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23:54 ropuch      Target dir is present, owned by instance user, it's within /tmp, but there's nothing in it
23:52 ropuch      Do I need additional action besidxes setting template_cache_dir in /etc/koha/sites/instance/koha-conf.xml % apache restart to get it work?
21:30 wizzyrea    hi
20:32 ropuch      Hello!
13:13 merry_n     Hi everyone! Question: I need to remove a UNIMARC field from display in OPAC. Could someone give me an example of what I should put in xslt?
05:32 Gangatharan "here"
05:31 Gangatharan hi , Any koha expert her ?
02:00 Gangatharan I did reinit zebra and rebuild it
02:00 Gangatharan When I check in mysql db the entries are present.
01:59 Gangatharan I am setting up a koha. I am not able to find items in catalog search. I have tried both bulk import script and through admin opac Marc staging.
01:57 Gangatharan Hi All, Good Morning