Time  Nick      Message
22:32 Fabi      send an email to the email address of the administrator Koha every time there is a reservation request, I can not configure it help please thanks.
22:16 Fabi      yes
22:16 Fabi      YES
22:13 cait      system preference
22:12 cait      did you enable emailLibrarianWhenHoldIsPlaced?
22:12 cait      does email in general work?
22:08 Fabi      send an email to the email address of the administrator Koha every time there is a reservation request, I can not configure it help please thanks.
22:01 caroline_ bye #koha!
21:35 Vero      Thank you very much very kind
21:28 caroline_ try copying that in reports > create from sql
21:28 caroline_ Vero: select biblio.title, items.itemcallnumber, items.barcode, items.issues from items join biblio using (biblionumber);
21:22 Vero      is the total of loans per article, individual
21:20 caroline_ Vero: is it total loans per item or all the loans for all items?
21:19 Vero      see the total of loans of the articles help me to obtain this report thanks
21:00 Veronica  thank you very much
20:57 caroline_ Just copy the section from SELECT to ASC into a blank SQL report (reports > create from sql)
20:56 caroline_ Veronica: maybe you can try this one? https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/SQL_Reports_Circulation#All_Checked_Out_Books
20:55 cait      where are you from Veronica?
20:53 Veronica  Show the details of the loan, title, exemplar, loan user, expiration date
20:47 caroline_ Veronica: what do you need in your loan report?
20:44 Veronica  help me, please, how to generate a loan report, thank you very much
20:12 * cait    waves
20:10 caroline_ Good morning!
20:10 rangi     morning
19:19 cait      kidclamp: where is y elastic search patch? :)
18:14 bag       so true!
18:14 bag       haha
18:14 cait      hehe true
18:14 oleonard  I don't care if it is a clone, he'd damn well better call oleonard if he's in town.
18:13 cait      :) maybe it was a bag clone?
18:12 oleonard  bag: And he was just where I would expect to find you: A local barbecue/brewery
18:12 cait      bag: i am so excited about portland!
18:11 oleonard  bag: I saw your doppelgänger the other day here in Ohio
18:09 cait      looks like it :)
18:06 tcohen    =D
18:06 tcohen    I confess I missed bad paul
18:03 cait      yeah, just warning you :)
18:02 tcohen    cait: sorry, I tired to help without spending enough time to read all of it
18:02 tcohen    hi bag
17:54 bag       heya
17:54 * cait    waves at bag
17:54 cait      >     decision) install properly, "
17:53 cait      "Koha (various versions, all tarball which is a policy
17:53 cait      policies...
17:53 cait      tcohen: he already wrote he is using a tarball installation
17:47 bag       they are in the issues table
17:46 bag       http://schema.koha-community.org/
17:46 Veronica  In which table the loans are stored, can you guide me please. Thank you
17:45 Veronica  In which table the loans are stored, can you guide me please. Thank you
17:34 * cait    still hears the jeopardy music
17:00 caroline_ going to lunch, back later, good luck with the cache boys!
16:58 eythian   https://martinfowler.com/bliki/TwoHardThings.html it's one of these.
16:57 eythian   well, as in if it helps, then something is sticking around either in the process or in memcache that isn't being cleared when the value it represents is changed.
16:57 caroline_ like plack problem?
16:56 eythian   if it does help, it's a bug probably with caching: a restart should virtually never be required.
16:56 caroline_ ah ok so "turn it off and on again" type of thing... that usually helps
16:55 Shane-S   I meant SSH > Restart whole server
16:54 caroline_ that = ssh restart, not jeopardy music
16:54 caroline_ No idea what that means, but go ahead! :) I also hear ppl suggesting apache restarts
16:54 * Shane-S plays Jeopardy music in his head awaiting restart
16:52 Shane-S   maybe an SSH restart wouldn't hurt
16:52 Shane-S   So for me no error on 2, so I wonder if the rule change isn't taking effect
16:49 Shane-S   then I can even screen shot the entire page, not worried about my own name :)
16:48 Shane-S   let me try doing it for myself since the staff rule always had 4
16:47 Shane-S   it was set to 1 and 1 on all rules we made the 2/2 change yesterday. Yeah laptop / book error... book / laptop error (well more warning...not error)
16:46 caroline_ Alright, that test was interesting, it's the 2nd item that causes the problem, not the item's type
16:46 caroline_ I don't think so... I usually dont
16:46 Shane-S   would I need to restart the server for a rule change to take effect?
