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18:59 oleonard     Bye #koha
18:52 LeeJ         oleonard++
18:50 oleonard     Happy to help, LeeJ
18:47 LeeJ         thanks for being a second pair of eyes oleonard :)
18:47 LeeJ         so then I just have to change the $dbh->do() to $dbh->prepare() to get a return value
18:45 LeeJ         https://imgflip.com/i/26xhem
18:44 LeeJ         I know why! because I don't push any data to @results during a POST!
18:43 LeeJ         ah!
18:43 LeeJ         just an empty array gets returned
18:42 oleonard     Well that's not helpful :P
18:41 LeeJ         I'm a fool lol
18:41 LeeJ         derp
18:40 oleonard     If you're testing something like what's in the jQuery example, $( ".result" ).html( data ), you can always try console.log(data) to see what the script is really returning
18:37 LeeJ         so I just changed the success handler to set text to "Success" and it worked...so then it must be something on the Perl side
18:36 LeeJ         OOH
18:36 oleonard     Maybe you could post a simplified test case somewhere like Codepen?
18:36 LeeJ         that's further than I got on my own ^_^
18:35 LeeJ         it's okay..I appreciate the help :)
18:35 oleonard     Sorry LeeJ it's really hard to try to debug without a live example
18:34 LeeJ         oleonard: so I tried that with the success handler and it didn't appear to return anything
18:28 LeeJ         :O
18:27 oleonard     See the "Most implementations will specify a success handler..." part of https://api.jquery.com/jQuery.post/
18:26 oleonard     If all you do is that single line you're not telling jquery to do anything with the data
18:24 LeeJ         that triggers without an error but the table doesn't get written to and opac-error.log is empty
18:22 oleonard     $.post("/handler?borrowernumber=5&tx_type=REQS&barcode=33033001111111");
18:22 LeeJ         from what I can tell from the jquery docs there shouldn't be a problem
18:20 LeeJ         because if I run jquery's get() there's no problem. The only thing I changed is get() to post()
18:19 LeeJ         which is odd
18:19 LeeJ         oleonard: that's my problem. I get the message "Uncaught TypeError: $(...).post is not a function at HTMLDocument.<anonymous>
18:16 oleonard     LeeJ: So your test confirms the data returned by the script, but doesn't do anything with the data
18:13 LeeJ         I set /handler as a ScriptAlias pointing to Handler.pl (that pasted code)
18:12 LeeJ         $("#opacmainuserblock").post("/handler?borrowernumber=5&tx_type=REQS&barcode=33033001111111");
18:12 LeeJ         to test it, I ran this from chrome's console...
18:11 pastebot     "LeeJ" at pasted "here's the handler file oleonard" (124 lines) at http://paste.koha-community.org/124
18:08 LeeJ         yes..I intentionally made it where the handler file doesn't have any of the confidential info :)
18:05 oleonard     Is it possible to see the code?
18:05 oleonard     The trouble I have with such things usually boil down to 1) Is the script returning the right data? 2) Is my script attempting the insert at the right time in the AJAX operation
18:04 LeeJ         oleonard: figured I'd ask you since I modeled my script off ysearch written by ACPL :)
18:03 LeeJ         oleonard: oh great guru of the javascript and jquery...I basically set up a perl script that can be called from jquery's post() and the perl script *should* insert into a table..but it doesn't..know of how to tail/troubleshoot for errors?
18:01 tcohen       hahahahah
17:57 LeeJ         haha
17:57 oleonard     You sound like me when my kids ask what's for dinner.
17:56 LeeJ         oleonard: I agree. but there's only so much I can do :P
17:56 tcohen       yeah, reminders work for that
17:56 tcohen       hehe, double joke
17:56 oleonard     LeeJ: Maybe an email reminder next time?
17:55 LeeJ         tcohen: too bad no one seemed to be concerned in the first place :P
17:38 tcohen       #endmeeting
17:30 LeeJ         no worries..it was just bad timing in general >.<
17:25 cait         yap sorry
17:25 LeeJ         no worries :)
17:25 LeeJ         ah I checked it yesterday but didn't today lol
17:25 cait         LeeJ: was in a meeting myself - see wiki
17:24 cait         i left apologies...
16:54 LeeJ         I guess no one seemed concerned about a docs meeting after all :P
16:54 * LeeJ       shrugs
15:10 gaetan_B     maybe there are plans around koha-coral, but i don't know enough about coral really
15:04 tcohen       I'm surprised paul_p didn't ask for it yet he
15:01 gaetan_B     tcohen: that doesn't sound like something that is part of koha yet indeed
14:50 charles      anybody has any experience installing virtualization software on OVH's infrastructure?
