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05:27 maya-dec-18   hi --- is upgrading to koha 18.11 is safe now or do we need to wait ?
05:38 maya-dec-18   hi --- is upgrading to koha 18.11 is safe now or do we need to wait --- while DBMS Auto Increment error is fixed ?
05:40 maya-dec-18   is anyone there?
07:38 magnuse       o/
07:39 reiveune      hello
07:41 Archie^       good morning :)
07:45 gveranis      hi all
08:42 josef_moravec morning #koha;
08:43 cait          morning #koha and josef_moravec
08:45 josef_moravec hi cait
08:47 cait          um
08:47 cait          are bug 21951 and bug 21465 duplicates?
08:47 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21951 normal, P5 - low, ---, kyle, Signed Off , Patron import fails if matching on cardnumber and userid also matches
08:47 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21465 normal, P5 - low, ---, nick, Signed Off , Cannot overlay patrons when matching by cardnumber if userid exists in file and in Koha
08:47 ashimema      sounds like it to me
08:51 josef_moravec it is duplicate according to me...
08:51 cait          the fix is different
08:51 cait          and one has tests and the other not
08:51 cait          +            and not ( $borrowernumber ? $patron->userid( $borrower{userid} )->has_valid_userid : Koha::Patron->new( { userid => $borrower{userid} } )->has_valid_userid )
08:52 cait          not sure i understand that one yet
08:52 cait          vs.
08:52 cait          and ( (!$borrowernumber) || (Koha::Patrons->find($borrowernumber)->userid ne $borrower{userid}) )
08:56 josef_moravec I would try to run the test from second one on top of patch from first one ;)
08:58 cait          please do ;)
08:59 josef_moravec cait: working on it ;)
08:59 cait          thx!
08:59 cait          I'll resume sending qa mails next monday i hope
09:06 josef_moravec cait: pass against first (kyle's) patch ;)
09:08 josef_moravec and fails without any patch ;)
09:09 josef_moravec maybe some comment in code like why the conditions is here would be helpful for future ...
09:39 cait          josef_moravec: i agree
09:58 cait          woking a bit on the manual today
11:23 cait          @wunder Upfingen
11:23 huginn        cait: Upfingen, Germany :: Mostly Cloudy :: 46F/8C | Wind Chill: 41F/5C | Thursday: Generally cloudy. High 48F. Winds WSW at 5 to 10 mph. Thursday Night: Cloudy skies. Low 44F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph.
11:37 eythian       @wunder amsterdam
11:37 huginn        eythian: Amsterdam, Netherlands :: Overcast :: 54F/12C | Thursday: Generally cloudy. High 53F. Winds SW at 10 to 20 mph. Thursday Night: Rain. Low 52F. Winds SW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 100%. Rainfall near a quarter of an inch.
11:38 eythian       almost tropical, except that chance of rain.
11:46 cait          weird winter
11:46 cait          btw... I messed up, please help me fix it: bug 21961
11:46 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21961 normal, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Needs Signoff , Typo in permission keeps Did you mean? config from showing up
11:52 josef_moravec cait: where is problem with your patch? It looks to be working...
11:53 cait          the problem is that i cuased the bug with my patch for granular admin permissions :)
11:53 josef_moravec cait: ah, I see ;)
11:53 cait          just noticed it while documenting the new perms
11:55 josef_moravec cait: here you are ;)
11:56 cait          thx josef_moravec :)
11:57 cait          josef_moravec++
12:01 Archie^       Hey, has anyone migrated libraries into koha? I was wondering, do you just insert records into "issues"'table? or there is another way to do it ?
12:07 josef_moravec Archie^: Yes, when importing checkout, we just insert it into issues table (only the active ones, the returned ones should go into old_issues)
12:07 Archie^       ok, just double checking! Thank oyu josef_moravec !
12:08 cait          if you migrate historiy issues too, make sure you have no doubled up ids
12:09 cait          we usually fill old_issues first and then set the pk in issues to a higher value before importing there
12:09 cait          so you got the right sequence
12:09 josef_moravec cait: thank to clarify, yes that's the way we do it too,
12:10 Joubu         hi #koha
12:10 josef_moravec hi Joubu
12:11 Archie^       ok, so Old_issues, then regular issues
12:12 Archie^       got it, thanks !