16:45 Shane-S   Yep error
16:45 Shane-S   book went fine...now gonna try laptop and see if it errors since a book is checked out
16:43 caroline_ go ahead
16:43 Shane-S   just after checking that out, want me to try the book first?
16:43 caroline_ so the problem is really the item type
16:43 Shane-S   Not when I did the laptop
16:43 caroline_ ok, so even if the user has 0 checkouts, the error appears?
16:42 Shane-S   Same error once I check out the same Laptop (no overdue warning now), put in the checkout box 7011, same warning box/message
16:39 Shane-S   Ill see what that does
16:38 Shane-S   Well I can checkin the laptop and check it backout...but let me try and adjust the hard due date first to resolve the "past due"
16:38 caroline_ (I'm thinking restrictions or overdues may be blocking something?)
16:37 caroline_ Does it give you the error all the time or just on certain users?
16:37 caroline_ did you compare the circulation system preferences between the instance that works and the one that doesn't?
16:35 Shane-S   My other instance doesn't have these problems, but I had done that install way back when...like Koha 3.x...and did the pre-populated install...so we have more item types and patron categories
16:34 Shane-S   Here is stuff under the rules: https://snag.gy/cYgmGI.jpg
16:32 caroline_ no worries
16:32 Shane-S   sorry I would screenshot whole thing, but I can't because their name is present
16:32 Shane-S   Here is the students checkouts list: https://snag.gy/Le8IDT.jpg
16:31 Shane-S   So they have a Tablets Checkedout and overdue...and when I try to checkout barcode 7011 (a Dr. Suess book) I get that message
16:30 Shane-S   Error: https://snag.gy/qfN5lr.jpg
16:29 caroline_ you're right , it doesn't help in this case
16:28 caroline_ ok so they can have either 2 computers, 2 default, or 1 computer and 1 default
16:28 Shane-S   that didn't make a difference, but it didn't exist prior to us trying to "fix" the problem
16:27 Shane-S   We added a deafult for students set to 2
16:26 caroline_ On that instance, there is no default checkout limit?
16:25 Shane-S   trying to find the patron she was using...sorry taking me time
16:24 caroline_ the rules look fine...
16:23 Shane-S   https://snag.gy/blMDIu.jpg That is the correct one, they only have "Students" and "Staff" patron types, and Technology Items and Default Item types
16:22 Shane-S   I have 2 instances on the server
16:21 caroline_ no prob
16:21 Shane-S   let me do that again...I was comparing it to my rules
16:21 caroline_ The patron is what category?
16:21 Shane-S   wrong library
16:21 Shane-S   wait sorry
16:20 Shane-S   Rules: https://snag.gy/Omb6FC.jpg
16:19 Shane-S   Just checking out an item to a Patron, they all have a Computer checkout, and when we checkout a book (Default Item Type) the error of Can't checkout more then 1 of this item type (which you can override) appears
16:18 caroline_ Shane-S: I use snaggy
16:18 caroline_ Shane-S: And it's two documents from two different biblio records?
16:17 Shane-S   Nothing down there...trying to paste the screen shot of the rules somewhere that isn't advertisement city
16:16 caroline_ Shane-S: do you have anything in the "Default checkout limit by patron category" or the "Default checkout, hold and return policy" section of the circulation rules?
16:13 Shane-S   Single Library...and it is the you can't check out more then 1 of that item type error. But it doesn't seem to obey the rule
16:11 caroline_ Shane-S: also, do you have more than one library?
16:11 caroline_ Shane-S: does the error say anything else other than Checkout Error?
16:05 Shane-S   What would cause Koha to always through a Checkout Error when you check out a book having a previous book checked out. I set the circulation and fines rules to allow Default Type to be 2, but it still errors no matter how many rules I add or the quantity. I only have 2 types, Default and Computer
14:13 jenkins   Project Koha_17.11_D8 build #83: STILL UNSTABLE in 35 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_17.11_D8/83/
14:11 huginn`   Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=18570 normal, P5 - low, ---, mtompset, Pushed to Stable , Password recovery e-mail only sent after message queue is processed
14:11 oleonard  Anyone know if Bug 18570 allows for immediate sending of self-registration emails as well as password reset emails?
