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15:38 cait          tcohen: can you take a look at the marc update one too maybe? but it doesn't touch strings, so not urgent
15:37 cait          :)
15:36 tcohen        @later tell marcelr I stole a bug for QA from you
15:21 wahanui       bonjour, cait
15:21 cait          hi there
15:21 tcohen        hi cait
15:14 * cait        waves
15:05 reiveune      bye
14:49 tcohen        hi oleonard cait
14:49 oleonard      Hi cait
13:53 calire        haha
13:52 oleonard      "testing 1 commit(s) (applied to 6db7ab6 'Bug 20477: Silence floody noise on fa')"  <-- Bug reports from Maria von Trapp
13:50 calire        lol
13:50 oleonard      Good news calire you can test this patch when it's ready ;)
13:49 calire        :(
13:49 * oleonard    grumble Windows grumble
13:48 calire        I didn't know we could do that. I learned a thing
13:45 calire        I managed to upload a quote from a .csv file
13:41 oleonard      Tools -> Quote editor -> Import quotes
13:41 calire        oleonard, upload how?
13:40 oleonard      ...but quotes are not a seriously urgent issue, so whatever.
13:40 oleonard      I'm curious whether users of not-Windows can upload quotes.
13:34 wahanui       i heard a bug was it stores biblionumber not itemnumber
13:34 Joubu         a bug??
13:34 Joubu         "Twitter advising all 330 million users to change passwords after bug exposed them in plain text"
13:31 jenkins       * mtompset: Bug 20477: Silence floody noise on fast cataloging
13:31 jenkins       * Jonathan Druart: Bug 20620: Remove warnings in moredetail.pl
13:31 jenkins       * mtompset: Bug 20663: Add some POD, so koha test tools don't complain
13:31 jenkins       * mtompset: Bug 20663: Remove dead code related to compound reports
13:31 jenkins       * katrin.fischer: Bug 19171: Attempt to make "no holds possible" messages less confusing
13:31 jenkins       * Jonathan Druart: Bug 20685: Escape letter template content in textarea
13:31 jenkins       Project Koha_Master_D8 build #464: UNSTABLE in 38 min: https://jenkins.koha-community.org/job/Koha_Master_D8/464/
13:16 tcohen        @seen cait
13:02 AndrewIsh     Yep :)
13:01 Joubu         it does not assign TT vars to js vars but it's the same idea
13:01 AndrewIsh     Joubu:  Will do, thanks
13:01 Joubu         AndrewIsh: what oleonard said, I was looking for an example, take a look at includes/datatables.inc
13:00 AndrewIsh     oleonard:  Oh, of course! Silly me! That makes perfect sense. Thanks for that :)
13:00 tcohen        morning
13:00 oleonard      AndrewIsh: You have to define the JavaScript variable in a <script> block in the template before the external file is included
12:59 AndrewIsh     Since TT won't parse external JS I assume
12:59 Joubu         TT directives can only be used from .inc and .tt
12:59 AndrewIsh     Yes
12:59 Joubu         in a .js file you mean?
12:58 AndrewIsh     Anyone got any suggestions for how to use a template variable in a non-inline JS?
12:58 AndrewIsh     Indeed :)
12:58 Joubu         different codebase, different behaviours ;)
12:57 AndrewIsh     That explains it, OK, I'll have to come up with something else! Thanks Joubu
12:57 AndrewIsh     Ah! Yes, of course! I was originally working on it based off master, I'm now trying to get it working on 17.11.x for a customer, doh!
12:56 Joubu         ls Koha/Template/Plugin/Asset.pm
12:56 Joubu         it has been added recently
12:56 AndrewIsh     The weird thing is it was working a couple of weeks ago when I last worked on it
12:55 Joubu         /!\ we really need bug 20521 into 18.05
12:55 AndrewIsh     Hey all. I have a template that has some JS, the JS needs to use a value from the main app. To achieve this I'm including the JS with: [% Asset.js("js/ill-list-table.js") %] For some reason, I'm getting "Asset: plugin not found" for me [% USE Asset %]. Is TT's Asset plugin no longer a thing?