12:13 josef_moravec Archie^: and update autoincremet of issues to max(issue_id)+1 from old_issues
12:16 cait          i should start updating the faq with stuf flike this :)
12:16 cait          but needs some major clean-up first
12:22 kidclamp      @wunder 05001
12:22 huginn        kidclamp: White River Junction, VT :: Clear :: 18F/-8C | Thursday: A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. A few flurries or snow showers possible. High 34F. Winds SW at 5 to 10 mph. Thursday Night: Cloudy skies. A few flurries or snow showers possible. Low near 25F. Winds light and variable.
12:28 * cait        waves at kidclamp
12:30 kidclamp      hi cait
12:31 oleonard      Hi too
12:31 magnuse       \o/
12:31 magnuse       @wunder bodø, norway
12:31 huginn        magnuse: Error: I could not find a valid location for: bodø, norway
12:31 magnuse       @wunder bodo, norway
12:31 huginn        magnuse: Bodo, Norway :: Mostly Cloudy :: 37F/3C | Wind Chill: 28F/-2C | Thursday: Snow showers. Temps nearly steady in the mid 30s. Winds SSW at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of snow 90%. Snow accumulations less than one inch. Thursday Night: Snow showers this evening. Becoming partly cloudy later. Low 24F. Winds ESE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 50%. Snow accumulations less tha
12:32 oleonard      @wunder 45701
12:32 huginn        oleonard: Athens, OH :: Clear :: 29F/-2C | Wind Chill: 24F/-4C | Thursday: A mix of clouds and sun during the morning will give way to cloudy skies this afternoon. High near 40F. Winds SW at 10 to 15 mph. Thursday Night: Rain or snow showers this evening will give way to partly cloudy skies overnight. Low 22F. Winds light and variable. Chance of snow 60%.
12:41 * cait        waves at oleonard
12:46 * magnuse     is the king of hotness
12:54 kidclamp      magnuse needs that on a tshirt
13:20 oleonard      I'm going to start a podcast in which, every week, I talk about one of my patches that needs signoff. You're all subscribed.
13:21 ashimema      hehe
13:22 cait          which is on for this week?
13:23 oleonard      Bug 21751
13:23 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21751 normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Needs Signoff , fixFloat toolbar not displaying properly in Chrome
13:25 Archie^       Is there a way to import marc records into koha so it compares both for 020 and 022 ?
13:44 Joubu         kidclamp: can you confirm you do not recreate bug 21675?
13:44 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21675 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, NEW , Unable to add to a basket with ElasticSearch enabled
13:45 Joubu         oleonard: I get a conflict - CONFLICT (content): Merge conflict in koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/css/staff-global.css
13:45 oleonard      I'm fixing it right now Joubu. I shouldn't have released the podcast before testing that!
13:47 kidclamp      Joubu: confirmed
13:47 kidclamp      podcast?
13:49 oleonard      kidclamp: My weekly podcast about patches I'm waiting for signoffs on.
13:49 oleonard      Joubu: It should work now. staff-global.css was included in the patch by accident.
13:50 tuxayo        > I'm going to start a podcast in which, every week, I talk about one of my patches that needs signoff. You're all subscribed.
13:50 tuxayo        hi hi hi
13:50 tuxayo        ^^
13:52 cait          *sighs* looks like my patch to make the acq pemission descrpitions nice was undone somehow :(
13:54 cait          *grrrs*
13:55 caroline      hello!
13:55 cait          hi caroline
13:55 caroline      what are your roaring about cait?
13:56 cait          merge thing changed back the acq permission descriptons i had fixed in master
13:56 cait          :(
13:56 cait          so now it all reads budges again when some of them are for funds
13:56 cait          and i have to redo my work
13:56 cait          *shrugs
13:56 cait          working on a bigger manual submission adding all the new permissions
13:56 caroline      cait I was also working on that :) oops!