13:39 fridolin  i will release now 17.11.09, fix will be in next release, take your time oleonard
13:38 fridolin  me too ;)
13:38 oleonard  fridolin: I'm catching up on email after a week off :|
13:37 oleonard  fridolin: Yeah I'm not sure what is needed, but I can look later if you'd like.
13:36 cait      bye .)
13:36 cait      basically sru for authority was pushed and changed the file and then nick pushed mine but lost the line in merge conflict
13:36 cait      oleonard might be able to veriy - sorry, have to catch a bus
13:36 cait      and caused the bad merge
13:36 cait      that interfered
13:36 cait      because you don't have the sru for authority
13:35 cait      i htink you might b able to use my patch
13:35 fridolin  and this is a popup :/
13:35 fridolin  oleonard: but the new patch does not add popup => 1
13:33 oleonard  fridolin: It was a bad merge somewhere
13:32 fridolin  did you get the answer on that ?
13:32 huginn`   Bug 21243: normal, P5 - low, ---, oleonard, Pushed to Stable , Regression: SRU mapping popup for bibliographic records is unstyled
13:32 fridolin  cait: https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21243#c2
13:18 tcohen    hi oleonard
13:16 caroline_ Hi oleonard!
13:16 calire    hi oleonard, hi caroline_
13:15 oleonard  Hi #koha
13:13 caroline_ Good morning!
13:07 cait      turns out it was not that hard to fix :)
13:07 cait      we were complaining about it forever
13:06 fridolin  thanks for this it was a real dirty bug
13:05 fridolin  cait: ^
13:05 huginn`   Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=14662 major, P5 - low, ---, katrin.fischer, Pushed to Stable , Allow blank values in pull downs in cataloguing forms when subfield is mandatory
13:05 fridolin  Bug 14662 what a long story ;)
12:29 tcohen    I don't
12:29 cait      how many records can you edit in one batch?
12:28 cait      someone experience with mass changes using batch record edit?
12:28 tcohen    any suggestions for enhancing it, just let me know!
12:27 tcohen    its an easy one anyway, has tests, etc
12:27 tcohen    of course! I will ping josef just in case
12:26 alex_a_   ok for you?
12:26 alex_a_   tcohen, put that in my todo list for this week
12:25 tcohen    hi calire
12:25 calire    hi tcohen
12:25 huginn`   Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=21116 new feature, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Add API routes through plugins
12:25 tcohen    alex_a_ or jajm, have some time to QA bug 21116?
12:24 wahanui   bonjour, fridolin
12:24 fridolin  salut
12:23 tcohen    hola alex_a, fridolin, cait et al
12:23 tcohen    morning
07:41 magnuse   anyone else seeing this in their plack logs? "circular data structures not supported at /usr/share/koha/intranet/cgi-bin/svc/bib line 130"
07:29 magnuse   we have a way to go, but hope to get there before it starts to snow...
07:28 magnuse   nice
07:27 fridolin  we can at last go for a ride ;)
07:26 magnuse   fridolin: congratulations on the bike thing! we are working on it too
07:11 cait      good morning #koha!
07:07 tuxayo    hi #koha o/
06:54 wahanui   privet, alex_a
06:54 alex_a    bonjour
06:39 fridolin  i've been to my familly in the Pyreneens and in the Alpes
06:38 fridolin  it was a lot of work  ;)
06:38 fridolin  without the little weels
06:38 fridolin  I had a nice surprise this vacantions, my little girl can use a bike now
06:38 magnuse   and yourself?
06:38 fridolin  woooo
06:37 magnuse   yeah, 5 weeks - wonderful
06:37 fridolin  grrrr
06:37 magnuse   work work work :-)
06:37 fridolin  had some vacations ?
06:37 fridolin  bonjour magnuse wats up ?
06:37 magnuse   bonjour fridolin
06:30 fridolin  hie there
06:09 magnuse   \o/
01:46 tcohen    hi wizzyrea
01:46 wizzyrea  hi tcohen
01:46 wahanui   hello, tcohen
01:46 tcohen    hi