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22:17 alexbuckley hi cait
22:15 * cait      waves
19:37 alexbuckley hi all
03:47 mtompset    Greetings, #koha.
03:42 kmcskk      Never mind, using the "extraArgs=" set the extra arguments up and the server happily took the second parameter of the same name...
01:09 kmcskk      and I can't find anywhere to change that configuration, is there any place that I can force the config for the server to limit maximumRecords?
01:09 kmcskk      I have a new install of Koha here and is configuring it to do SRU searches, I am hitting a server that doesn't accept maximumRecords=0 (returns "illegal maximumRecords value"
01:08 kmcskk      Sorry for bothering, I am totally new here, please kindly point me to the right way if this is not the best place.