13:56 cait          oh
13:57 cait          i am done with the administration ones
13:57 caroline      I didn't commit because I didn't have time to finish
13:57 cait          ready to submit, i just wanted to do acq now too
13:57 cait          i will push up the branch - you can take a look
13:57 caroline      Do you want me to send you my text by email? You can add it
13:59 cait          https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-manual/merge_requests/201
13:59 cait          mine is her now
13:59 cait          did I miss the one on taiga?
13:59 cait          i added it earlier - i had promised a patch to documentaiton since it was me who added a ton of permissions :)
14:00 caroline      never mind, I had just done the admin ones too
14:00 caroline      For the acq permissions, I had just copied whatever was in the interface
14:00 caroline      In admin, I was missing the elastic search thing and the usage stats
14:01 caroline      That's why I hadn't pushed it
14:01 cait          yeah
14:01 cait          the interface is wrong
14:01 cait          now
14:02 cait          i had fixed it but it got undone :(
14:02 cait          i will write up a fix for koha master and then a docs patch, if that'sok?
14:02 caroline      yup
14:02 caroline      go ahead
14:02 caroline      first push gets the worm
14:02 cait          we might be too much in sync or something :)
14:03 cait          I'll track everything i work on in taiga
14:03 Joubu         you should not redo it but undo the undo instead :)
14:03 cait          Joubu: not sure how to do that, can you guide me?
14:03 cait          it's here: http://git.koha-community.org/gitweb/?p=koha.git;a=commitdiff;h=b8a2365a3455a70ef8bdcb99e74b419bc4572b96
14:03 cait          koha-tmpl/intranet-tmpl/prog/en/includes/permissions.inc
14:04 cait          it shoudl have only beena new line for adding suggestions permission
14:04 cait          i guess there was a conflict
14:04 ashimema      .
14:06 Joubu         cait: if it is just those 4 lines it will be quicker to c/p them and commit them again
14:06 cait          ok ;)
14:07 Joubu         kidclamp: you should ask for a rebase when you get a conflict on PQA patches
14:08 kidclamp      what did I do instead? FQA? gets more attention :-)
14:09 cait          i think you are i fixed it falsely
14:09 cait          but i am not tracking down if it was you or me now :) just fixing it
14:10 kidclamp      Ah, when I think I am smart enough I do try to fix, perhaps I am not as smart as I think
14:50 cait          caroline: the acq permission description update is in the same merge request as the other ermission changes
14:50 cait          bbl :)
15:20 oleonard      Joubu: Is this the toolbar behavior you saw? https://zivotdesign.com/p/view.php?p=15441095881052
15:22 Joubu         oleonard: yep
15:27 oleonard      Yeah... I think that's better than what we have now.
15:45 Joubu         oleonard: As a FF user it is not :)
15:47 mtompset      Greetings, #koha.
15:47 caroline      Hello mtompset
15:47 mtompset      Greetings, caroline Joubu.
15:47 mtompset      Couldn't duplicate now, so I just closed the bug 21857, Joubu
15:47 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21857 critical, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, RESOLVED WORKSFORME, Fresh kohadevbox fails to web install
16:13 koha-jenkins  Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #1: SUCCESS in 30 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.11_D9/1/
16:37 koha-jenkins  Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #1: FAILURE in 46 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.11_U18/1/
16:41 koha-jenkins  Project Koha_18.11_D9 build #2: SUCCESS in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.11_D9/2/
16:44 * CrispyBran  waves
16:45 caroline      hi CrispyBran
16:45 CrispyBran    hi caroline
16:49 karuson       Hi CrispyBran and caroline
16:49 caroline      hi karuson
16:49 CrispyBran    hi karuson
17:17 ashimema      tcohen++ #getting Jenkins setup for 18.11
17:18 Joubu         no D8?
17:29 ashimema      Think he's still working on them
17:30 ashimema      Could be the isik space issue on the Bywater node
17:30 ashimema      Disk
17:30 cait          caroline: a while ago we discussed moving the faq from the website to the wiki
17:30 cait          i'd like to start with cleaning up the faq page, but not sure where this shoudl go as a taiga task?
