fire away.. :tea: is secured
10:08 cait         i have a first atttempt of patch ready, but i will need help figuring out tests i think
10:08 cait         give me 5 minutes, just uploading the patch, i thin it's easier then
10:08 ashimema     :)
10:08 cait         bug 10676
10:08 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10676 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, REOPENED , OpacHiddenItems not working for restricted
10:08 cait         found the problem, just fixing is a bit tricky
10:09 cait         if you have a look at the last comment
10:15 tcohen       morning
10:15 cait         ashimema: patch uploaded
10:16 cait         morning tcohen
10:17 cait         ashimema: could you have a look? next i'd need some pointers for a test I guess, if we want a test for that change... not sure where to put it
10:18 ashimema     okies
10:20 cait         I've done quite a bit of code review - I think i caught all occurrences using GetItemsInfo and doing something with restricted
10:26 * ashimema   is still reading
10:29 ashimema     patch look sane to me
10:29 ashimema     just getting my head around the problem in the first place a bit though
10:32 ashimema     right.. I get it now
10:32 ashimema     so..
10:32 ashimema     tests
10:32 ashimema     fun
10:34 ashimema     man GetItemsInfo is seriously under tested right now
10:35 ashimema     so.. you likely want to add tests into here cait https://github.com/Koha-Community/Koha/blob/5f34dd06ec66b11a914e49eb611714ea4c72771d/t/db_dependent/Items.t#L251
10:35 ashimema     the important part is that 'restricted' is an integer and not a string if I'm reading your bug right
10:36 ashimema     though in fact..
10:36 ashimema     just testing that the return of GetItemsInfo contains all the expected fields would cover it too I think..
10:36 ashimema     in effect 'fixing' the routine signature at the tests level.
10:38 ashimema     so.. I 'think' what I'd do to enforce that return signature is stick a Dumper in around line 288 for `Dumper($results[0])` to see what the current signature is..
10:39 ashimema     then add a series of `is ( exists($results[0]->{field_name}), "field_name exists in result")` tests for each key of the hash in the Dumper
10:39 ashimema     tcohen.. it's a nast work around but do you agree that's a reasonable approach to testing the return signature of a method?
10:40 cait         sorry, got stuck at a coworker's desk, reading now
10:41 ashimema     oh.. (ok not is in the above example)
10:41 cait         can you define return signature for me?
10:41 cait         still slightly confused .)
10:41 ashimema     what the 'return' from the method looks like
10:41 ashimema     hense the 'dumper' of the return
10:42 ashimema     that shows you the methods 'return signature'
10:42 ashimema     it's probably not the right term..
10:42 ashimema     method signatures are usually used to say what the method expects
10:42 ashimema     or in general what the 'input/output' of a method is
10:43 cait         ok, looking at the existing tests now
10:43 cait         at least has it's own subtest already
10:45 cait         do we assume sample data exists?
10:45 cait         or would i have to add a restricted value?
10:45 cait         authorised value entry i mean
10:46 ashimema     it uses TestBuilder so it should be OK
10:46 cait         i know, but only for some
10:46 cait         restricted is linked to an authorised value
10:46 ashimema     and with 'ok(exists(),)' as the test we're just testing that the key exists rather than what the value is.
10:47 cait         can I assume that exists?
10:47 ashimema     we could add a further level of test for each field which did `is(ref(field), 'SCALAR','') for example to check that each value is of the right 'type'
10:47 cait         https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/getitemsinfo
10:48 cait         i already added a restricted value to the item above
10:48 cait         to make sure it's set
10:48 ashimema     I'd run that and see what it spits out as a first step
10:49 ashimema     oh, I see what you mean
10:49 ashimema     I bet TestBuilder doesn't get clever with authorized values
10:49 ashimema     not sure how it could
10:49 ashimema     so yeah.. you may need to create that authorized value too
10:50 ashimema     else the method in theory should explode.. but I bet it fails more quietly than that
10:50 cait         not exploding - it tests against my db
10:50 cait         i have the value of course
10:50 cait         so... I think i can't just do some dbh these days to add it? or can i?
10:51 cait         probably not
10:51 cait         so looking how to add the values properly
10:51 ashimema     I'd probably use builder to add a new authorized value.. then use the result from that
10:51 cait         hm
10:51 cait         ok
10:52 cait         not really familiar with how to use the builder so far, i will look at some code
10:52 cait         added the dumper ouput to the pad
10:53 cait         the generated item is not very exciting
10:53 ashimema     hehe.. it shouldn't be expecially exciting
10:54 ashimema     just important that we're not changing the reponse form without thinking about the consequences in the future
10:54 cait         i think this one looks quite safe
10:54 cait         hash
10:54 cait         no worries about the sequence
10:54 ashimema     :)
10:54 ashimema     indeed
10:54 cait         other old methods would be worse
10:54 ashimema     but we should be ensureing all the keys are present in the has
10:55 ashimema     but we should be ensureing all the keys are present in the hash
10:55 cait         can the builder build everything?