12:50 Joubu         go to jenkins, login, Koha 17.05, click the "build now" link on the left
12:42 fridolin1     how can i do this ?
12:41 fridolin1     yep indeed
12:39 Joubu         fridolin1: if you think it's a random failure you should ask for a new build
12:38 eythian       something like a BOM in the file or some such?
12:37 Joubu         no idea then, I'd check the code and put console.log around l.246         var fileType = evt.target.files[0].type || 'unknown';
12:35 Joubu         ha
12:35 Joubu         alert(_("Uploads limited to csv. Incorrect filetype: %s").format(fileType))
12:35 oleonard      "unknown"
12:35 Joubu         oleonard: the alert should tell you the file type actually
12:33 oleonard      "OpenOffice.org 1.1 Spreadsheet (.csv)"
12:33 Joubu         ha, windows. so... right click, properties?
12:32 Joubu         oleonard: what returns `file` on that file?
12:31 fridolin1     Joubu: i dont reproduce on my Koha 17.05, maybe a random failure
12:23 oleonard      Windows problem?
12:23 oleonard      I seem to remember seeing this before, but I don't know what the solution was: the Quote Uploader doesn't recognize my CSV file as CSV
12:20 fridolin1     i will have a close look
12:20 fridolin1     oups no
12:18 wahanui       Jenkins was last seen on #koha 2 days, 5 hours, 33 minutes and 12 seconds ago, saying: Jonathan Druart: Bug 19671: Map itemtypes to hash for correct display in issues_stats.pl [Wed May  2 06:45:40 2018]
12:18 Joubu         fridolin1: seen Jenkins failure on 17.05?
11:52 eythian       oleonard: yeah, notice that, kinda funny :)
11:52 eythian       It's Friday, and it's trying to be warm.
11:52 oleonard      "If you want to see all, try Dejanews..." Yeah about that...
11:52 eythian       Indeed.
11:52 calire        Mai Tai Fighter, could get on board with that...
11:50 eythian       http://www.ascii-art.de/ascii/t/tie-fighter.txt
11:50 oleonard      {-o-} I have you now
11:49 calire        /o/
11:49 calire        |o| pew pew
11:47 eythian       :D/-<
11:47 eythian       :D|-<
11:47 eythian       :D\-<
11:46 oleonard      |o|
11:46 oleonard      o//
11:46 oleonard      \\o
11:45 eythian       ~o~
11:45 Joubu         o/
11:30 wahanui       hi oleopard
11:30 calire        hi oleonard
11:30 oleonard      Hi everyone
10:03 * cait        waves
10:03 marcelr       hi cait eythian
09:54 eythian       I see wahanui is back though
09:54 eythian       huginn was lost in the robot wars of 2018
09:50 cait          no huginn
09:02 marcelr       no later?
09:02 marcelr       hmm
09:02 marcelr       @later tell kidclamp signed off on 20687, could you plz look at bug 11943
09:00 magnuse       \o/
08:43 * andreashm   waves
08:21 severine_q    fine !
08:14 nlegrand      ma nishm'a?
08:13 severine_q    shalom nlegrand :)
08:12 nlegrand      And also, happy Firefighters' Day.
08:10 magnuse       happy star wars day!
08:10 magnuse       \o/
08:09 nlegrand      Ay up severine_q
08:09 severine_q    hello #koha !
07:34 josef_moravec hi marcelr
07:34 marcelr       hi josef_moravec
07:22 marcelr       o/
07:20 nlegrand      good morrow cait, marcelr
07:18 marcelr       hi #koha
07:13 cait          morning #koha
07:05 nlegrand      alright alex_a
06:48 alex_a        bonjour
06:41 nlegrand      Ay up #Koha
06:21 reiveune      hello