17:31 cait          maybe 18.11 - chapter clean-up?
17:32 tcohen        ashimema: the missing D8 task was just a check to know if Joubu is back
17:32 tcohen        LOL
17:34 * cait        sends some christmas cookies
17:39 ashimema      hehe
17:40 caroline      cait: sorry, I hadn't seen your message
17:40 caroline      I thought the faq was to stay in the manual?
17:41 caroline      Didn't we have a vote on that in one of the meetings?
17:44 cait          yep to stay in the manual
17:44 cait          there is also some on hte website
17:44 cait          my plan is to first update the manual - clean it up
17:44 cait          and the move the good ones from the website into the manual too
17:44 cait          and then link from the website to the manual maybe? but remove the faq section there
17:45 caroline      ok good plan
17:45 cait          some of the faq are not correct anymore, so trying ot figure out those
17:45 cait          is it checkin date or check-in date?
17:45 caroline      Maybe put them in comments and we can go over them later if you don't have time right now
17:47 caroline      In sysprefs, it is written "checkin", in homepage it is "check in" ...
17:47 caroline      any english natives want to weigh in on "check in" vs "checkin"
17:47 caroline      I think one is a verb and the other a noun?
17:48 ashimema      to 'check in' is an action (verb).. 'checkin' is the name of the result of the action (noun)..
17:48 ashimema      that's how I would read it.
17:50 caroline      thx ashimema
17:50 ashimema      :)
17:56 cait          so... checkindate?
17:56 cait          and thx :)
17:56 cait          caroline: i try to make them right :)
17:57 cait          right now i am hopefully improving the explanation of holds to pull versus holds queue
17:59 multiarch     hi - is it safe to install koha on multiarch debian with i386 and amd64 enabled systems ? is it safe to practice on production server?
18:01 multiarch     please help on above ---
18:01 koha-jenkins  Yippee, build fixed!
18:01 koha-jenkins  Project Koha_18.11_U18 build #2: FIXED in 27 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.11_U18/2/
18:05 cait          multiarch: if don't know - maybe this would be better on the mailing list
18:05 multiarch     cait: Ok.
18:06 cait          caroline: do you know right away how to comment out?
18:06 cait          haven't used that yet
18:07 cait          ah ..
18:08 multiarch     hi all : if anyone have the info please share !
18:08 koha-jenkins  Project Koha_18.11_D8 build #1: SUCCESS in 33 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_18.11_D8/1/
18:09 Joubu         tcohen: that would be interesting to have test coverage data
18:45 reiveune      bye
18:48 caroline      @later tell cait sorry I was out on lunch... comment lines start with .. (two periods)
18:48 huginn        caroline: The operation succeeded.
19:42 cait          is htere still an item limit on records for indexing?
19:42 cait          or do we index xml these days andit's all good? that's what i thought
19:42 cait          tcohen: maybe you know?
19:43 cait          Joubu: maybe you know?
19:43 cait          looking at this FAQ http://paste.koha-community.org/437
19:43 cait          i'd say it might break exporting as ISO 2709... but not indexing htese days
19:46 rangi         Joubu: are you about?
19:46 Joubu         yes
19:46 rangi         @later tell Joubu can you please redo your merge request to https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-dashboard  instead, thanks
19:46 huginn        rangi: The operation succeeded.
19:46 rangi         ahh you are there ;)
19:49 oleonard      Hi rangi, how's business?
19:50 rangi         not too bad, always a bit hectic this time of year, otherwise ok
19:50 Joubu         cait: I do not know, sorry
19:51 cait          i am pretty sure it#s no longer an issue
19:51 cait          we just had some big records that caused export problems but were fine with indexing
19:51 Joubu         rangi: done, it was fork from the old one
19:52 rangi         ahh right, thanks :)
19:53 * ashimema    hints that the 17.05 badges should also be remove ;)
19:54 ashimema      Joubu++ thanks for doing that.. I knew there was something I'd forgotten ;)
19:55 oleonard      Hey I never got my 17.05 badge
19:55 Joubu         ashimema: I wanted to keep them to show it's stable
19:55 ashimema      stable.. but is it still maintained ;)
19:56 Joubu         we could add a hint to show it's no longer maintained, and remove it in the next months?