14:08 tcohen       it doesn't seem like Koha considers that use case
14:08 tcohen       then things should be de-listed if the subscription doesn't continue
14:08 tcohen       I was thinking about ephimeral subscriptions, like those of digital content that allow the library access some content for, say, 1 year
14:07 gaetan_B     tcohen: well, don't ask to ask ;), especially if it's about a topic no one wants to discuss!
13:52 tcohen       hahaha
13:52 alex_a       :)
13:51 oleonard     tcohen: No, no one.
13:51 tcohen       anyone familiar with serials subscriptions?
13:49 LeeJ_meeting can someone let people know who are coming for the meeting that I had a surprise meeting at work come up? If someone could run it I'd appreciate it..I have to go to the surprise one now :(
13:39 huginn       LeeJ: The operation succeeded.
13:39 LeeJ         @later tell cait I just got surpised with a meeting at 14 UTC and we were supposed to have the docs meeting. Would you mind running it or can find someone who can? The only thing I was going to announce was everyone seems to be available March 26th looks like 18 UTC
13:36 wahanui      hi olé onard
13:36 JesseM       HI oleonard.
13:35 oleonard     Hi JesseM
13:25 LeeJ         cait: around? :)
13:25 LeeJ         hi #koha
13:25 * LeeJ       waves
13:14 GiuseppeP    thanks eythian
13:14 eythian      GiuseppeP: https://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Submitting_A_Patch
13:13 eythian      hi tcohen
13:12 tcohen       hi eythian
13:09 GiuseppeP    Hi #koha, what is the correct way to submit a suggestion for a patch? I already did a patch of export_records.pl for my personal purpose (adding export by branch), but I would send this to devs to know if it can be included in next release
12:56 eythian      No, I was trying to think of one too but got nothing.
12:54 oleonard     tuxayo: I don't think I got that pronunciation from anything in English
12:54 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=20437 major, P5 - low, ---, tomascohen, Signed Off , Force requirement for HTTP::OAI 3.27
12:54 * tcohen     is waiting for the RM to be back and weight in bug 20437
12:53 tcohen       oleonard: oh! did she use her clothes reversed=
12:52 tuxayo       «ca leer ay» are there english word where one can read the "e" as "ay" ?
12:52 tuxayo       calire: just one char swap ^^
12:51 calire       too much fabulous
12:51 cait         yeah ... hard to live with the new calire
12:50 tuxayo       calire: Ho I hadn't noticed that!
12:50 oleonard     You missed it tcohen because you weren't in Marseille. She has a whole new look. I hardly recognized her. A total personal re-imagining.
12:49 calire       it is how I always mistype my name
12:49 tcohen       I was wondering if it was an anagram
12:49 calire       ;)
12:49 tcohen       yeah, it resembled
12:49 calire       tcohen - LibraryClaire
12:49 calire       yes
12:48 tcohen       calire?
12:44 calire       :D
12:41 magnuse      sing it to the melody of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ah637P0_cts
12:41 * calire     feels fancy
12:41 magnuse      i think calire has a certain italian ring to it
12:40 magnuse      hola calire and tcohen
12:40 wahanui      kamelåså
12:40 tcohen       hi magnuse
12:34 calire       hey magnuse
12:33 magnuse      \o/
12:33 * cait       waves
12:32 calire       but I like ca leer ay
12:32 calire       I read it as caleer
12:32 calire       I have no idea :D
12:32 oleonard     Is that pronounced "cah - leer -ay" ?
12:31 oleonard     Hi calire
12:31 wahanui      hi oleopard
12:31 calire       hi oleonard
12:26 oleonard     Hi all
12:14 marcelr      o/
12:13 tcohen       morning #koha
11:35 nlegrand     Indeed.
11:33 gaetan_B     hmmm so the sudoc as defined its own alternative for a coded field from the standard? How... clever...
11:30 nlegrand     gaetan_B: we talked about this ^^
11:29 huginn       Bug 19893: enhancement, P5 - low, ---, koha-bugs, In Discussion , Alternative optimized indexing for Elasticsearch
11:29 nlegrand     How to be ridiculous in bz thanks to french sudoc https://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=19893#c15
11:05 khall        mornin magnuse !