10:55 cait         or just some types of things?
10:55 ashimema     tcohen ^ ?
10:56 ashimema     I've not used it in massive depth yet myself either
10:56 * cait       sends hazelnut cookies to tochen
10:58 cait         bribery...
10:59 tcohen       ?
11:00 tcohen       what are we talking abuot? it is too long
11:00 cait         i am working on tests
11:00 tcohen       to read :P
11:00 cait         updating the pad, one sec
11:01 cait         tcohen: i changed GetItemsInfo
11:01 cait         now i am trying to test it
11:01 cait         https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/getitemsinfo
11:01 cait         bug is 10676
11:01 cait         bug 10676
11:01 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=10676 minor, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , OpacHiddenItems not working for restricted
11:01 cait         actually 2 of my tests failing and i don't see why
11:02 tcohen       is_deeply?
11:02 cait         ?
11:02 tcohen       nm
11:03 tcohen       I'd write a hash, and use is_deeply to compare the results with that hash
11:04 cait         as we generate data... it seems hard to kow what to compare to
11:05 cait         but can you tell why my test fails?
11:05 cait         oh
11:05 cait         exists
11:05 cait         gah.
11:06 cait         tcohen: let's get away from that and back to the test data
11:06 cait         do we assume authorised values exist like with the sample data?
11:06 cait         and if not... how to add them
11:06 tcohen       cait remember you can use $builder->build_object({ class => 'Koha::Libraries' })
11:07 cait         I don't remember heh
11:07 cait         and i haven't writen most of that test
11:07 tcohen       I just spotted you actually fetch the Koha::Library object at some point
11:07 tcohen       ok
11:07 cait         i am only adding a few lines so far
11:08 tcohen       you shouldn't count on existing data
11:08 cait         ok, tests pass now - now to add the authorised value
11:09 cait         would i use testbuilder for that? or another method?
11:09 cait         I wan to add RESTRICTED 1, Restricted Access, Restricted Access OPAC or similar to authorised_values
11:14 cait         hm found some code... working on it
11:14 ashimema     :)
11:15 cait         now my problem is, that my db already has the values
11:15 cait         i could just delete everything before starting... but that sems a bit much
11:15 cait         or i culd try and check if the data exists, which is harder
11:15 cait         the authorised_vlaues test just uses
11:15 cait         Koha::AuthorisedValues->delete;
11:15 cait         Koha::AuthorisedValueCategories->delete;
11:18 cait         but i thin then it also deletes the mapping in the framework
11:18 cait         assuming we have not even the mandatory data... probably mean we have no frameworks either? ;)
11:18 cait         https://mensuel.framapad.org/p/getitemsinfo
11:19 cait         how far do we really go in assuming no data?
11:19 cait         tcohen: ?
11:23 * cait       thinks he is hiding
11:24 tcohen       I would only care about authorised values
11:25 cait         hm ok, i can set that to a super high value
11:25 cait         but there is no guarantee the db doesn't has it... so would have to test too
11:25 cait         or assume the mandatory data is there
11:26 tcohen       maybe delete the authorized values
11:32 pastebot     "tcohen" at pasted "ashimema, cait: this is what I'm doing" (51 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/1416
11:34 cait         my tests ass now - pasted, checking out yours now :)
11:37 ashimema     :)
11:37 cait         hm
11:37 cait         would my simple stuff be acceptable like that?
11:38 cait         ... in light we might get right of GetItemsInfo (woudl not complain) eventually
11:38 ashimema     seems sane enough to me
11:43 cait         patches uploaded, time for lunch
11:43 cait         ashimema++ tcohen++
11:43 cait         thx a lot
12:06 magnuse      cait++
12:31 oleonard     Hi #koha
12:41 cait         hi oleonard :)
12:42 magnuse      hi oleonard
12:42 wahanui      hi oleopard
12:44 cait         ashimema: tcohen: I filed that bug in 2013... so... yep, that feels good now :)
12:46 magnuse      nice!
12:47 oleonard     Now for the 277 bugs filed in 2013 which are still "NEW" ...
12:48 cait         give me a bit more time plz ;)
12:50 oleonard     *sigh* okay
12:53 tcohen       cait++
13:41 cait         one of our libraries found an interesting bug: bug 22070
13:41 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=22070 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, NEW , OpacBrowseResults has broken link back to search results
13:41 cait         it happens when you switch pages with next/previous buttons of the browser feature
13:42 cait         took us forever to figure that out
13:42 cait         tcohen++ # mysql help
13:44 oleonard     Sounds like another encoding problem
13:53 cait         yep
13:53 cait         i am having a look
13:56 cait         oleonard: unless you consider it shiny?
13:56 oleonard     Not today :)
13:56 cait         too bad :)
14:02 cait         the variable naming is a bit hard to understand
14:02 cait         what's BuscParam?
14:06 tcohen       Buscar = search in spanish?
14:06 tcohen       git blame?
14:06 cait         hm maybe
14:06 cait         similar in french?