19:56 Joubu         I do not mind removing them :)
19:58 oleonard      Release managers should get rings like the Super Bowl winners
20:00 ashimema      hmm
20:00 ashimema      leave it for now... perhaps one to bring up at a meeting :)
20:03 rangi         Joubu: merged and released to production
20:04 Joubu         thanks!
20:15 cait          hmm
20:15 cait          i don't think we limit download at 10.000 anymore either
20:15 cait          do we?
20:15 cait          i think i have downloaded reports with way more
20:15 cait          **Question**: When I download my report it's limited to 10,000 results,
20:15 cait          how do I get all of the results to download?
20:17 rangi         hmm yeah i dont think we have a built in limit anymore
20:17 rangi         not sure though
20:17 Joubu         looking at the code we do not
20:18 cait          just verified with testing, we don't
20:18 cait          12000 something downloaded and displayed
20:20 kidclamp      there is a limit in the csv tool we use I believe
20:20 kidclamp      I think more than 1million is problematic
20:23 cait          hm
20:23 cait          i think the explanation of relevance serach ther eis all wrong
20:24 kidclamp      where?
20:24 cait          hm the faq
20:24 cait          frido explained it to me once... but i can't access my notes right now (being on vacation)
20:24 cait          might have to leave it for later
20:25 cait          http://paste.koha-community.org/438
20:26 kidclamp      turn on zebra request logging and you can see al the searches it does and ask zebra to explain the ranking
20:26 cait          that might be a good learning experience
20:27 cait          but... i got no idea how to do htat :)
20:27 cait          we hsould document that heh
20:28 cait          actually i think the most relevant answre here would be: Turn off QuryAutoTruncate becuase it completely breaks relevance ranking
20:28 cait          but i am not usre if we want ot put that in the manual
20:28 caroline      I think it is relevant
20:28 caroline      ppl need to know
20:28 cait          i might shorten it to the facts we know - don't be afraid to search for "the help"
20:29 cait          koha doesn't know stop words and will use it for searching
20:29 cait          improve relevance by turning off the automatic truncation
20:29 cait          git never forgets, so canalways add back more info once verifed
20:29 kidclamp      queryautotruncate, or ICU
20:29 kidclamp      both destroy relevancy
20:29 cait          ICU too?
20:29 cait          interesting
20:30 kidclamp      there is no relevancy whenusing ICU chains
20:30 cait          we haven't noticed that... but probably too small libraries
20:30 kidclamp      all results are ranked 0
20:30 cait          ok, i will add ICU too
20:30 kidclamp      there is a way to get the score, but I can't find it right now
20:32 ashimema      we've been using ICU in all cases for all customers for many years
20:32 caroline      that is good to know, that means nothing in french would be ranked
20:32 cait          only if you use icu, i think you don't strictly have to with French
20:33 cait          you absolutely need it if your records use non-latin scripts
20:33 cait          hebrew, arabic, sanscrit
20:33 caroline      ins't icu used to search for é, è, ê when you type e
20:33 cait          everything that can be mapped to a latin character is fine
20:33 caroline      ?
20:33 cait          you can also do that with standard Zebra config - without isu
20:33 cait          icu
20:33 cait          make the diacritics work, that is
20:33 caroline      ah ok
20:34 cait          but then you need a mapping for each diacritic to a base character
20:34 cait          so ICU is easier there
20:34 cait          ICU also breaks exact search
20:34 cait          which is why we don't use it for the really big libraries we have
20:34 cait          ti,ext:Nature
20:35 cait          for finding especially that one that is just nature... if you have alot of records about the same topics that is really helpful
20:35 caroline      yes we noticed that during a training
20:35 caroline      thankfully, that was written in the manual :)
20:35 * ashimema    will dig into that tomorrow.. I'm pretty confident that we use ICU
20:37 cait          Note: If multiple results have the same relevancy score, they will be
20:37 cait          sorted by biblionumber as second criteria.
