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22:37 Bovinity    That was meant to be more humorous than anything. But yeah, usually it takes a little more than adding a few quarters up to a dollar to get a weird float result.
22:09 ashimema    I would Google floating point math and not immediately jump to it being a Perl issue if I was you.
19:32 Bovinity    Why? Because Perl.
19:24 Bovinity    Doesn't happen with all values, or with single values, and forcing $total_due to 2 decimal places in paycollect.pl seems to fix it.
19:24 Bovinity    Today in really weird bugs: Certain combinations of fines seem to confuse Perl and you get errors regarding "You must pay an amount equal to or less than 2.10" when trying to pay a fine of 2.10
15:01 Bovinity    Mornin
14:59 Miguel409   Get results according to the library that this user, thanks
14:17 Miguel409   Get results according to the library that this user, thanks
12:26 cait        yep huginn
12:26 huginn      cait: I suck
12:26 cait        @later tcohen could you comment on bug 15565 about  C4::Reserves named GetAllowedHoldsForPatronToday()  please?
12:24 alexbuckley thank you :)
12:24 cait        sleep well!
12:23 cait        didn't expect to see you before my sunday evening :)
12:23 cait        nick set the deadline on tuesday
12:23 alexbuckley hehe yeah I will probably go to sleep now its late in NZ, will be able to work on it later if neccessary
12:22 cait        tcohen: Joubu pling :)
12:22 cait        didn't expect you to still be aorund!
12:22 cait        was hoping to catch tomas or Joubu
12:22 cait        really not sure where this should go
12:22 alexbuckley what about Koha::IssuingRules?
12:21 cait        not sure about this one
12:21 cait        hm or maybe Koha::patron
12:21 alexbuckley ah I see I can move it
12:21 cait        ew should not add ot C4 anymore if possible
12:20 cait        wondering if it should be in Koha::Holds
12:20 cait        i was a little bit concerned about this one: Also added function to C4::Reserves named GetAllowedHoldsForPatronToday()
12:20 cait        i was just looking at it
12:20 huginn      Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=15565 enhancement, P5 - low, ---, alexbuckley, Needs Signoff , Place multiple holds at once for the same record in OPAC
12:20 alexbuckley hi cait, as you probably saw I have added a follow-up patch to bug 15565? When you get a chance would you be able to test it?