14:06 oleonard     "the string to store on session" I think it's the way the search details are stored
14:06 cait         the template has opac-search.pl?[% busc | $raw %] - so I think ithappens in the .pl
14:07 oleonard     see opac-detail.pl line 197
14:08 cait         hm yeah i saw those, but not sure about the logic yet
14:08 cait         and why it happens on switching the page
14:08 oleonard     Because it also stores what the "next" and "previous" links should be? Guessing.
14:09 cait         i am not even sure what is storee
14:09 cait         might not be a bug for me
14:14 oleonard     I submitted a reworked patch for Bug 21813
14:14 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21813 major, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , In-page JavaScript causes error on patron entry page
14:33 cait         hmi think it double decodes... maybe
14:39 magnuse      have fun #koha!
14:39 cait         bye magnuse
14:45 * oleonard   kickstarts an Uber for signoffs business
14:46 cait         heh
14:51 alex_a       Joubu, arround?
14:52 oleonard     @seen Joubu
14:52 huginn       oleonard: Joubu was last seen in #koha 2 weeks, 0 days, 0 hours, 30 minutes, and 56 seconds ago: <Joubu> JesseM: 18.05_D8 is green! I am starting manually the runs for D9 and U18 right now
16:05 * kidclamp   looks around, smiles
16:05 * cait       waves
16:06 oleonard     kidclamp: Surveying your vast domain?
16:06 kidclamp     I was just gonna wave, but then I felt like being creepier
16:06 Dyrcona      :)
16:07 lukeG        everything the light touches is his kingdom
16:11 reiveune     bye
16:28 cait         staring at this code makes me very confused :(
16:48 cait         bye all, have a nice weekend
17:04 oleonard     Can you tell from an old patch what commit it was based on?
18:22 coyas        who know how to change names admin koha interface https://prnt.sc/m33ajy
18:22 coyas        https://prnt.sc/m33ajy
18:25 coyas        i want to change button "Emprestimo" to "Consultas"
18:41 kidclamp     like a missing dependency oleonard ?
18:42 oleonard     kidclamp: Given an old patch, find the commit it would apply cleanly to.
18:42 kidclamp     You can do that with some JS coyas
18:43 kidclamp     $("#main_intranet-main a.icon_circulation").text('Consultas');
18:43 kidclamp     like a commit not in master I am assuming
18:44 kidclamp     I don't think so oleonard, maybe in your reflog dependingo on how old?
18:45 kidclamp     or did you mean 'find the commit in koha before which this patch applied cleanly'? but I think you meant the other
18:48 Dyrcona      oleonard: Was the patch generated from git?
18:48 oleonard     Dyrcona: Yes
18:49 Dyrcona      It should have a line like this in it, then: index a3091d4e..5bbba0da 100644
18:49 Dyrcona      Which turns out to be useles.... :)
18:50 oleonard     I followed that line too :)
18:50 Dyrcona      ....If you're in the wrong repo. :) I was looking at a patch from a different repo.
18:53 Dyrcona      Looks like the first has is the commit that the diff is based on.
18:53 Dyrcona      s/has/hash/
18:55 Dyrcona      No, that's wrong. Ignore me. I'm thinking out loud while I experiment. That line does look like it would be useless until the patch is applied.
18:56 Dyrcona      :)
18:56 Dyrcona      So, it looks like the first number works for the file in that patch hunk.
18:57 Dyrcona      If it doesn't, then the patch was based on a commit that you don't have.
19:12 oleonard     Thanks for looking into it Dyrcona
19:13 Dyrcona      So, those hashes are file-indexes and not commit hashes.
19:13 * Dyrcona    is still looking. I want to understand this, because I should understand this. :)
19:14 Dyrcona      If you 'git show' the first hash, you should see something unless it is based on a commit/branch/file you don't have.
19:23 Dyrcona      oleonard: This *might* be useful: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/223678/which-commit-has-this-blob . I haven't tried any of the proposed solutions.
20:14 Dyrcona      @later tell oleonard: This one is the first one that actually worked for me: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/223678/which-commit-has-this-blob#answer-32611564
20:14 huginn       Dyrcona: The operation succeeded.
20:14 coyas        where i will find koha docs for developers
20:30 * cait       waves
21:10 coyas        how to change the name "Emprestimo" above search field to "Consultas"   (see printscreen here https://prnt.sc/m33ajy  )
22:18 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_U18 build #163: SUCCESS in 26 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.05_U18/163/
22:28 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D9 build #159: SUCCESS in 29 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.05_D9/159/
22:30 rickx        Hi, I want to update my koha version 3.22 to version 17.11. already install version 17.11. what is the process to update the version?
22:30 rickx        thanks for your help
22:33 rickx        in previous versions the process that was to download the new version and connect the database of the old version to the new version and enter the staff module to run the update process, is the process still the same?
22:41 koha-jenkins Yippee, build fixed!
22:41 koha-jenkins Project Koha_18.05_D8 build #163: FIXED in 22 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.05_D8/163/
22:56 rickx        Can anybody help me?