20:37 cait          is that correct in english?
20:38 caroline      sounds ok
20:42 ashimema      we found that with ICU the only combination of prefs that seemed to consistently work OK was
20:43 ashimema      QueryAutoTruncate - only if *added
20:43 ashimema      QueryFuzzy - don't try
20:43 ashimema      QueryStemming - Try
20:43 ashimema      with the exception that that combination breaks boolean operators
20:44 cait          hm
20:44 cait          i think our booleans used to work
20:44 cait          haven't tested in a long time
20:44 cait          there is sooooo much we should document
20:45 cait          from the hive brain
20:45 ashimema      we also have some zebra config level changes that fix apostrophe searching fairly well
20:45 caroline      I know! there is so much  info lying around even just on irc
20:45 cait          i use a merged sort file
20:45 cait          from all the existing sort files
20:45 cait          heh
20:45 cait          because... goehte libraries
20:45 ashimema      we should kill off the koha side prefs as much as possible and let such functionality be handled at the indexing engine level..
20:46 cait          hm?
20:47 ashimema      half the issues we have with search can be derived from the fact that we completely butcher the search terms before they get to the search engine
20:47 cait          got another hard one next htat looks wrong
20:47 cait          $ zebraidx -c /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-authorities-dom.cfg -g iso2709 -d authorities init
20:47 cait          $ zebraidx -c /etc/koha/zebradb/zebra-biblios.cfg -g iso2709 -d biblios init
20:47 cait          i don't think the -g iso thing looks right
20:47 ashimema      anywho.. I get the distinct feeling these days that's no-ones interesing in fixing zebra stuff now ;)
20:47 cait          resettiing zebra indexes
20:47 cait          i am interested... but that doesn't help much i guess
20:47 cait          i still think we need to keep it working
20:47 ashimema      hehe
20:48 cait          thinking about smaller libraries with not so good hardware
20:48 cait          same reason we didn't want to replace with solr
20:48 cait          so... someone for resetting zebra indexes? :)
20:48 rangi         yeah, elastic is going to be too heavy for 90% of koha users
20:49 rangi         we represent (for the most part) the other 10% but we cant leave the 90 behind
20:49 cait          http://paste.koha-community.org/439
20:49 cait          exactly
20:49 ashimema      agreed
20:53 * cait        removes FRBRizing content because XISBN is dead
20:54 ashimema      did we not find an alternative in the end?
20:54 caroline      I didn't know FRBR depended on XISBN
20:54 caroline      that is sad
20:55 cait          the editions might still work, but it was talking about xisbn only
20:55 cait          not sure how the editions work - something more to document - oi
20:55 caroline      I would love to see FRBR groupings in the OPAC
20:57 cait          I am noticing some errors in the
20:57 cait          koha-zebradaemon-output.log file...
20:57 cait          we aren't using that anymore.. do we?
20:58 cait          hm it's also written completely for non-package installs predating the indexer
20:58 ashimema      lol
20:58 cait          still helpful or reomve? http://paste.koha-community.org/440
20:59 cait          this is 18.11 manual, woudl still be in the manuals for the older vresions
21:01 * ashimema    clocks off.. knackered.
21:01 ashimema      night #koha
21:02 cait          night ashimema
21:11 cait          am i the only one that thinks talking as 'I' in the manual doesn't make sense if it's not a real quote with source?
21:11 cait          I know there have been a lot of questions on receipt printers...
21:11 cait          who is I?
21:11 wahanui       you are really good at running into things
21:11 cait          hmpf
21:11 cait          wahanui: i think you might be right there
21:11 wahanui       cait: i'm not following you...
21:12 caroline      I'm guessing "I" is Nicole
21:12 caroline      but I agree with you, it doesn't make sense anymore
21:14 cait          i've rewritten some parts
21:15 caroline      cait++
21:15 cait          not perfect stilll... continuous improvement?