10:08 magnuse      kia or khall
10:08 magnuse      ashimema_laptop: yes, definnitely a version mismatch. thanks!
09:52 ashimema     .
09:48 ashimema     oh.. just spotted the pm.. sounds like I was right magnuse :)
09:48 gveranis     thanks
09:47 ashimema     there are changes in a particular Mojolicious version regarding file and directory handling which required updates in the Swagger (OpenAPI) plugin.. sounds like a version mismatch could be to blame for your error @magnuse ?
09:47 cait         you can happily search for 'the the' (which is a band i am told) with zebra
09:46 gveranis     ok
09:46 cait         so the table has been removed after the no-zebra search has been removed
09:46 cait         with zebra this was not working, never
09:46 cait         gveranis: there exist no stopwords
09:46 ashimema     I haven't got a koha dev environment up and running again yet.. what version of Swagger2 and Mojolicious are koha using these days?
09:45 ashimema     right.... in my meeting now.. multitasking time
09:33 gveranis     my version is 16.05
09:33 gveranis     now there is somewhere else ? on configuration ?
09:33 gveranis     in previous versions we set them to a table
09:32 gveranis     I would like to ask if someone knows about stopwords
09:32 gveranis     hi
09:22 tuxayo       If yes: technical question: how do I rename this stuff? "decimal-numbers" instead "price" ?
09:22 huginn       Bug http://bugs.koha-community.org/bugzilla3/show_bug.cgi?id=12310 critical, P5 - low, ---, victor.grousset, ASSIGNED , Accept different monetary formats as input
09:22 tuxayo       Are there other non-price numeric fields in Koha where we could use that? (parsing numbers with various formattings)
09:22 tuxayo       Functional question: for bug 12310 we have a file named price.inc and functions with price in their name.
09:22 tuxayo       Thanks
09:22 tuxayo       eythian: oh I don't like the way my bridge handle long messages. I don't even notice it >_<
09:21 eythian      tuxayo: https://imgur.com/a/ju3tn
09:19 tuxayo       eythian: what do you mean?
09:18 eythian      tuxayo: you probably want to use a normal message
09:11 * tuxayo     sent a long message: tuxayo_2018-03-22_09:11:47.txt <https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/alzCRHMbAOMceXHSTFwVGOGp>
09:03 calire       hi marcelr :)
09:03 marcelr      calire, i was missing LibraryClaire
08:57 calire       ;)
08:57 nlegrand     calire: didn't work so much on it so far :), but I will!
08:55 huginn       magnuse: The operation succeeded.
08:55 magnuse      @later tell ashimema never mind, mtj had the solution (downgrading libjson-validator-perl)
08:55 magnuse      mtj: yes, downgrading libjson-validator-perl fixed it
08:55 calire       hey nlegrand, how'S the British? :D
08:54 nlegrand     o/ magnuse
08:46 magnuse      hiya nlegrand
08:45 * nlegrand   waves
08:44 magnuse      bonjour gaetan_B
08:36 gaetan_B     hello
08:35 huginn       cait: The operation succeeded.
08:35 cait         @later tell ashimema woohooo! :)
08:34 magnuse      and it happened after libjson-validator-perl was upgraded
08:34 magnuse      looks very similar, yes
08:34 magnuse      mtj++
08:34 mtj          ... I think I hit the same bug 🍕😆
08:31 mtj          http://irc.koha-community.org/koha/2017-12-13#i_1994573
08:31 mtj          Ping magnuse
08:21 magnuse      most welcome back you are
08:21 calire       ashimema++
08:21 magnuse      ashimema: woohoo!
08:21 * ashimema   is counting down now.. one more week until i'm koha bound again! :)
08:21 ashimema     the projects moved on a bit since I last had a chance to work on it.. so not sure how quickly i'll be able to come up with an answer ;)
08:20 ashimema     just about to go to a meeting.. will take a look and get back to you..
08:16 magnuse      ashimema: i see your name on Swagger2::SchemaValidator? do you have an idea what the problem here might be: Error while loading /etc/koha/plack.psgi: Can't load application from file "/usr/share/koha/api/v1/app.pl": Can't locate object method "cache_dir" via package "Swagger2::SchemaValidator" at /usr/share/perl5/Swagger2.pm line 41. Compilation failed in require at (eval 1288) line 1.
08:01 oha          o/
08:00 * cait       waves
07:38 marcelr      o/
07:36 magnuse      \o/
07:28 alex_a       bonjour
07:28 marcelr      hi #koha
05:47 fridolin1    hi there