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00:12 KeithS      Can someone point me to installation information on plack that works with 17.11. Does it need to be installed, or just run the koha-plack --enable
00:18 ropuch      Check plack-errors.log, afair some additional packages need to be installed
00:18 KeithS      If I just enable using koha-plack, it gives me a 500 error on the OPAC
01:46 wizzyrea    yeah check the error log in /var/log/koha/<instance>/plack-error.log
01:46 wizzyrea    you probably have some packages that need to be installed
01:47 wizzyrea    once they're installed though, it'll probably just start working
09:19 cait        @later tell Joubu release notes don't generate well for the <<>> in bug 9634
09:19 huginn      cait: The operation succeeded.
10:58 * cait      waves to kidclamp
11:04 * kidclamp  waves to cait
11:05 cait        thx for release notes texts :)
11:06 kidclamp    np, was a good way to start
11:07 cait        kidclamp: :)
11:29 oleonard    Hi #koha
11:31 kidclamp    hi oleonard
11:31 wahanui     hi dear loon
11:51 * ashimema_ wonders if any koha peeps will be going to https://twitter.com/jhthorsen/status/990959556741263360
11:58 oleonard    ashimema: I'd have way to much homework to be ready for that ;)
11:58 ashimema    :)
12:00 * oleonard  does need a good excuse to travel to Scandinavia...
12:00 * ashimema  too
12:01 ashimema    would be nice to see jht in the flesh too.. he's one of the mojo people I've worked closely with for a coulpe of years now yet never met in person.. Author of the OpenAPI module we're using
12:26 cait        @later tell tcohen can you help rewrite the rest section in the manual? https://koha-community.org/manual/18.05/en/html/17_miscellaneous.html#rest-services
12:26 huginn      cait: The operation succeeded.
12:35 * LeeJ      waves
12:35 LeeJ        hi #koha
12:47 * cait      waves at LeeJ
12:49 cait        LeeJ: I was working on splitting the manual a bt
12:49 cait        but i am not sure how it will reflect on translatoins
12:49 LeeJ        cait: ooh!
12:49 cait        and i wondered if we need to keep the numbers in the file names
12:49 cait        because i tihnk index.rst defines the sequence and it would save a lot of renumberin
12:50 LeeJ        cait: I honestly have no idea :)
12:50 cait        hm
12:50 LeeJ        sounds like a Joubu or rangi question to me
12:50 cait        bernardo did the translations or Joubu?
12:50 cait        i could drop them an email
12:51 LeeJ        unfortunately, I'm still getting my mind wrapped around just the English version of everything..haven't even thought about delving into translations in any capacity yet :)
12:52 cait        we just started
12:52 cait        i'd lie to not undo my coworkers work by accident :)
12:52 LeeJ        I'm sure they'd appreciate the effort :)
13:05 cait        LeeJ: email sent
13:06 cait        LeeJ: I will void my merge request until we have an answer
13:06 LeeJ        cait: okay :)
13:06 cait        if i can see how :)
13:07 LeeJ        hmm let's see
13:08 LeeJ        cait: would that be !96?
13:08 cait        hm closed it
13:08 LeeJ        okay
14:43 cait        LeeJ: Bernardo answered, reactivated merge request
15:29 sub-sailor  Good Morning — Is there someone that understands how to configure OAI on Ubuntu 16.04 — never done this before and I’ve been working on this for about a week now..
15:29 oleonard    Not me sub-sailor, sorry :(
15:30 sub-sailor  No problem
15:30 sub-sailor  Hopefully someone has had the experience that could help
17:03 LeeJ        cait: just saw your message about the merge..I'll look at it now :)
17:05 LeeJ        cait: done :) looks good! Thanks for the help!
18:56 * oleonard  has had it with the incessant chatter!!
19:32 kidclamp    @later tell fridolin bug 19671 for 17.05 (and yes to yours, I just need to push it)
19:32 huginn      kidclamp: The operation succeeded.
19:45 ropuch      Hm, I think I've found little bug in koha-plack - during --enable it assumes you have commented Include for plack
19:46 ropuch      If you somehow don't it still return success, but nothing is really enabled and starman is started for nothing
20:07 ropuch      Bugs with koha-plack on Debian should be filled under Tools, Packaging, else?
21:15 wizzyrea    ropuch often that would happen if you installed with a much older version of Koha
21:15 wizzyrea    and didn't have the stock apache config for an instance
21:16 wizzyrea    upgrades don't touch those config files
21:21 ropuch      Filled a bug for this, koha-plack shoud fail if required lines are not present :)
21:21 wizzyrea    I don't think it's a bug
21:21 wizzyrea    but you do you
21:22 ropuch      Well, script is reporting success in enabling plack, so it's not quite expected behaviour [;
21:24 ropuch      Anyway, with plack enabled, Koha is blazing-fast :)
21:27 cait        it's fun with plack :)
21:27 ropuch      ;)
21:29 rangi       upgrades can't safely touch those files
21:29 rangi       that would be a nightmare
21:29 rangi       but it could refuse to start
21:30 ropuch      rangi: or fail with warn message
21:30 ropuch      I mean koha-plack --enable
22:54 wizzyrea    gmcharlt++ for monitoring koha-community.org