21:16 caroline      of course! like everything else in life :)
21:23 cait          merge request submitted
21:24 caroline      should I be the one to merge? not sure if I have the rights
21:25 cait          dunno, rangi? :)
21:25 rangi         give it a go :)
21:25 cait          "I’ve just installed Koha, I haven’t touched any settings, and I can’t add patrons! Why?" recommends adding patron categories etc... i think with the onboarding this should now not happen?
21:27 rangi         caroline: i just gave you developer access so you should be able to merge
21:27 caroline      rangi: can you walk me through? I see a "Merge" button, but it is greyed out
21:27 caroline      ah !
21:27 rangi         so maybe refresh and it will be green :)
21:27 cait          "There is currently not a tool within Koha to batch modify bibliographic records. All things going well, Bug 11395 will be included in version 3.20." *sigh*
21:27 huginn        Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=11395 new feature, P5 - low, ---, jonathan.druart, CLOSED FIXED, Batch modifications for records
21:27 rangi         heh
21:28 ashimema      Lol
21:28 cait          Koha uses 3 cookies :
21:28 cait          you wish...
21:30 caroline      rangi: still grey... I logged out and relogged in
21:30 caroline      it says "Ready to be merged automatically. Ask someone with write access to this repository to merge this request"
21:31 rangi         ohhh lemme check
21:31 rangi         try that now please
21:32 caroline      ooh! I saw it appear"
21:36 caroline      rangi: is it better to "merge when the pipeline succeeds" or "merge immediately"?
21:36 caroline      and is it supposed to take a long time?
21:36 rangi         in our case for the manual
21:37 rangi         merge immediately is fine
21:38 caroline      I chose merge immediately and the button changed to "merge in progress", but I feel like it's taking a long time
21:38 rangi         the merge takes a little while
21:38 caroline      ok thanks!
21:39 rangi         cait: can you also check your runners?
21:40 rangi         and/or cancel the pending ones? https://gitlab.com/kfischer1/koha-manual/pipelines
21:40 cait          oh
21:40 cait          i thought i'd managed to turn them off
21:40 rangi         i think gitlab has changed something
21:41 cait          not sur ehow to cancel hhem
21:41 cait          looking, but not seeing it
21:41 rangi         yeah, i dunno either
21:41 rangi         its something to do with the new autodevops or something
21:41 rangi         maybe there is a settin gyou can turn autodevops off?
21:41 cait          found it... it opened int he wrong browser where i was not logge din
21:41 cait          *hides*
21:41 rangi         hehe
21:42 caroline      happens to me all the time :) I wonder why I can't send a merge request... duh! :)
21:43 caroline      ah! Are you supposed to cancel the pipeline if I'm not done merging?
21:43 rangi         i think its still waiting for the pipeline to finish in caits repo, and it never will
21:44 caroline      It says "Something went wrong. Please try again" and the "merge in progress" button is red
21:44 rangi         if you go back now, do you ahve yeah it was still waiting, so try the merge again
21:45 caroline      it worked! thx rangi++
21:45 rangi         cool
21:45 cait          there shoudl be a checkbox, but i am not seeing it
21:45 cait          https://docs.gitlab.com/ee/workflow/repository_mirroring.html
21:45 rangi         yeah
21:48 cait          hm eah, not spotting an option to turn off :(
21:48 cait          I'll try this
21:48 cait          add and remove
21:48 cait          https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/50407
21:49 rangi         right, worth a try
21:50 cait          ok
21:50 cait          after removing it twice the option showed up
21:50 cait          and I DIDN'T check it
21:50 cait          we'll see next patch if it works
21:51 rangi         *fingers crossed*
21:52 cait          does it still publish automatically?
21:52 rangi         yep
21:53 rangi         https://koha-community.org/manual/19.05/en/html/  <--master
21:53 rangi         https://koha-community.org/manual/18.11/en/html/ <-- manual18.11.x branch
21:53 rangi         caroline: do you want to learn how to cherry pick that merge back to the 18.11 manual too?
21:54 caroline      yes!
21:54 caroline      I saw a cherry pick button
21:54 rangi         thats exactly what you click on
21:54 cait          caroline++ :)
21:54 rangi         if it has gone
21:54 rangi         you can find the commit
21:54 rangi         https://gitlab.com/koha-community/koha-manual/commit/ae980929f4a30270893082fcb438cdcd77c5df67
21:55 caroline      Do I check "Start a new merge request with these changes"?
21:55 rangi         then in the options menu, choose cherry-pick
21:55 rangi         i dont
21:55 rangi         but you can
21:55 rangi         its up to you
21:55 caroline      "The merge request has been successfully cherry-picked into manual18.11.x." :D
21:55 rangi         if you choose that, it makes a new merge request that you can go merge
21:55 rangi         if you dont, it does that :)
21:56 caroline      What's the difference?
21:56 rangi         if its something you are unsure of, then checking it will mean someone else can go look and decide to merge or not
21:56 caroline      ah ok!
21:57 cait          guess most workflows involve more people heh
21:57 rangi         heh yeah
21:57 rangi         im happy to leave stuff for you caroline
21:57 rangi         and if you want me to look, just do a comment, or a new merge request on the cherry pick or whatever
21:58 rangi         and ill be a second pair of eyes
21:58 caroline      ok!
21:58 caroline      I'm sure this one was easy... I'm probably going to need your help in the future
21:58 rangi         they are mostly like that
21:58 cait          i'd not move that one: Can Koha globally edit authority records or any elements in the bib. record?
21:58 rangi         its only when someone submits one and they havent updated their version in ages
21:58 cait          it seems too general
21:59 cait          can Koha...
22:18 cait          question
22:18 wahanui       question is probably a bit general
22:18 cait          should we just remove the faq link form the website when i am done?
22:19 cait          I'd like to link to the manual page.. but then we'd have to update for each version
22:20 caroline      You're right
22:21 cait          there is a post release check list page in the wiki
22:21 cait          we could add it as a note there at least... if we link to the most recent manual
22:21 caroline      I think as long as there are links to all the resources (wiki, manual, etc), there's no need to have a link specific to the faq
22:21 cait          agree
22:21 cait          os i am going to finish moving this and then take a look how to disable on the website
22:43 caroline      good night everyone!
22:52 cait          night caroline!
22:52 cait          oh...
23:13 * CrispyBran  looks over at the IRC
23:15 rangi         https://twitter.com/SaraMG/status/1070713633812951040   we should do this
23:15 rangi         the dates of initial release, active support etc
23:15 rangi         so people can see, stop using 3.22
23:17 cait          ok, for the logs: I removed the FAQ from the website by archiving the page, that removes it from the navigation. For the people having booksmarks, I added a hint that things have been moved: https://koha-community.org/documentation/faq/
23:17 cait          entries are still in wordpress, so nothing is lost yet
23:18 cait          where should we put it?
23:18 rangi         maybe have a What Version should I install page
23:18 rangi         linked off the front
23:18 rangi         then we can just send the url to people :)
23:18 rangi         "should I upgrade?"
23:18 cait          rangi: bad news... it's still starting a pipeline :(
23:19 rangi         how annoying
23:19 cait          yeah
23:19 rangi         you'll just have to cancel it, ill see if i can figure out how to make it only do the deploy on the main one
23:19 cait          i have canceled it
23:19 rangi         but do syntax checks for everyone else
23:19 cait          ok
23:19 rangi         then having it run wont be so bad
23:36 Joubu         rangi: I thought about that few months ago, we could have an admin page that would hit a koha community webservice serving such info
23:36 Joubu         Or simply a wiki/website page :)
23:38 rangi         yeah
23:39 rangi         a website page would be nice, we get so many im running koha from 1932 why doesn't it work type emails :)
23:39 rangi         so a page that lists versions and how old they are is a nice thing to be able to point people at
23:42 Joubu         I wish we had a kanban (or stuff) to add such new task ;)
23:42 * Joubu       is running away
23:42 rangi         hehe
23:42 Joubu         bye #koha!
23:42 cait          bye Joubu
23:59 rangi         man proprietary vendors are clowns